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WWE Raw live results: Brock Lesnar returns to Los Angeles

The Big Takeaway: Sasha Banks defeated Nia Jax in the finale of a gauntlet match to become the #1 contender for the Raw Women's Championship. Banks will face Alexa Bliss for the championship at Great Balls of Fire. Also official for July 9th: Neville puts the Cruiserweight Championship on the line against Akira Tozawa.

Cass cemented his heel turn by taking out Enzo Amore again. Enzo is little more than a crash test dummy at this point, as Cass overhead pressed him on the ramp and threw him down. Roman Reigns was jumped by Braun Strowman again. This time, Strowman threw Reigns off the ramp into a nearby ambulance. Reigns' head rebounded off the vehicle and looked like it struck the ramp. Reigns was carried away by ambulance.

The segment of the night, as you may have figured going in, was LaVar Ball, who was totally out of control in a MizTV skit with the Miz, Maryse and Dean Ambrose. In a wrestling landscape where everything is scripted down to every word, it will go down as a legendary must-see. 

Show Recap: 

Reigns kicked things off. When they weren't booing, the crowd chanted "We want Strowman." Reigns said he was going to call it like it is, and actually had to ask the crowd to quiet down. He admitted that Joe put him to sleep last week, then Strowman came out like a coward and picked his bones. Reigns said he's never been in an ambulance match, so he accepted Strowman's challenge. He wanted Strowman to understand he was going to throw Strowman into the back of that ambulance, lock it up and drive it straight to hell. 

Then an ambulance backed into the building near the ramp. Reigns left the ring and walked over to the backdoor thinking Strowman was in there. He hesitated, then opened the doors to find no one inside. Strowman ran out from behind and jumped Reigns, throwing him onto the ramp. They fought some more where Reigns made a quick comeback, nearly punching Strowman off the ramp. He went for the Superman punch, but Strowman caught him and threw Reigns off the ramp and into the side of the ambulance. Reigns was left unconscious and Strowman picked him up and threw him in the back of the ambulance, which drove off. 

Cesaro, Sheamus, and Elias Samson were in the ring on stools together in the ring with the spotlight on them. Samson announced they were ready to form a trio to give Los Angeles a song they deserve. It sounded like Samson was going to play "Hotel California," but Jeff and Matt Hardy came out to stop them. 

The Hardy Boyz and Finn Balor defeated Cesaro, Sheamus and Elias Samson (17:27) 

Josh Duhamel from "Transformers: The Last Knight" came out on commentary after the first commercial. He built up Sheamus appearing in an upcoming film "The Buddy Games." That led to the announcers talking over much of the match. Jeff Hardy got the first hot tag and attempted the Swanton Bomb on Sheamus, but Cesaro pulled Sheamus out of the ring. Jeff gave Cesaro a plancha. Sheamus kneed Jeff in the head to set up another heat segment. Jeff gave Sheamus a Twist of Fate to make the hot tag to Matt, who nailed Sheamus with the Side Effect. Later, Sheamus tagged Cesaro for the spiked White Noise, which forced Finn Balor to make the save. Duhamel said "Isn't that illegal?"

Balor got the hot tag, clotheslined Cesaro over the top rope, then followed by giving Sheamus a clothesline over the top rope, as well. Balor did a gorgeous somersault tope onto Sheamus and Cesaro. Balor rolled Cesaro back into the ring, delivered a drop kick and a Sling Blade. He set up for the Coup de Grace. Sheamus tried to crotch Balor, but Matt stopped him with a twist of fate. Jeff gave Samson a crossbody off the apron. Balor pinned Cesaro after the Coup de Grace. Very good match and the crowd was lively all the way.

Goldust appeared in another Shattered Dreams vignette. He said it was Showtime. He said there was something magical in the air, "can you feel it? Can you taste it?" He said tonight the Shattered Truth would premiere, and he told Truth that he would understand if Truth was nervous. But Goldust understood when the red light goes on, you have to bring your A game, you have to shine like gold. He vowed to put the finishing touches on his masterpiece tonight. 

So after five weeks of promos, Goldust vs. R-Truth never got going. Goldust came to the ring with his own cameraman, who Corey Graves said was a film operator. When Truth came out, Goldust used the film operator as a shield. Truth tried to move the film operator out of the way, but Goldust jumped him. Goldust beat up Truth, sending him into the post. And that was that. Crowd was deadly silent for this. A whole month of interviews for this payoff. 

Charly Caruso interviewed Paul Heyman, who said Lesnar will be in the building tonight, Lesnar will go to the ring, Lesnar will call out Joe for a fight. Then Joe came up from behind Heyman and started to put the Coquina clutch on Heyman, then thought better of it. He said that Coquina Clutch was meant for Lesnar and he'll wait for him tonight. Joe let Heyman walk. 

They did a "Did you Know" promoting Stephanie McMahon being named one of the most powerful women in sports by AdWeek. 

There will be a six-woman gauntlet match tonight to determine the #1 contender for the Raw Women's Championship tonight with Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax vs. Mickie James vs. Dana Brooke vs. Emma. Kurt Angle was backstage rolling a rotator and Bayley drew her number for the match.

The Miz and Maryse (still not looking happy with her husband) came out. Miz leaned in for a kiss, but she turned away. Miz maintained they were happy and since they were in their adopted hometown of Los Angeles, he introduced the only celebrity that's been talked about more than the Miz. He introduced LaVar Ball and LaMelo Ball (who is a member of the 2019 UCLA recruiting class). LaVar ran out to the ring like a total mark and grabbed the microphone like he was a veteran heel and introduced Lonzo Ball, who was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers 2nd overall in the NBA Draft last Thursday. LaVar got booed even with his sons out there and was loving it. Miz congratulated Lonzo and said he was glad to be in the Staples Center as a Laker for the first time.

Miz said he was with the Big Baller Brand partnership, but LaVar shot him down. Miz thought that he was going to be part of the Big Baller Brand, but LaVar told him he was thinking of someone a little higher up. LaVar claimed to have won two championships, and Lonzo said he won three. LaVar started going off script and said now we know what Miz stands for: misinterpreted soul. Then the segment started to go off the rails as he went into business for himself and said "or it stands for a million zippers," referring to Miz's jacket. That one flopped. Miz had to reel him back in and said LaVar kept talking about how LaVar could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one. LaVar got in his line about how there only two people that could beat Michael Jordan and he was both of them. Then LaVar told his sons to handle his light work, referring to the Miz. LaMelo got up like he was going to do something, but he just sat down again. 

Miz asked if he was going to unleash all of the Balls on him. Miz asked LaVar to prove it. LaVar told Miz to stay in his lane. Then Miz took off his shirt. LaVar then took off his shirt, totally making a spectacle out of himself, and started doing karate motions like he was Bruce Lee. He raised his voice to Miz and said "Boy, you want this belt?" (No idea what that meant.) Then he raised his voice like he was Thunderbolt Patterson. Finally Dean Ambrose came out, probably earlier than planned, to survey the train wreck. In the ring, LaVar danced around the ring with no shirt and bumped into Maryse while his sons laughed. Ambrose started to do his scripted line about how the Ball family made him a part of the Big Baller Brand, and was wearing a shirt. LaVar interrupted Ambrose, who said no one has bigger balls than Ambrose. Michael Cole said "Well, that was interesting." One of the wildest segments in Raw history. 

Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel defeated Rhyno, Dean Ambrose, and Heath Slater (12:19) 

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are now known as the "Miztourage." Heath Slater made the hot tag to Rhyno, who delivered an Arn Anderson Spinebuster to Dallas. It broke down into a six-way brawl. Ambrose fought with Miz, who escaped. Miz gave Rhyno a cheap shot from outside the ring, and Dallas pinned him with a schoolboy cradle. Crowd was still recovering from LaVar. 

Enzo Amore came out. He said Cass hasn't returned any of his calls all week. Enzo said he's done some stupid things, but he doesn't care if this is one of them, they have to talk man-to-man. Cass came out to mild boos. Enzo said he knows Cass hears the reaction, and Enzo says he knows that hurts Cass because he knows Cass better than anyone in the world. Enzo said Cass hurt him, Cass said a lot of hurtful things and Cass was right about a lot of them. Enzo said he might be the small guy with a big mouth, but that was OK because he had Cass. Enzo said Cass was his brother. Last week, Cass might have broken his heart and nearly broken his face, but Cass was his brother. And that was a bond that he refused to let Cass break. Enzo can't begin to explain to how proud he was when Big Cass hit the gas and Enzo got to ride shotgun on that journey. And that journey isn't over. 

Enzo said what Cass did last week was in the past. Enzo said Cass was his brother and they were family. Enzo said he has to focus on the future of his family and they were going to be WWE Tag Team Champions together. Cass reached for the microphone and said "Enzo, you just never know when to shut up." Cass said he had to be honest, after what he did last week, he had never been more ashamed.

He said Enzo constantly runs his mouth, is loud and annoying, but that's who Enzo is. Cass can't change Enzo. But like Enzo said, they were brothers. So, in front of the world, he told his brother "I'm sorry." There were some boos for that. He said he was sorry about everything from the last five weeks and asked him to accept his apology. Cass extended his hand. Crowd started chanting no. Enzo shook his hand. They hugged. Cass did his catch phrase saying "Anyone who thought he was going to break up, there's only one word to describe you." As they danced up the ramp, Cass raised Enzo's hand, then clotheslined him. Cass then overhead pressed Enzo, nearly dropped him, then threw him down on the apron. Crowd booed the hell out of Cass for that. 

After Cole, Booker T, and Graves started to throw it to a break, Cass came back out and got in Graves' face. He told Graves he should snap Graves' neck after what he did last week, referring to Graves proving that Cass was the one who was taking out Enzo. Cass told Graves he didn't know what dirt Graves had on Angle, but Graves should stay out of his business. 

Seth Rollins defeated Curt Hawkins (2:58)

Curt Hawkins did a prematch promo asking the fans who thought he was about to lose this match? He said I guess we'll just find out. After Hawkins got some early offense, Rollins got the pin with his Rainmaker ending with a knee to the face. 

Wyatt immediately popped up on the screen and said Rollins took a leap of faith last week. Wyatt said Rollins thought that because mankind has forgiven Rollins for his transgressions that that meant Rollins' soul was clean. Wyatt said that Rollins waves his corporate flag and tells everyone to be like no one, but Rollins leads ignorant people into a place where there is no return. If Rollins truly valued Rollins redemption, then Rollins would give in to his true self. That's why Wyatt was here. He was going to save Rollins. He would melt away the lies with fire. He said Rollins should be honored because he would be cleansed from the fire of a true God. Wyatt told Rollins to be careful what you wish for. Wyatt said he was everywhere. July 9th would be the day of Rollins' reclamation. He told Rollins to give in to his true self or else he would burn. 

Lesnar pulled up to the building with Heyman welcoming him. 

Heyman was in the ring and did a promo saying that Joe didn't fear Lesnar, but called Joe a Samoan dumbass. He said now is the time for Joe to start fearing Lesnar. He said now is the time to end bathroom break, now is the time to hit record, now is the time that people will remember tomorrow. He said Lesnar planned to call Joe out for a fight and introduced Lesnar. 

Lesnar came out, but Joe jumped him as he made his entrance and put him in the Coquina Clutch. Lesnar's face turned pink. Lesnar rammed Joe into the screen, knocking is loose, but Joe wouldn't let go. Lesnar sent Joe's back into the screen two more times, but Joe still wouldn't let go. The Revival came out to pull Joe away, but Lesnar had a look of shock on his face as he struggled to get back to his feet. The fans totally buy Joe as a badass because they chanted "Let them fight" as he was hauled to the back. 

WWE Crusierweight Champion Neville defeated Lince Dorado via submission in a non-title match (2:59) 

Akira Tozawa, in a new three-piece suit, was seated at ringside. He's now a client for Titus Brand, which has been renamed "Titus Worldwide." Lince Dorado did a gorgeous tope where he did a flip after he sailed between the ropes. Neville got the submission with a Ring of Saturn. Neville challenged Tozawa to get in the ring. Tozawa complied at they started to go at it before Titus O'Neil came out. O'Neil said he just arranged for Tozawa to face Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship at Great Balls of Fire and that Neville would feel the Power of Tozawa. 

Cole said that Reigns escaped the ambulance and was now looking for Strowman. 

Backstage, Caruso talked with Heyman, who looked furious. Heyman said what Joe did tonight proves what he's said all along, that Joe was the Samoan that all other Samoans were ashamed of. Joe was a coward because he snuck up and jumped Lesnar from behind. Heyman said Lesnar now has his back to the wall, which is exactly where he wants it because Joe can't jump him from behind that way. Heyman said the match vs. Joe will be brutal and long. He vowed that Lesnar would take Joe to suplex city and land the F-5. 

Alexa Bliss stopped Jax backstage. Bliss said she and Jax were a lot alike. She said people judge them on their looks. Bliss said that her own mother laughed she would succeed when she signed with the WWE. Bliss said she bets Jax knows what's that like. Bliss said whether Jax goes out first or last, Bliss knows there's not a single woman in that match that can drag Jax down. She said Jax knows she doesn't need it, but wished Jax good luck. Jax said Bliss was right, she didn't need it. She would see Bliss and the Raw Women's Championship at Great Balls of Fire. 

Sasha Banks defeated Nia Jax by submission to become the #1 contender for the Raw Women's Championship in a Gauntlet Match that also included Bayley, Mickie James and Dana Brooke (28:19) 

Bayley was out against Jax first. Bayley's pop was a disappointment. It didn't get any better after Jax pinned Bayley in 3:36 after Bayley went to the top rope, but Jax knocked her down and finished her with a Samoan Drop.

James was next out. James hit Jax with the Mick Kick and teased the DDT, but Jax lifted her up, threw her down and pinned James after a running body block at 10:03. 

Brooke came out, did a cartwheel, but Jax gave her a big boot and pinned her with a legdrop in 11:02, so Brooke lasted all of :59. 

Emma was out next. Emma gave Jax several dropkicks, then jumped off the top rope. But Jax caught her and pinned Emma with a Samoan Drop at 12:26.

Banks was the final woman out. Crowd was alive for Banks, who sidestepped Jax as she rushed at her. Jax took a bump to the floor. Banks went for a tope, but Jax caught her, but Banks escaped and threw Jax into the post. Banks jumped off the apron and delivered double knee to Jax's shoulders. Jax stayed on offense for most of the rest of the match (these two were in there for 15:53) after a series of clotheslines.

Jax kept throwing Banks out of the ring. At one point, Banks started selling her right heel. Jax put Banks in a bearhug, but Banks used a guillotine choke to escape. The finish came when Jax went for another Samoan Drop, but Banks got her in a Bank Statement from a standing position. Jax, the heel who had fought courageously for over 28 minutes, faded to one knee, then tapped out. 

Angle came out to raise Banks hand and congratulate her. Then Bliss came out and held the championship belt in Banks' face. Banks responded with a dropkick, then posed with the championship.