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WWE NXT results: The Undisputed Era strikes back

Images: WWE

Undisputed Era proved they are still a strong and united faction on their way to victory in the main event of this week's episode of NXT. The show also included a surprise return by Tyler Breeze to set him up as the next challenger for Velveteen Dream.

In other developments, announcements for matches on the next episode include Kushida vs. Drew Gulak and Mia Yim vs. Bianca Belair.

The show this week opened with new developments in the tag team division. William Regal has a solution for the Viking Raiders having vacated their NXT Tag Team titles. At TakeOver XXV will be a four team ladder match to determine the new champions. Teams taking part in the ladder match are The Forgotten Sons, The Street Profits, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, and Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish of Undisputed Era.

Undisputed Era marched to the ring for a promo. Adam Cole dispelled rumors about the group’s future as he said they were stronger than ever. Cole vowed they would all soon wear gold. The first step is O’Reilly & Fish winning the tag straps. Next is Cole defeating NXT Champion Johnny Gargano for the title. That was a cue for the current champion to arrive on the scene.

Gargano and Cole began going back and forth about their recent two-out-of-three-falls match.

That was only a distraction for Matt Riddle to sneak into the ring. Gargano sold it like he was surprised by Riddle's sneak attack, but the champ joined in nonetheless.

Riddle hit Roderick Strong with a forearm, and a brawl erupted. Gargano and Riddle cleaned house. The heels tucked tail and split. Meanwhile, the babyfaces did the classic spot where they bumped into each other and squared off. Cooler heads prevailed as they seemingly have a common enemy. Fist bumps confirmed they are allies in this war with the heels.

Later on in the show, Cathy Kelley and her film crew were heading to Mr. Regal’s office when they captured footage of Undisputed Era looking like scolded teenagers leaving the principal's office.

Regal informed Kelley that he disciplined Undisputed Era. Part of that was booking Riddle vs. Strong for TakeOver XXV. In addition, Regal also booked a main event for this show that features Riddle teaming with Gargano against O’Reilly & Fish.

Mansoor defeated Sean Maluta

Mansoor pinned Maluta with a wicked-looking reverse vertical suplex. Mansoor won quite handily in this match. He set up his finisher with a slingshot neckbreaker before using the modified suplex for the win.

NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream was doing an in-ring promo when he was interrupted by Tyler Breeze. Dream said he was in high demand so people want to touch, feel, and hold the Dream. He said the Dream was too big to hold.

Suddenly, Breeze’s theme song interrupted Dream’s monologue as “Prince Pretty” entered Full Sail. Breeze confronted Dream to tell him that since Breeze left NXT, things have gotten dull. Breeze insinuated Dream was a Breeze knockoff.

Dream responded by saying NXT fans wanted a real man -- not a boy. Dream also got in a dig about Breeze playing cops and robbers on the main roster. Just because Breeze supposedly cannot “cut it” on Mondays and Tuesdays, does not mean he deserves a title shot -- according to Dream.

Breeze said Dream and the North American title inspire him -- and an inspired Breeze is too much for Dream. Dream scoffed and told Breeze that the line starts in the back. He offered to take a selfie with Breeze instead.

Breeze sold it like he was flattered to take a selfie. Breeze left Dream with a piece of advice -- if you write your number on your tights and no one calls you up, it means they are not interested. Breeze then dropped Dream with a knockout punch to leave him laying.

Cathy Kelley interviewed Breeze. He did not add much more except to call himself a “NXT OG” -- which stands for “original guy.” He just wanted to introduce Dream to Prince Pretty.

Candice LeRae defeated Reina Gonzalez

LeRae pinned Gonzalez with a lionsault. Gonzalez was doing a Stan Hansen gimmick of wildly swinging a bull rope around during her entrance. She also used her size advantage to get heat on LeRae. Gonzalez was sent outside by LeRae as she mounted a comeback.

Gonzalez caught LeRae on a springboard crossbody. LeRae countered to send Gonzalez crashing into the ring steps. LeRae followed up with a hurricanrana off the top rope. She fired up with strikes and a missile dropkick. That set up a springboard quebrada for the pinfall.

NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler and the Horsewomen surrounded LeRae after the match. They closed in and LeRae put up a valiant fight, but the three-on-one numbers advantage was too much to overcome.

The Horsewomen were pummeling LeRae when Io Shirai ran down for the save while wielding a kendo stick. Like she was The Sandman swinging a Singapore cane, Shirai cleaned house as she whacked the Horsewomen with the kendo stick. She was really laying it in.

Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke powdered out -- leaving Baszler alone in the ring with Shirai. Baszler rushed to escape the ring as Shirai hit her so much with the stick that it began to splinter into pieces.

Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly defeated NXT Champion Johnny Gargano & Matt Riddle

Fish pinned Riddle after Total Elimination. Cole and Strong both ran in to interfere in the match. Riddle had his ribs taped and was selling the attack from the previous episode.

The match started slow with some grappling. The pace soon quickened before Fish tagged in to wear down Gargano. Undisputed Era were cutting the ring in half when their attention diverted to Riddle on the apron. They attacked Riddle, but that allowed Gargano to regain an advantage.

Riddle tagged in to throw around Undisputed Era with suplexes. Riddle did a series of gutwrench suplex until he collapsed selling his back.

The heels began to work over their prey as they targeted Riddle. They kept Riddle in their corner while they inflicted more punishment on the back. Riddle eventually escaped their clutches to make a hot tag.

Like a house of fire, Gargano ran wild on Undisputed Era. There was a cool clothesline/bulldog combo along with an enzuigiri/tornado DDT combo. A blind tag led to Undisputed Era cutting off Gargano to deliver Chasing the Dragon for a near fall.

Riddle made a save as he struck down O’Reilly with a penalty kick. The pace really quickened with everyone involved. Gargano hit a superkick that set up Riddle doing a corkscrew senton off the top, which Mauro Ranallo called “The Floating Bro.”

Gargano sent O’Reilly sailing through the air like a lawn dart as Riddle swooped in to deliver a running knee strike on O’Reilly. Riddle exchanged strikes with Fish before a powerbomb and a knee strike got a two count for Riddle, with O’Reilly pulling Fish out of the ring.

Cole came out to seemingly interfere, but Gargano met him on the outside with a tope suicida. That was somewhat a red herring as Strong jumped the guardrail to attack Riddle. Back in the ring, a softened Riddle fell victim to Total Elimination for the pinfall.

Undisputed Era were not finished yet. They administered a beatdown on Gargano, and Cole hit him with a Last Shot. Undisputed Era stood over a prone Gargano and posed as the show closed.