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WWE Raw live results: Crown Jewel go-home show

Date: October 29, 208
Location: Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina

The Big Takeaway --

John Cena will not be wrestling at Crown Jewel. He was replaced in the World Cup tournament by Bobby Lashley, who lost via disqualification to Finn Balor.

Any mention of Crown Jewel was met with modest booing by the crowd. The location of the event was never mentioned.

Seth Rollins called out Dean Ambrose, who did not explain his actions last week. They very much tied Ambrose's turn to Roman Reigns’ announcement that he has leukemia.

This was a dull Raw show, even more than usual.

Show Recap -- 

The show started with a recap of Roman Reigns’ speech last week, including footage of him posing with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, as well as walking through the back.

Baron Corbin was in the ring holding the Universal title on his shoulder. He said last week was one of the most emotional nights in his career, “but that was last week and life goes on.” He wished Reigns the best, but when he comes back, he hoped it wasn’t to Raw. He noted how good the belt looked on him. He said Reigns made his life difficult, then Brock Lesnar entered.

Paul Heyman said Lesnar would make history again in four days when he wins the title and beats Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel. The show name was met with boos, but it wasn’t that loud and Heyman kept going. They booed louder at the idea of Lesnar becoming champion.

Strowman entered next. He was cheered. Strowman said he would win the title because Lesnar would get these hands. Corbin got in the middle of them and put his hand on Strowman, so Strowman shoved him aside.

Corbin attacked, so Strowman gave a powerslam and told Lesnar that was his fate. He gave Corbin two more slams, then Lesnar grabbed him and gave him an F5. As Lesnar left, Strowman got back to his feet. 

The announcers recapped Ambrose turning on Rollins last week and Michael Cole made sure to point out how much more despicable it was given the timing. They also announced a 10-woman tag match later, featuring Trish Stratus and Lita on one team. 

Finn Balor defeated Bobby Lashley (w/Lio Rush) via DQ (9:01)  

During Balor’s entrance, Corbin was being helped up the ramp by officials. As they crossed paths, Balor chuckled and gave him a “too sweet.” Lio Rush cut a promo on behalf of Bobby Lashley who thought Balor’s win last week was a fluke. Rush also called North Carolina a ridiculous city, which was booed.

Rush tried to start a “Lashley” chant so the crowd chanted for Balor instead. Balor did a flip dive and they went to commercial 90 seconds into the match. After the break, Lashley was in control and an “overrated” chant broke out. Balor made a comeback, but Lashley caught him off the top and hit a Dominator variation for a nearfall.

Balor slipped out of a vertical suplex and hit a dropkick. Rush got in the way, but Balor managed to fight back and set up Lashley again for a Coup de Grace. Rush blatantly pushed Balor off the top, so the referee called for the bell. The crowd chanted “you suck” at Rush. Lashley attacked Balor afterwards. Lashley put him in a full nelson as Rush yelled at him and slapped him. 

Lashley and Rush met with Corbin in the trainer’s room. Corbin was impressed with what he did to Balor and said he qualified for the World Cup tournament. Lashley was happy but thought the spots were full. Balor said he was replacing someone who didn’t qualify--John Cena. The crowd booed. 

Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch was announced for Survivor Series. The crowd cheered in the background. They aired a video from the Evolution post-show where Lynch congratulated Rousey on her win and said she would be seeing her soon. 

10-woman tag match: Trish Stratus, Lita, Natalya, Sasha Banks & Bayley defeated Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan, Alicia Fox & Mickie James (w/Alexa Bliss) (12:22)

Banks made a hot tag to Natalya who hit Fox with a basement dropkick and discus clothesline, then everyone got involved. Bayley and Lita each did a Twist of Fate, then Bayley did a diving elbow and Lita hit a moonsault. Lita and Natalya hit Fox with a Hart Attack. Fox kicked out (which seemed kinda pointless), then Natalya just put her in the Sharpshooter for the tap-out win. 

Kayla Braxton asked Nia Jax when she planned on facing Rousey. Jax said Rousey would make Lynch tap-out at Survivor Series, proving Raw was the dominant brand, then Jax would be waiting for Rousey. Braxton brought in Ember Moon and congratulated her on her performance, eliminating five women from the battle royal.

Jax cut them off because she’s the one who won the match. Moon said she respected Jax and hoped Jax respected her. Moon challenged Jax to a match. Jax said she did respect Moon, but would beat her tonight. 

Elias was in the ring. He said he came to Charlotte early because Ric Flair wanted to hang out with him. He said Flair called him the man and was happy with what he did to Corbin last week. He showed a replay, which was met with “Yes” chants. He wrote a song for Corbin, but figured he wouldn’t be able to come to the ring after what happened earlier, so he went to the back.

Elias walked through the back and was met by Dana Brooke. She asked him to play her a song, to which he responded, “For you? No.” I laughed, and the crowd popped. Elias found Corbin’s office door but Corbin didn’t want any visitors.

Elias performed the song outside his door, then Corbin came out. Elias was about to finish by calling him Stephanie’s bitch, but Corbin ran back inside his office and shut the door. Jinder Mahal then jumped Elias from behind. Corbin reappeared to tell Elias that his math was next.

On Smackdown tomorrow, AJ Styles confronts Daniel Bryan. 

Elias defeated Jinder Mahal (w/Singh Brothers) (4:04)

Elias won with Drift Away. 

Crown Jewel airs at 12pm ET, 9am PT from parts unknown. Cole said we’re guaranteed to crown a new Universal champion. Not sure how he can claim that. 

Here are the first round matches for the World Cup tournament: Lashley vs. Rollins, Angle vs. Ziggler, Hardy vs. Miz, Mysterio vs. Orton. The winner of the Raw side will face the winner of the Smackdown side.

Angle did a selfie promo from the gym, drenched in sweat. Angle said he’s heard the whispers, that he’s out of his mind to think he’ll win the tournament. He asked if he was out of his mind when he won the King of the Ring tournament, the WWE title in his rookie year, or an Olympic gold medal with a broken freakin’ neck. He said maybe he was out of his mind, but he would prove to everyone that he was still the best. 

Triple threat tag match: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable defeated The Ascension and AOP (w/Drake Maverick)

Ascension, Gable and Roode attacked AOP before the match started. After a break, Gable and Roode won quickly after a Chaos Theory suplex/neckbreaker combo on Viktor. The finish seemed to catch the announcers off guard. Cole was still explaining the rules of the match as the finish happened. After the match, AOP laid out both teams.

They showed pictures of Reigns visited kids from Children’s Health Dallas about six weeks ago. Those same kids had video messages for Reigns, wishing him well. The crowd chanted for Roman. This was nice… except it was followed immediately by Cole saying Ambrose’s actions was one of the most selfish acts he’s ever seen. They aired a dramatic video package, tying this all together. 

Seth Rollins came out wearing the Intercontinental title (no Tag Team title). Rollins said the past week has been a roller coaster of emotions to say the least, but wanted to thank all the fans for the support they’ve been showing Roman Reigns. This led to a “thank you, Roman” chant.

Rollins said that made him happy, just like winning the tag titles for the third time made him happy. However, he was sad because he wanted his friend Ambrose to be celebrating with him, but Ambrose turned his back on him and everyone. Rollins said he was sad because he felt guilty.

Maybe this was his fault. Maybe what he did four years ago was building up in Ambrose and he lashed out. Rollins was frustrated and confused and Ambrose was the only guy with the answers. Of course, if Ambrose didn’t want to be found, he wasn’t going to be. Rollins didn’t try to call him because he knew he’d be here tonight. Rollins called him out.

Ambrose’s music hit but he didn't show. Instead, Ambrose showed up in the crowd where the Shield usually enters. Rollins thought it was funny that he turned his back on the Shield and now he was mocking them. Rollins wanted him to come to the ring like a man. Ambrose pulled a microphone out of his back pocket but didn’t say anything. The crowd chanted “you sold out.”

Rollins called him a cold-hearted bastard. Rollins said he spat on the Shield on the night Reigns left to battle leukemia and now Rollins wanted to make Ambrose’s life a living hell. Ambrose didn’t budge, so Rollins threatened to go after him. Ambrose left before he could. 

Lio Rush told Charly Caruso that Lashley has already done it all, winning an MMA championship, amateur wrestling championship, and world championship, and Rollins didn’t stand a chance in the state of mind he’s in. 

Nia Jax defeated Ember Moon (3:23)

Moon hit a flip dive off the second rope to the outside. When they got back in the ring, Tamina’s music hit and she marched to the ring. Both women were distracted until Jax knocked down Moon and gave her a leg drop for the pinfall win. Tamina faced off with Jax for a moment, which was met with silence, then left. This sucked. 

Kalisto & Lince Dorado (w/Gran Metalik) defeated The Revival (3:19)

Lucha House Party won after Kalisto hit Scott Dawson with a Salida del Sol. Dawson was distracted by Metalik on the outside. Cole said “WWE fans” at some point, but the speaker in his headset didn't explode. 

Dolph Ziggler (w/Drew McIntyre) defeated Apollo Crews

Before the match, McIntyre said they’ve finally broken the Shield and now they can focus. McIntyre’s focus was the Universal title match. Ziggler was looking forward to McIntyre giving the winner of that match a Claymore kick. He said it made sense, unlike Angle claiming he would win this tournament.

Ziggler said he looked up to Angle for what he did for collegiate wrestling. Ziggler said Angle has to remember, “I’m Dolph Ziggler, and you’re not.” Ziggler called himself the best that has ever walked down the aisle and the best in the world. 

Crews got a moment to shine, but Ziggler got his knees up on a frog splash attempt, then hit a superkick for the win. 

Main event segment

Undertaker and Kane came to the ring as the clock struck 11pm ET. The crowd chanted for Taker. Taker said when the reaper calls, no matter how hard you fight, it’s your time to go. Kane said some spooky stuff too, which is hard to take seriously coming from him. Taker mentioned Crown Jewel, which received modest booing. Kane called out Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

The D-X entrance interrupted Taker saying “rest in peace.” Triple H came out wearing a leather jacket and holding glow-in-the-dark sticks. Kane was about to go after him when Michaels showed up in the ring and superkicked Taker. Michaels was proud of himself, but their music was quickly interrupted when Taker sat up and his music played instead.

Taker slashed his throat as D-X looked on from the ramp.