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WWE NXT results: War Raiders vs. The Mighty

Images: WWE

The fallout from TakeOver: Chicago was the main focus for episode #455 of NXT. Besides airing post-match interviews from TakeOver, the show also featured two matches taped before the main card went live. They anchored a show that was mostly recaps of the special event from this past weekend.

The show opened with graphics and tweets honoring the memory of Leon “Vader” White.

Bianca Belair defeated Dakota Kai

Belair pinned Kai with a torture rack into a modified falcon arrow. Based on her pop from the crowd in Chicago, Belair is getting over with the NXT audience. The Dakota Kai character seems like a mix of underdogs like Barry Horowitz and 1-2-3 Kid. However, her constantly losing matches makes her appear more like Freddie Joe Floyd.

In this match itself, Belair early on used a slingshot suplex. She began to work over Kai before applying an abdominal stretch. After dropping Kai into a backbreaker, Belair started to trash talk and taunt her. Belair lifted Kai for another slingshot suplex.

She delayed the suplex while parading around, slingshotting Kai on all sides of the ring. Kai countered and rolled her up out of nowhere with a schoolboy for a two count.

Belair went for a splash, but Kai got her knees up to block it. Kai moments later fired up into a comeback. A series of kicks had Belair reeling, and running face swipes led to a near fall for Kai.

Kai went to the top rope, but Belair countered.

Belair swung her braided hair to block an attack by Kai -- then Belair finished her off. Belair hoisted Kai into a torture rack that she turned into a falcon arrow to score the pinfall.

The middle portion of the episode shifted into the fallout from TakeOver. Highlights of the matches accompanied interviews from backstage.

Ricochet did a post-match interview following his win over Velveteen Dream. When asked what is next, Ricochet said at TakeOver: New Orleans he showed everyone a little bit of what he could do. After TakeOver: Chicago, Ricochet said he proved he was not just an animated GIF seen online -- nor is he just a cool flip. Ricochet added that the spotlight no longer belongs to Dream. The spotlight now belongs to “The One and Only.”

Velveteen Dream was interviewed following his loss to Ricochet. The question was where does Dream go from here. Dream only gave a short cryptic response.

“I said ‘Dream over’ in Chicago. What do you think?”

NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler was featured in another post-match interview. At TakeOver, Baszler retained her title over Nikki Cross. Flanking Baszler for the interview was Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir.

When asked if there was ever any doubt about her retaining, Baszler said you defeat chaos by taking the air away and choking it out. At TakeOver, Baszler choked out Cross to win their match.

NXT Champion Aleister Black was limping around backstage after his successful title defense against Lars Sullivan. Black declined to give an interview, but he will speak on the next episode.

Danny Burch cut a great babyface promo. Oney Lorcan also cut a good promo talking about their disappointment in losing their challenge for the NXT Tag Team titles at TakeOver.

EC3 cut a promo about TakeOver being such a great show. He was not wrong. EC3 said the only thing the show lacked was the “top one percent” -- referring to himself. EC3 vowed that he would be at every TakeOver going forward.

EC3 went on to say he was going to William Regal’s office so he could demand he get booked against the top talent. He was asked who specifically he would ask to face. EC3 exclaimed, “Everybody!”

War Raiders (Hanson & Rowe) defeated The Mighty (Shane Thorne & Nick Miller)

Hanson pinned Thorne after an assisted guillotine leg drop. The Mighty were the first team that War Raiders sold for on NXT television. Nevertheless, War Raiders still won in dominating fashion.

The Mighty tried jumping War Raiders before the bell. That only served to anger Hanson and Rowe. The Mighty then bumped around.

War Raiders went for their finisher, but Miller shoved Hanson off the top rope. Thorne rolled up Rowe and put a foot on the ropes for leverage. While Rowe did kick out, the momentum shifted in favor of The Mighty.

The Mighty worked over Rowe to set up a hot tag. Hanson tagged in to run wild as The Mighty bumped and fed.

War Raiders seemingly had Thorne beaten, but Miller jumped in to make the save by breaking up the count. That led to Hanson taking out Miller with a tope suicida. War Raiders then executed their double-team finisher on Thorne to get the win.