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WWE NXT results: Two titles on the line

Images: WWE

Two titles were on the line on the latest episode of NXT. Kairi Sane challenged Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Championship in the main event. The NXT North American Championship was also defended on the show.

Also on the episode, new NXT Champion Johnny Gargano made his first appearance in Full Sail since winning the title.

The show opened with one of the two championship matches on tap.

NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream defeated Buddy Murphy to retain his title

Dream pinned Murphy after a flying elbow drop off the top rope. The backstory to this match involved a backstage skit at WrestleMania. Dream mocked Murphy after his loss of the Cruiserweight Championship. So Murphy challenged Dream to a title match. The angle also played out on social media.

The graphics for Murphy were branded with a SmackDown logo, so the post-production is on point with current storylines. This seemed like a swan song for Murphy before he joins SmackDown.

Murphy poured it on in the early stages. Dream posed, and Murphy rocked him with a knee strike for two. Moments later, Murphy sailed over the ropes with a tope con giro. Murphy followed with a meteora for another near fall.

Dream cut him off and Murphy fed into a comeback. With a top rope ax handle, Dream knocked Murphy off the apron. A second ax handle off the top to the floor had Murphy reeling. Mauro Ranallo got in a Prince reference. Kudos.

Dream went for his finisher -- but it was to no avail. He used a codebreaker for a two count. They fought on the turnbuckles and both took a spill on the floor. Back in the ring, they exchanged fighting spirit.

Murphy snapped Dream with a DDT for two. Murphy went for a sunset flip, but Dream countered on a roll through to deliver a DVD. This led into an exchange of near falls. Murphy hit a Cheeky Nandos kick followed by a running Liger bomb. Dream nonetheless kicked out.

They fought on the apron, where Murphy hit Dream with a leaping knee strike. Dream caught Murphy with a famouser as he was getting back into the ring. A Dream Valley Driver then led to the Purple Rainmaker for the pinfall.

In a backstage skit, The Street Profits had a special edition of "Street Talk" where they vowed to create their own opportunity by going to William Regal's office. The tag team formerly known as War Raiders met them on their way out of Regal's office. The tag champs said they heard what Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins were talking about, so they already talked to Mr. Regal. The two teams are booked in a match for next week.

NXT Champion Johnny Gargano came to the ring for his first appearance at Full Sail as the new champion. As Gargano began to discuss his road to the title, he was interrupted by Adam Cole and Undisputed Era.

Cole claimed he beat Gargano at TakeOver (which he did in the first fall). If that was any other match, Cole would be the champ. The crowd chanted "you tapped out" at Cole. Cole called Gargano an idiot and said he was "nothing more than a punk."

Gargano responded by saying Cole was emotional. He joked about trouble in Cole's boy band. Gargano admitted Cole beat him in the first fall of their title match -- but Gargano went on to remind Cole that he made him tap out twice in two straight falls. That was not just definitive, Gargano said "that was undisputed." Cole tried to cut him off, but Gargano kept going.

Gargano said if he lost that he would not be out here crying and whining like a "spoiled little BAY BAY." Gargano then challenged him. Cole said to be careful what he wished for.

As Undisputed Era closed in on the ring, Roderick Strong jumped Gargano from behind with a superkick. Undisputed Era ganged up on Gargano for a beatdown. They held Gargano so Cole could hit him with a superkick. Undisputed Era stood tall. The angle would lead to a match being booked with Gargano facing Strong.

A vignette plugged KUSHIDA making his in-ring debut in two weeks. That proceeded a mention of the recent call-ups from NXT to the main roster. The Viking Experience, y'all. Somebody thought that was actually a good name. Interesting to see what name they use while the team finishes up on NXT television.

Dominick Dijakovic defeated Aaron Frye

Dijakovic pinned Frye with a running boot to the face in a one-move squash.

Dijakovic cut a promo after the match. "The Croatian Colossus" said he is only in NXT because his family gave him that chance by immigrating to the United States. That spirit is in his veins and drives him. He has his eyes on the North American Championship, so "feast your eyes, Velveteen Dream."

Cathy Kelley interviewed Undisputed Era to ask about dissension in the group. Cole dismissed the thought, and then he started cutting a promo on Gargano. He was interrupted by Mr. Regal. The commissioner informed them a match is booked for next week between Gargano and Strong.

In a promo filmed on a cell phone, Vanessa Borne & Aliyah challenged Candice LeRae to find a partner for a tag team match next week.

NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler (w/ Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir) defeated Kairi Sane by DQ

Io Shirai ran in making a save to cause the disqualification. This was Sane's last chance at the title according to a stipulation in the match.

Sane showed fire early on. She dropped Baszler with a spinning back fist. A sliding clothesline caused Baszler to powder. Sane followed with a crossbody off the apron. A flying forearm got Sane a two count, but the monster inside Baszler soon awoke.

Baszler rained down strikes. A bicycle knee strike led to Baszler going for a sleeper. Sane countered, and she speared Baszler a moment later. Sane started a comeback. She applied The Anchor, but Baszler got a rope break.

Sane dropped a flying elbow off the top. She climbed the turnbuckles. Baszler tried to stop her -- only to get trapped in a tree-of-woe. Sane then leapt into a double foot stomp. However, Sane would soon crash and burn on a leap off the apron.

Baszler targeted an arm as she tortured Sane. After a gutwrench suplex, Baszler went back to working the arm. Sane got a rope break and rolled out of the ring. The referee called for a trainer. Shirai ran down to check on her tag team partner.

Baszler reached outside to drag Sane back in the ring. As Baszler teased stomping on Sane's arm, Shirai jumped in to hit Baszler for the DQ. The Horsewomen pulled Shirai out of the ring, and they forced her to watch as Baszler viciously stomped on Sane's arm.

The Horsewomen sauntered away as Shirai checked on her friend.