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WWE Raw live results: Crown Jewel fallout

Date: November 4, 2019
Location: Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Triple H allowed his NXT wrestlers to appear on the other show he’s in charge of. Adam Cole defended his NXT title against Seth Rollins in the main event, which ended in a DQ. Raw and NXT wrestlers brawled as the show ended. 

Shayna Baszler also confronted Becky Lynch. Lynch, Baszler and Bayley will have a triple threat match at Survivor Series. There will also be a triple threat with Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish vs. The Viking Raiders vs. The Revival. 

Brock Lesnar is officially on Raw. He was attacked by Rey Mysterio with a baseball bat and, according to Jerry Lawler, needed help leaving the arena. Mysterio will challenge Lesnar for the WWE title at Survivor Series. 

If you were expecting a big-time backlash from Crown Jewel, that didn’t happen.

Show Recap -- 

Three black Cadillac trucks rolled into the arena. Triple H came out of the first one and motioned to the others before he entered the arena. 

After the Raw intro, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman entered. Heyman said Lesnar was on the hunt for Rey Mysterio. He brought up the trade Smackdown made for Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, while also mentioning that Lesnar had a no-cut contract. He said just because Lesnar could leave Smackdown, that doesn’t mean Roman Reigns or anyone else could do the same. 

Heyman said Lesnar was special and better than you, and better than all the “bitches” in the back. Heyman wondered where Mysterio was, then mocked the Long Island crowd. He said there was no one man enough to step to Brock Lesnar, including Mysterio who couldn’t defend his punk son Dominick. 

Heyman said Lesnar would get Mysterio tonight or he would turn the Nassau Coliseum upside down like an F5 tornado just went through it. He said Mysterio’s career was coming to an end tonight. 

Vic Joseph clarified that Lesnar can’t be fired and his contract has been absorbed by Monday Night Raw (as if Raw and Smackdown aren’t the same company). Lesnar was shown in the back, tossing aside a stagehand while calling out Mysterio. 

After a break, Lesnar was still on the hunt. (It appears he travelled three feet since the commercial break.) Lesnar threatened some other guy, who claimed Mysterio was in a nearby car. Lesnar pulled a guy out of the car, but Mysterio wasn’t there. He kicked the door. 

They aired a video package of Lacey Evans and Natalya wrestling at Crown Jewel, with a clip of Michael Cole claiming there has never been a women’s wrestling match in Saudi Arabia. Dio Maddin made his daughters watch the match. Asuka and Kairi Sane sarcastically clapped for the video. 

Charlotte Flair & Natalya defeated Tag Team Champions Asuka & Kairi Sane in a non-title match (18:02) 

Asuka wore new black and gold gear. Sane also wore mostly black, with gold and red trim. 

Charlotte and Natalya each hit suplexes which led to a break two minutes into the match. After the break, Asuka had Natalya in a headlock. Asuka tried a shoulder tackle, but Nataly didn’t budge. Asuka then caught Natalya with a kick to take over. 

After a while, Charlotte made a tag and hit Sane with chops and fallaway slam, while also knocking Asuka from the apron. Charlotte hit a mechanically broken Natural Selection and went for a cover, but Asuka put Sane’s foot on the rope. Charlotte attacked Asuka and placed her next to Sane, then gave them both a moonsault, but Sane kicked out of a cover. 

Asuka dropped Charlotte over the ropes and they went to break again. After the break, Charlotte tried for a hot tag but couldn’t get it despite her hand basically being on top of Natalya’s. Sane went for a running forearm in the corner but Charlotte caught her right in the face with a boot, then Natalya tagged in. 

Natalya gave Asuka a German suplex and went for a Sharpshooter but Asuka reversed into an armbar. Natalya fought out and applied the Sharpshooter, but Sane gave Natalya a Codebreaker. Charlotte gave Sane a spear, then Natalya put Asuka in the Sharpshooter again and she tapped. Asuka tapped. Natalya and Charlotte beat the champs. 

Before any of that could register, Lesnar and Heyman sauntered out and asked the commentators where Mysterio was. Heyman wasn’t sure who the non-Jerry Lawler guys were. 

Heyman focused on Lawler and demanded to know where Mysterio was. He threatened to send Lesnar after him and said if Lawler died on the air again, nobody would resuscitate him. Maddin stepped in and got in Lesnar’s face. Lesnar grabbed Maddin in gave him an F5 on the table. 

At that point, Mysterio ran out with a baseball bat and attacked Lesnar’s legs, then hit him over the head with the WWE title belt. The crowd popped for Mysterio. 

All the negativity aside, this Lesnar and Mysterio stuff is great so far. 

During the break, Lesnar struggled to get to his feet, then limped up the ramp. After the break, Mysterio cut a promo into the camera. He’s pissed. He said Lesnar attacked his son, so he was going to go after what’s most important to Lesnar — the WWE Championship. Mysterio asked if Lesnar was man enough to fight at Survivor Series. Mysterio was great here. 

Buddy Murphy defeated Cedric Alexander (5:35) 

Joseph continued doing commentary as if his colleague didn’t just get F5’d through a table in front of him. Fortunately, Lawler continued to try to sell it, thanking Maddin for sticking up for him. 

Alexander hit a Nueralyzer, suicide dive, flip dive and springboard Flatliner. This got a two count. Alexander followed soon after with a Michinoku Driver for two. Murphy ducked a kick and hit a V-Trigger knee to the back, then followed with Murphy’s Law for the win. The action was obviously good, but the crowd only barely cared. 

They recapped NXT’s invasion of Smackdown. Seth Rollins was shown walking through the back wearing a plain black t-shirt. 

[Second hour] 

Smackdown features Roman Reigns vs. Baron Corbin, plus The Revival vs. New Day. 

Seth Rollins promo 

Rollins wondered what was next. He said he wasn’t stupid. He’s heard the crowd and knows some people are happy that Bray Wyatt beat him for the Universal Championship. The crowd cheered. Rollins said he didn’t care. What he did care about was that Lesnar was back on Raw, back as the champion, and everything he worked for over the past year has been washed away. 

Rollins fought to give everyone an opportunity but wasn’t sure he had the energy for it anymore. He told the fans he wasn’t sure what to do next. Triple H’s music hit, and the graphic for his name had the NXT logo. They shook hands. 

The crowd loudly chanted for NXT. Triple H said maybe Rollins should retrace his steps. Maybe his past was his future (the Finn Bálor line). He mentioned that Rollins was the first-ever NXT Champion. After that, Rollins came to him again and the Shield was born. After that was done, Rollins went to him again, and he became WWE Champion. 

Rollins wondered if all of that was for his benefit, or Hunter’s. Triple H said that it didn’t matter because he always ended up champion at the end of it. Triple H knew what was next for Rollins and brought up the Smackdown invasion. Rollins reminded him that they invaded when half the roster was stuck overseas. 

Triple H told him that was just a smart strategy, and on top of that, Adam Cole (who was cheered) beat Daniel Bryan. Triple H said he didn’t come alone tonight and wondered what Rollins would do next, because whatever that was, would affect what he does next. Triple H said that maybe Rollins doesn’t know how to motivate himself, but he does. 

Triple H said Rollins was either with him — at this point, the Undisputed Era walked through the crowd and onto the ring apron — or against him. 

The OC interrupted. Undisputed backed away into the crowd as OC chased them off. Dominik Dijakovic and Damien Priest attacked the OC, then Undisputed joined in. They were all chased away quickly by Rowan, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins and R-Truth. Rollins was in the ring the entire time, then left as the segment ended. 

(If you didn’t see this, it wasn’t a heel turn when Rollins told the crowd that he didn’t care if they were happy that Bray beat him.) 

After a break, Rollins confronted Triple H backstage. He said Bryan couldn’t get the job done, but he was better than Bryan. Rollins challenged Cole to an NXT Championship match tonight. Triple H accepted. 

Zelina Vega & Andrade defeated Carolina & Sin Cara (7:23) 

The graphic read “Carolina” but they pronounce it as “Catalina.” She took out Andrade with a dive off the apron and they went to break 40 seconds into the match. During the break, Vega gave Sin Cara a nice-looking tornado DDT outside the ring. 

After a break, Sin Cara fought back and powerbombed Andrade off the turnbuckle. Carolina tagged in and ran wild on Vega until Carolina caught her with a facebuster. Andrade broke up the cover, so Sin Cara took him out. Vega stopped him from doing a dive, but Carolina took her out with a Gory Bomb. Sin Cara then nailed Andrade with a flip dive. 

Vega managed to fight back and gave Carolina a spikerana for the clean pinfall win. Of all the matches that have ever happened, this was definitely one of them. 

It seems like they’re only filming one side of the arena, so the attendance may not be great. 

Rusev promo 

Rusev wanted to end all of this stupid drama. The crowd cheered. He didn’t want to bicker with his soon-to-be ex-wife. He wanted Bob Lashley. He said Lana was all Lashley’s, then said, “your ass is all mine.” (So Lana doesn’t get everything, I guess.) 

Lana and Lashley came out to the stage. Lashley wore dressy clothes and limped out on crutches. Lashley said he would love to fight, but he wasn’t medically cleared because he suffered an injury over the weekend — he tore his groin. The crowd laughed, catching the joke. He went on to explain the joke, saying he didn’t get injured wrestling, then smiled at Lana. 

Lana said someone special has volunteered to fight Rusev instead. 

Rusev defeated Drew McIntyre via DQ (9:40) 

After a break, McIntyre worked over Rusev and told him, “you’re nothing but a bitch!” Rusev fired up and caught him with a spinning heel kick. McIntyre fought back, then they collided with running crossbody attempts. Rusev superkicked McIntyre out of the ring and went after him. 

At that point, Lashley attacked him from behind with a crutch. Lawler was not surprised. McIntyre waved his hand and walked off like this was the WWF Raw video game. Rusev fought off Lashley, then Randy Orton flew in and nailed him with an RKO. They weren’t in St. Louis, so this didn’t get quite the reaction that last week did. 

As they put the boots to Rusev, Ricochet ran out and made the save. He hit a baseball slide dropkick which pushed Lashley into Lana, who fell down. Ricochet and Rusev stood tall as the heels backed away. This was weird. 

[Third hour] 

The announcers congratulated the Washington Nationals on winning the World Series and showed a clip of Max Scherzer holing the WWE title. 

Becky Lynch sit-down interview 

Charly Caruso sat down with Lynch, who will face Shayna Baszler and Bayley in a triple threat match at Survivor Series. Lynch said she was now the target. As Lynch spoke, Baszler showed up, asked Caruso to leave and sat down in her spot. Baszler said she knew all about Lynch and mentioned her own relationship with Ronda Rousey. 

Baszler wanted to make something clear — “I’m not Ronda Rousey. And at Survivor Series, I’m not going to take my eyes off of Bayley, but I wanted to come here eye-to-eye, champion-to-champion, and tell you, that I’m going to pin you or I’m going to tap you out.”  

Lynch said she didn’t really know Baszler and wasn’t sure if she should respect her or slap her head off. Lynch was glad they could chat because she wanted Baszler to feel the same doubt that Rousey did. Lynch wasn’t going to ignore Bayley either, but told Baszler that she was coming for her. 

They stood up and got face-to-face. Baszler was happy they met, and Lynch told her to be at her best. This was great. 

AJ Styles told the Long Island crowd that he wasn’t in the mood tonight and told them to shut up. He reminded them that Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were the best tag team in the world and had the trophy to prove it. He said the next time they see those NXT punks, they would send them back to Orlando, Florida. 

The Street Profits and Humberto Carrillo interrupted. Angelo Dawkins said the OC won the trophy, but the Street Profits weren’t in the match, and they did beat the OC two weeks ago. Montez Ford told Dawkins he couldn’t say that, then let Carrillo say it instead. Carrillo stated that fact again on their behalf, then Styles told him to shut his mouth. Carrillo said something in Spanish, but Styles couldn’t understand. Street Profits said they want the smoke. 

Six-man tag match: AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson defeated Humberto Carrillo & The Street Profits 

The match began during a break, then went to break shortly after the previous break. The crowd is dead. Carrillo wore black and red tights that made him look like a teammate of Styles. 

As Carrillo awaited a tag, Lawler said he looked like a jumping bean. He tagged in and ran wild on Styles. He hit a moonsault but Anderson broke up the cover. Everyone traded moves until Ford took out Anderson and Gallows with a flip dive. Carrillo went after Styles but Styles caught him with a powerbomb and pinned him with his feet on the rope for the win. 

This was nothing and the crowd didn’t care. 

They aired a video package on Adam Cole. 

Lesnar vs. Mysterio was made official for the WWE title at Survivor Series. They also announced The Viking Raiders vs. Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish vs. The Revival. 

The Viking Raiders defeated East Hampton Polo Boys (1:01) 

Ivar won with a splash. Afterwards, they said they were bold enough to admit they suffered defeat at Crown Jewel. They told the OC to enjoy their trophy while they can. The crowd didn’t care about this, either. 

NXT Championship match: Seth Rollins defeated Adam Cole via DQ (12:28) 

Triple H watched from ringside. Rollins was all over Cole and they went to break two minutes into this important title match. After a break, Cole had Rollins in a chinlock. Rollins quickly fought out, but Cole caught him with a kick. 

They traded fists, then traded enziguris. Rollins caught him with a superkick for two. Rollins came off the top but Cole nailed him with a superkick for two. Cole went for the Panama Sunrise but Rollins rolled through and hit a buckle bomb for two. 

Rollins followed with consecutive suicide dives and a springboard knee strike but Cole countered into a brainbuster for two. Cole hit a running leg lariat for two, but Rollins ducked the Last Shot and applied a schoolboy for two, then they took each other out with a double clothesline. Rollins then hit a superplex and Falcon Arrow for a nearfall. 

Rollins set up for a stomp when the rest of Undisputed Era appeared from under the ring to attack for the DQ. They put the boots to him until members from both Raw and NXT ran down to join the brawl. Tommaso Ciampa, Keith Lee, Matt Riddle, and Pete Dunn were among the NXT wrestlers. 

As everyone brawled on the outside, Ricochet took out a large group with a springboard shooting star. Keith Lee then hit a big flip dive onto the pile just in time before the show went off the air. 

Final Thoughts -- 

I’m not a big fan of Triple H leading NXT against the main roster. We know he’s in charge of NXT, but we also know he’s one of the people running Raw and Smackdown. He was the face of the Authority for so long, it’s hard to pretend that he’s suddenly leading the charge against the main roster, especially since Raw and Smackdown don’t have their own figureheads.