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WWE NXT results: Tyler Breeze answers Ricochet's open challenge

Images: WWE

Ricochet retained his NXT North American Championship by defeating Tyler Breeze in an open challenge on episode #482 of NXT. Besides the main event, the rest of the show set up or hyped future matches.

Johnny Gargano and Aleister Black remain on a collision course ahead of their cage match on the next episode. More participants emerged for a fatal four-way match to determine a number one contender for the NXT Women’s Championship. The episode also featured two grudge matches -- with one being between tag teams and the other a singles match.

The show opened with the Undisputed Era marching to the ring. Adam Cole cut a promo saying the holidays would start early as they embarrass the one percent of "morons." Cole added that EC3 will soon learn NXT is their world. Undisputed Era is the center of the NXT universe, according to Cole. He claimed they were beginning a decade of dominance. Cole predicted they will be "draped in gold" in 2019.

EC3 defeated Bobby Fish (w/ Undisputed Era)

EC3 pinned Fish with an inside cradle. Undisputed Era jumped EC3 after the match, and Heavy Machinery ran down to make the save and clean house. The match itself stemmed from an attack by Fish on EC3’s knee -- which would play into the story of the match.

Fish was reeling from the outset with a hip toss over the ropes into the ring by EC3. Fish did the universal sign of begging for mercy when he grabbed at EC3’s leg. No mercy was given as EC3 powerbombed Fish and sent him outside with a Cactus Jack clothesline.

EC3 applied a nerve hold, chopped Fish several times, and then bieled him out of a corner. In a desperate attempt to thwart EC3, Fish chop blocked the previously injured knee. Fish followed with kicks and strikes before he went back to work on the knee. EC3 missed a Stinger splash as Fish dashed a hope spot to get a two count off a suplex.

EC3 rallied in the closing moments with a vertical suplex and a leaping elbow drop. Fish targeted the knee with a dropkick. EC3 was down selling when he suddenly cradled Fish to score the pinfall out of nowhere.

Cole, Roderick Strong, and Kyle O’Reilly joined Fish in attacking EC3 after the bell. They were administering a beatdown when Heavy Machinery ran in to make a save. Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight cleaned house and cleared the ring -- except for poor O’Reilly. He found himself mauled by EC3 and Heavy Machinery.

EC3 dropped O’Reilly into a One Percenter. Dozovic then did the Worm into an elbow drop. The babyfaces stood tall as Undisputed Era licked their wounds.

An interview with Dakota Kai and Io Shirai led to them challenging Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir to a tag match. Later in the show, an announcement confirmed the match for the next episode.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch defeated The Mighty (Shane Thorne & Nick Miller)

Burch pinned Thorne after an assisted implant DDT. Lorcan and Burch were going for revenge after The Mighty previously attacked them, so the bout began like a grudge match should start.

Lorcan and Burch rushed into the ring for a slugfest to start the match. Lorcan leapt over the ropes with a flip dive onto The Mighty. The dust settled in the ring with Thorne squaring off with Lorcan. They traded European uppercuts. Lorcan soon found himself getting cut off from his corner, so he rolled through to make a tag.

Burch was a house of fire as he ran roughshod, leading to a missile dropkick and a kip up. Thorne escaped a Doomsday Device, and Miller came to his aid. The Mighty did a combo superplex/powerbomb as they continued to double team Lorcan. Burch made a save to even the odds.

Thorne hit a cannonball in the corner as Miller got a two count on Lorcan. The Mighty tried for another tandem maneuver, but Lorcan countered into a double DDT. The Mighty were exchanging strikes with Lorcan when Miller struck Thorne.

Miller was thrown out of the ring while Thorne was given the finisher. An assisted implant DDT led to Burch pinning Thorne.

Johnny Gargano explained his thoughts on Aleister Black in a selfie promo. Gargano basically said the ends justify the means with his heelish behavior. He is still fulfilling his goal of becoming NXT Champion, and the fans will love him again afterwards. Attacking Black was part of achieving that goal. Black was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he will be in the wrong place again next week in the cage match with Gargano. He promised to close this chapter on Black.

A Dominik Dijakovic vignette hyped the new character with a mix of MMA and Ivan Drago.

Cathy Kelley interview NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler. She was flanked by Duke and Shafir. Baszler scoffed at the idea of a number one contender being named in an upcoming fatal four-way. The champ vowed to retain her title against whoever she faces at the next TakeOver.

Kelley asked Duke and Shafir about being challenged to a match by Kai and Shirai. They laughed at the thought. Baszler said they were ready.

In relation to the fatal four-way, Lacey Evans qualified for another slot in the match. She joins Bianca Belair as those announced so far. Evans won a match on a house show in Florida to qualify. Another qualifying match on this show would determine another participant in the fatal four-way.

Mia Yim defeated Reina Gonzalez

Yim pinned Gonzalez upon using Seoul Food to qualify for the fatal four-way. Yim showed a lot of fire while fighting from underneath. Gonzalez used a size advantage as Yim tried for submissions. After a heat spot, Yim made a comeback and caught Gonzalez with her finisher for the pinfall.

An Aleister Black promo had a dire warning for Johnny Gargano. Their cage match looms.

NXT North American Champion Ricochet defeated Tyler Breeze to retain his title

Ricochet pinned Breeze with a Michinoku Driver in a great TV match. The crowd popped when Breeze was revealed as the mystery opponent. Mauro Ranallo on commentary called Breeze a “bedrock” of NXT. “Welcome back,” chanted the Full Sail crowd at Breeze.

They locked up and Breeze got an arm drag he was so proud of that he posed by laying over the top rope. Ricochet went on to shine with his acrobatics. He sent Breeze reeling after a dropkick.

Breeze regrouped to catch Ricochet in a single-leg crab. Ricochet escaped to flip into a clothesline. Ricochet teased a dive -- only to eventually get hit with a dropkick.

Breeze was working over Ricochet before a comeback began. Ricochet landed on his feet taking an attempted German suplex. That led into a Tiger Feint Kick by Ricochet -- followed by a standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall. Ricochet rolled through on a spectacularly attempted Phoenix Splash.

They traded strikes as a slugfest developed. Both collided when each went for a crossbody. The double down led into another striking exchange. Ricochet landed on his feet on an attempted lionsault. Breeze capitalized and executed a reverse rana for a near fall that the crowd fully bought.

They faced off again to trade strikes. Ricochet was getting staggered with repeated strikes. Somehow, he managed to scoop Breeze into a fireman’s carry. From there, Ricochet delivered a Michinoku Driver to score the pinfall. Ricochet and Breeze shook hands afterwards.