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WWE NXT results: Undisputed Era vs. Dream, Riddle & Breeze

Images: WWE

Undisputed Era collided with an all-star team of babyfaces in the main event of the latest episode of NXT. Velveteen Dream, Matt Riddle & Tyler Breeze teamed up to take on the top heel stable on the NXT brand.

Another notable detail about the latest episode was the announcement of the Breakout Tournament. The participants were named and the first match is set to air next week. In another “breakout” of sorts, Damian Priest debuted with his new persona for a showcase match.

The show opened with an in-ring promo from Undisputed Era. This first segment would play into the main event later on. This was Cole’s triumphant return to Full Sail as the newly-crowned NXT Champion.

Cole boasted about being the new champion. He vowed to remake the title in an "Undisputed" image. Cole thinks this is how the show should start every week, and he cued to a great music video featuring Undisputed Era.

Cole said no one can touch them...not even Triple H. Velveteen Dream interrupted the promo, and the crowd chanted his name as he sauntered onstage.

Dream said the NXT experience is due to one factor -- Dream Over. Dream said the NXT title would look good paired with his North American Championship. Strong cut a promo saying Dream did not deserve the title.

Matt Riddle entered the scene. Riddle noted that he beat both Strong and Cole. He argued with Cole and taunted him. Cole told him to shut up, and then he said Riddle was jealous.

Cole got in a dig about Riddle on social media. The crowd chanted "Goldberg." Cole said Riddle's era will never come because everyone is living in the Undisputed Era.

Tyler Breeze interrupted to join Dream and Riddle on the stage. He took exception to the heel stable taking credit for a brand that he helped build. The crowd chanted "OG" at Breeze. This would lead to a six-man tag being booked for later in the show with the three babyfaces against three out of the four members of Undisputed Era.

A video package hyped the match on next week’s show with NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler defending the title against Io Shirai in a steel cage match.

Damian Priest defeated Raul Mendoza

Priest pinned Mendoza after hitting his finisher. Priest had a cool new entrance. He landed a big boot at the outset. There were body shots in a corner by Priest, and Priest turned up the heat.

Mendoza tried to throw some punches to no avail. He eventually fired up and hit a springboard kick. After another springboard, he landed more kicks.

Mendoza did a rope walk into a missile dropkick to send Priest outside. Mendoza did a dive, but Priest caught him for a chokeslam on the apron. Priest hit a windmill kick and a variation of the Blade Runner for the pinfall.

WWE NXT Breakout Tournament Announced, Brackets And Full List Of Competitors

Regal announced the Breakout Tournament and named the eight participants. Their indie names were noted with their new NXT names. Those in the tourney include Boa, Jordan Myles (ACH), Cameron Grimes (Trevor Lee), Isiah "Swerve" Scott (Shane Strickland), Dexter Lumis (Samuel Shaw), Bronson Reed (Jonah Rock), Angel Garza (Garza Jr.), and Joaquin Wilde (DJZ).

Wilde faces Garza next week in the opening match of the tournament. The winner of the tournament will receive a title shot of their choosing.

A great Mia Yim vignette showcased her story and positioned her as a credible challenger.

Xia Li defeated Taynara Conti

Li pinned Conti after a flurry of kicks. They shook hands at the start, but Conti would soon heel on Li. A Greco Roman knuckle lock led into a cradle by Conti for a one count. Li used a jackknife for a two count. There were more exchanges and reversals. Conti taunted Li, and a flurry of kicks backed up Conti.

Li hit a shotgun dropkick, but Conti targeted a leg and heeled on Li. More kicks and two counts. Conti tried a cocky cover for another two, and there were more pinning attempts as Conti's grew more angry. Conti hit double knees and a monkey flip for two.

Conti showed more aggression as she applied a stretch on Li. Li was sent into the corner, but Conti missed follow-up knee strikes. A sweep by Li started her comeback. Conti bumped and fed.

A double springboard into a leapfrog by Li led into the finishing sequence. A spinning wheel kick connected and Li covered Conti for the pinfall. Mauro Ranallo on commentary called it a "cavalcade of kicks.”

A Street Profits skit saw them celebrating their title win. On the latest edition of “Street Talk,” they partied with fans and boasted about winning the titles. On the next episode, The Street Profits meet The Forgotten Sons in a match.

Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish & NXT Champion Adam Cole (w/ Kyle O’Reilly) defeated NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream, Matt Riddle & Tyler Breeze

Strong pinned Dream to likely set up a future title match between the two. This was of course a good match with all the involved parties.

Riddle started against Cole. Riddle had the advantage until he was cut off. Riddle was getting pummeled, but he fired up with gutwrench suplexes on Strong. Dream tagged in for a double ax handle. He had Strong reeling, but Strong hit him in the midsection on an attempted ax handle. Dream quickly recovered for a running bulldog and a Lionsault.

Breeze tagged in for some quick exchanges to gain an advantage over Cole. Riddle came back in to work on Cole, but Cole fought back. Riddle hit a ripcord knee strike, and Breeze hit a kick. Splashes and an exploder by Riddle led into a Bro-ton. Fish cut off Riddle, and Strong came in to punish Riddle.

There were backbreakers and more heat on Riddle from the Undisputed Era. They worked over Riddle and proverbially cut the ring in half.

Riddle made a comeback. Cole stomped his bare feet, but Riddle still made a hot tag to Breeze. He cleaned house. There were a bunch of superkicks by the babyfaces and a flurry of action at the finish. A falling backbreaker by Strong on Dream scored the pinfall in favor of Undisputed Era.