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WWE NXT results: Viking Raiders address their future as tag champs

Images: WWE

On the latest episode of NXT from Full Sail, The Viking Raiders addressed their future in regards to holding the NXT Tag Team titles. A title match with The Street Profits later in the show led to a wild brawl involving several tag teams.

Now, there are more questions than answers in the NXT tag team division with turmoil surrounding which team can call themselves the top contenders.

While NXT is arguably the best WWE television show of the week -- Raw and SmackDown are easily defeated in that regard lately -- the opening segment played out much like the first segment on Raw most every Monday night. An in-ring promo and confrontation leading to a match being booked for the main event seems to be a usual plot device, even for NXT at times.

The show itself opened with a sendoff to Percy Watson as Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness wished him well. After that was the introduction of Beth Phoenix as a new color commentator on NXT television.

The Viking Raiders entered the ring to address their future in NXT. They've "raided" Raw and "brutalized" the tag team division on the main roster. They would continue doing so, except they are still NXT tag champs. So the Raiders wanted Mr. Regal to come out and discuss the situation.

When William Regal got to the ring, Viking Raiders tried to forfeit their titles. Before Regal could accept the forfeiture, The Street Profits interrupted the proceedings.

The Street Profits wanted a match for the titles with the Raiders instead of them forfeiting the titles. This all set up a match for later in the show.

“Exclusive” footage showed the Undisputed Era supposedly breaking up with a tease of Roderick Strong leaving the faction. His beef with Adam Cole looked to continue. Later in the show, that apparently was all smoothed over when Strong found the group to tell them he attacked Matt Riddle.

Strong had a bloody flip flop as evidence. Further along in the episode, Riddle was shown backstage icing his ribs. NXT Champion Johnny Gargano said he challenges Adam Cole to a title match.

The challenge was a preemptive measure to keep Undisputed Era from attacking him like they did to Riddle and others. An announcement later on made the title match official for TakeOver XXV. That makes two title matches official for the card. In the other title bout, NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler defends against Io Shirai.

Keith Lee defeated Cezar Bononi

Lee pinned Bononi with a Spirit Bomb. Lee drank in the "bask in his glory" chants as he waved his arms like a conductor leading the crowd.

Bononi fired up on Lee with dirty wrestling tactics. He never got Lee off his feet, but he had Lee down to a knee.

Lee soon thereafter Hulked up with southpaw strikes and a pounce that sent Bononi airborne across the ring. Lee finished him with a pop-up sit-out powerbomb for the pinfall.

The Forgotten Sons were going to barge into Mr. Regal's office when Cathy Kelley stopped them to ask questions. The Sons were upset that The Street Profits were handed "their" title shot. This foreshadowed a run-in during the main event.

Kushida defeated Kona Reeves

Kushida submitted Reeves with a Hoverboard Lock. Kushida looked good for the most part, yet this was not always smooth. They each appeared to be traveling at different speeds at times.

They traded waist lock takedowns at the start. Kushida floated circles around Reeves, and started to work the arm when Drew Gulak appeared onstage to scout Kushida. That distracted Kushida long enough for Reeves to turn the tide in setting up the heat spot.

Reeves got a two count after a snap suplex. He grounded Kushida, but Kushida soon escaped to start his comeback. He ran through some signature spots, including a handspring back elbow and a handspring into a basement dropkick. Reeves tried to cut him off, but Kushida instead struck with a handspring kick. Handsprings galore!

Kushida leapt off the top turnbuckle with a somersault senton to the outside. Back in the ring, Kushida applied the Hoverboard Lock and Reeves tapped out.

Bianca Belair brought Cathy Kelley and the film crew along for a trip to Regal's office. She ran into Mia Yim. They briefly argued, and then Belair went into Regal’s office. She shut the door in Kelley’s face after inviting her along in the first place. Well, okay then. That skit was so very Raw. Not good.

Vanessa Borne (w/ Aliyah) defeated Jessie Elaban

Borne handily squashed Aliyah to win via pinfall following a swinging neckbreaker. Aliyah interfered at one point. Jessie got a comeback, but Borne finished her nonetheless with a swinging neckbreaker.

NXT Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders vs. The Street Profits in a title match ended via DQ

The Forgotten Sons ran in, which caused the referee to throw the match out. The Raiders mauled The Street Profits at the outset. The Profits struck back.

A small package and roll-up by Montez Ford got them some early near falls. Angelo Dawkins did some flashy cartwheels. A high frog splash by Ford also netted a close two count.

The Raiders cut them off and started to get heat on Dawkins when The Forgotten Sons stormed down the ramp to interfere. The referee signaled for the bell as he called for a DQ. Pure bedlam ensued when a Gordon Solie Pier Sixer broke out. Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan ran down to join a wild brawl.

There were dives and such as part of a scene that was almost reminiscent of an over-the-top saloon melee in a Western movie. The Profits then executed a blockbuster/electric chair combo. Ford covered Ivar and Dawkins made a three count despite the match already being thrown out. It was still a moral victory of sorts.

Viking Raiders took their anger out on Lorcan by gorilla press slamming him out of the ring onto a pile of bodies. They preyed on a Forgotten Son to annihilate him as they got their heat back. The crowd chanted along as the NXT tag champs stood in the ring, put the titles down, and bowed.