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WWE Raw live results: Draft night two

Date: October 12, 2020
Location: Amway Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

The draft is over and the future doesn’t appear to be a bright one for Raw. 

Also, despite being advertised, Mustafa Ali and Retribution did not even appear. 

See below for all of the draft picks.

Show Recap -- 

The announcers recapped some of the draft so far and ran down the rules. 

Randy Orton came out to start the show. Tom Phillips mentioned that Orton’s match against Drew McIntyre will be his eighth Hell in a Cell match. 

Orton admitted that 2020 has been the year of Drew McIntyre. Orton learned recently that McIntyre hadn’t lost via pinfall in almost a full year until he beat him last week with an RKO. Orton claimed he would beat McIntyre again inside the cell and end his legacy. 

McIntyre interrupted. McIntyre said when he kicked Orton in the head at Clash of Champions, that was for all of the terrible things he had done to the various legends but when McIntyre beats him at HIAC, it would be for himself. 

McIntyre wanted to beat him up right now too. He entered the ring and hammered away at him before dropping him on top of the announce desk. McIntyre rolled Orton into the ring but he kept rolling and escaped. McIntyre was content to let him go and said he had three hours for some more fun. 

Some guy who looked a bit like Marko Stunt handed Stephanie McMahon the draft pick card. 

Draft Round 1 

Stephanie came out to make the pick announcements. 

Raw: “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt
Smackdown: Bayley (Smackdown Women’s Champion)
Raw: Randy Orton
Smackdown: The Street Profits - Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins (Raw Tag Team Champions)
Raw: Charlotte Flair 

They called Wyatt’s pick a surprise. 

No Disqualification match: Kevin Owens defeated Aleister Black (12:04) 

Owens climbed a barricade but Black stopped him and slammed him onto the announce table (which didn’t break) and they went to commercial. There was a chair set up in the ring and Black swept out Owens’ leg which caused him to drop face-first on the chair. 

Black slid three more chairs into the ring. He tried a knee strike but Owens blocked it with the chair and gave him a DDT onto the chair for two. (Owens sold that his back was hurt after the earlier table spot.) Owens stood up four chairs and went up to try a superplex but Black blocked it and did a flying double knee strike through the chairs, which was nuts, for a nearfall. 

Black tried a Black Mass on the outside but Owens ducked and he kicked the post instead. Owens gave him a stunner in the ring followed by a powerbomb through a table for the pinfall win. Good action but felt a bit short with the break in between. 

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were shown talking in the back. 

Draft Round 2

The announcers mentioned Stephanie on that Forbes list again. 

Raw: Braun Strowman
Smackdown: Daniel Bryan (Stephanie half-jokingly called him a B-plus player)
Raw: Matt Riddle
Smackdown: Kevin Owens
Raw: Jeff Hardy 

It seems unfair that Raw would get the first pick in every round. 

The Miz & John Morrison interview Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke 

Miz and Morrison made jokes about New Day and Heavy Machinery getting broken up in the draft. Morrison stole one of Seth Rollins’ lines and said it didn’t matter because he got drafted to Smackdown. 

Rose and Brooke entered, both wearing all-black. Rose admonished Miz for separating her from Otis and ruining people’s lives. Miz said everything was going well for her since moving to Raw. Miz and Morrison wanted a pat on the back but Rose said she’d rather punch them in the face. 

Miz asked Brooke if it was a good idea to be Rose’s partner after what happened with Sonya Deville. Brooke and Rose weren’t biting. Miz asked them about being on the battle royal against each other. Rose wasn’t worried about it. 

Natalya and Lana interrupted. Lana wondered why Brooke and Rose were being interviewed instead of them. Lana mentioned having two ex-husbands and an ex-girlfriend, which made her more interesting, I guess. Brooke and Rose made fun of them for doing Tik Tok or whatever. This caused a brawl to start which Brooke and Rose got the better of. 

Miz and Morrison were still in the ring after a break. Miz said his next guest was John Morrison. Morrison said Plan A was better than Plan B. 

Lars Sullivan interrupted. Miz escaped the ring. Morrison tried to fight but Lars knocked him down. Miz tried to yank Morrison from the ring but he failed. Samoa Joe thought he could have tried harder, which was funny. Lars gave Morrison a Freak Accident. 

They recapped New Day getting broken up on Friday. 

Adam Pearce spoke with Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. Since the champs switched brands, Pearce said the logical solution was for the team two switch title belts. They initially didn’t seem to like this idea but agreed to do it. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode interrupted. They wanted a title shot. New Day mocked them and agreed to fight them. 

[Second hour] 

Draft Round 3

Stephanie announced that New Day would defend the Raw tag titles against Ziggler and Roode tonight. 

Raw: Retribution (no Mercedes Martinez)
Smackdown: Lars Sullivan
Raw: Keith Lee
Smackdown: Baron Corbin
Raw: Alexa Bliss 

Seth Rollins farewell from Raw 

Rollins said the fans were losing a beast slayer and the greatest leader Raw ever had. He was sad that no one on Raw was ready to fill his shoes. It certainly wouldn’t be Rey or Dominik Mysterio, because unfortunately, they have also be drafted to Smackdown. 

Jeff Hardy interrupted. Rollins laughed and said Hardy was no leader and told him to leave his ring. Hardy said Rollins was drafted to Smackdown, so this wasn’t Rollins’ ring, it was his. Rollins laughed again and wished him luck against Lars Sullivan on Friday. (The announcers acted like this was breaking news even though the match has already been announced.) 

Rollins was about to leave but AJ Styles entered. Styles wondered if Hardy wandered to the ring because he thought it was last call. Rollins thought that was funny. Styles told him to leave because this was never Monday Night Rollins. 

Rollins confronted him and they argued until Hardy wiped them both out. Hardy challenged them to a triple threat match. (Actually, he challenged them to a triple threat tag match before correcting himself.) 

Triple Threat match: AJ Styles defeated Jeff Hardy and Seth Rollins (14:24) 

Rollins went crazy on both guys, wiping out Hardy with a suicide dive before wiping out both Styles and Hardy with another dive. This led to a break 5 minutes into the match. 

Hardy took out Rollins and Styles with a Whisper in the Wind but landly awkwardly on his feet. Hardy remained in control and gave Styles a facebuster for two. He also gave Rollins a side Russian leg sweep but Styles broke up the cover. Styles gave Hardy a reverse DDT for two. Styles set up a Styles Clash but Rollins gave him a flying knee plus a falcon arrow for two. 

Rollins went for a stomp on Styles but Hardy leaped off Styles’ back and gave Rollins a tornado DDT. Styles put Rollins in a Calf Crusher but let go because he saw Hardy coming off the top. Hardy gave Rollins a Swanton Bomb and Styles tried to steal the pin but Rollins kicked out. (It’s possible Hardy was supposed to break it up but he didn’t and Rollins kicked out anyway.) 

Hardy gave Styles a Twist of Fate but Elias showed up and clocked Hardy in the back with his guitar. Styles covered Hardy for the pinfall win. Pretty good match. 

Draft Round 4 

Raw: Elias
Smackdown: Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Champion)
Raw: Lacey Evans
Smackdown: Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro
Raw: Sheamus

Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke defeated Natalya & Lana (3:47) 

Rose gave Lana a knee strike and Brooke followed with an assisted senton for the pinfall win. Lana gets beaten again. 

Natalya asked Lana if she was really that stupid. Natalya said she was done with Lana and left. Lana pouted. 

Ricochet approached the Hurt Business. Cedric Alexander is back. Ricochet knew he might be on his own after the draft. He also knew it did nothing for their respective brands to be fighting every week. He wanted one more match. If he can beat one of them tonight, their fight ends. However, if he loses, he’ll join the Hurt Business. Alexander accepted the challenge. 

Angle Garza defeated Andrade (2:52) 

Zelina Vega was on commentary. She said she was done with both Garza and Andrade. The announcers mentioned Alexa Bliss and Vega said she wasn’t interested in “Alexa Quinn.” Vega’s goal was to be the Raw or Smackdown Women’s Champion. 

Garza’s left leg was heavily taped. The announcers said he was still cleared to compete despite his recent injury. 

Andrade was in control until Garza rammed him against the side of the ring and hit a Wing Clipper for the pinfall win. A nothing match. (Hopefully, they do something with Garza now but they could have done more with this feud.) 

The lights went out and the red tint came on. Alexa Bliss appeared in the corner doing the Bray Wyatt crab pose. The Fiend then appeared behind Andrade. The Fiend and Bliss gave Andrade and Vega respective Sister Abigails (timed perfectly). 

I don’t love this Fiend stuff, but this particular segment was well done. 

[Third hour] 

WWE congratulated themselves on having a lot of views on YouTube. 

Draft Round 5

Raw: Nikki Cross
Smackdown: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode
Raw: R-Truth (24/7 Champion)
Smackdown: Apollo Crews
Raw: Dabba-Kato 

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods defeated Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode to retain the Raw Tag Team Championships (12:02) 

Ziggler got a two count on Kingston with a Fameasser early on which was followed by a break less than 3 minutes into the match. The heels were in control after the break until Kingston hit a double foot stomp and made the hot tag to Woods who ran wild on both Ziggler and Roode. 

Woods gave Ziggler a slingshot DDT for two. Woods held Ziggler up in a press slam position, which was impressive, but Ziggler countered with his own DDT for a nearfall. Kington saved Woods from Ziggler’s Stinger Splash and Woods caught Roode in a schoolboy for two. Roode followed with a spinebuster for two. 

Woods gave Roode and enziguri but Ziggler pulled Kingston from the apron. Kingston wiped out Ziggler and tagged himself in. Woods and Kingston used a backbreaker/foot stomp combo on Roode for the pinfall win. New Day retain. A perfectly fine match. 

Charly Caruso asked Elias about Hardy. Elias said he was paying back Hardy for hitting him with a car and taking him out of action for months. Caruso said we didn’t know that it was Hardy. Elias heard about a mystery man with red hair but knew it was Hardy. Elias said Hardy wasn’t going to stop his album from coming out on October 26. He also had a concert next week. 

Ricochet defeated Cedric Alexander (w/Hurt Business) via DQ (5:05) 

The referee went down so MVP grabbed a chair a slid it to Ricochet. MVP figured Ricochet would use it and get disqualified as the ref got up. Ricochet instead pulled an Eddie Guerrero. He slammed it against the mat before tossing it into the hands of Alexander. The ref saw Ricochet down and called for the DQ. Ricochet won and was quite proud of himself. 

Next week on Raw: Keith Lee vs. Braun Strowman. 

Draft Round 6 (final round) 

This is the part of the draft where GMs leave early and let the computer do it. 

Raw: Titus O’Neil
Smackdown: Carmella
Raw: Peyton Royce
Smackdown: Aleister Black
Raw: Akira Tozawa (Stephanie called him “Raw’s resident ninja”)

Phillips said additional picks would be announced on Raw Talk. 

Lana won a Number One Contender’s Women’s Battle Royal (11:26) 

Asuka joined commentary. 

Nia Jax briefly worked together with Tamina before eliminating her. Jax eliminated Billie Kay next. Jax also eliminated Rose and Brooke who had been targetting Shayna Baszler. 

All of the women teamed up on Jax. Baszler helped them eliminate her. Asuka thought that was funny. Jax was pissed so she put Lana through the announce table for the fourth time over the past several weeks. 

They cut to the back where McIntyre and Orton were fighting. Commercial break. 

Natalya eliminated Peyton Royce during the break. Lacey Evans eliminated Nikki Cross back from break. 

Bianca Belair eliminated Baszler. Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan eliminated Belair. 

The final four was Evans, Natalya, Ruby and Morgan. Evans eliminated Morgan, Natalya eliminated Ruby. 

(Asuka was shown watching from the back even though she was on commentary before the break.) 

They fought on the apron until Natalya chucked Evans from the ring. Natalya appeared to be the winner but the bell didn’t ring. Lana reappeared and eliminated Natalya. Lana won and faces Asuka next week. Great. 

McIntyre and Orton brawled toward the ring. Nice that they waited for the match to end. Officials ran in to break it up. The show ended. 

I enjoyed parts of Raw but this was an awful ending.