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WWE Raw live results: Dumpster match on Payback go-home show

The Big Takeaway: Bray Wyatt made his first live Raw appearance in nearly a year. He jumped Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho in the main event, giving both of them Sister Abigail. Wyatt was supposed to be the mystery tag team partner of the Miz, but didn't show up until six minutes in. Wyatt gave Miz Sister Abigail, as well. Reigns was a no-show for the second straight week. Kalisto defeated Braun Strowman in the dumpster match, but it was a classic backdoor win. Strowman destroyed Kalisto afterwards, placing him in the dumpster, then tossing it off the ramp in a spot straight from 1998. Kalisto did a stretcher job, but it wasn't treated nearly as seriously or as well as it was when the New Age Outlaws did it to Terry Funk and Mick Foley 19 years ago.  

Show Recap:

Jericho came out for the Highlight Reel Michael Cole brought up the possibility that this could be Jericho's final Raw because he be flipped to SmackDown if he defeats Kevin Owens for the U.S. Championship on Sunday. Jericho said this would be the final Highlight Reel on Raw, but regardless of whether its Raw, SmackDown Live or SouthPaw Championship Wrestling, his friends have always been behind him because they're the Friends of Jericho. 

Jericho said he was going to have a sexy beast as his guest on the final Raw Highlight Reel, so the guest would be him. Jericho said Owens calls himself the "Face of America," but he was really the hemorrhoid of America. 

The Miz and Maryse interrupted him. Miz said Raw was no longer Jericho, and it hasn't been since he arrived with his wife. When the crowd chanted "you suck" at Miz, he said "I can't possibly suck, I'm not from Kansas City." Miz said they were the "It" couple. Jericho did his "you better watch...it" line. Miz said the Highlight Reel had been canceled and replaced by MizTV. Miz brought out about a dozen stagehands to change the settings, the rug on the ring canvas, set up chairs and raise up the JerichTron 6000 to instantly turn it into MizTV. 

Ambrose showed up and said Jericho had a point, Miz was a stupid idiot. Miz said Jericho never said that, but Jericho said he was thinking it. Ambrose said you can't take over someone else's talk show and no one wanted to see MizTV. Then Ambrose brought in his own group of stagehands and brought back the Ambrose Asylum, replacing the MizTV set. Ambrose said he and Jericho have had a checkered past, but Ambrose believed in the healing power of forgiveness. Ambrose recalled Jericho smashing the plant over his head, and Ambrose remembered how he destroyed Jericho's light-up jacket. Jericho said Ambrose still owed him $15,000. Ambrose handed Jericho a gift, a grey jacket with Christmas lights on it. Ambrose said it was the new Jacket of Jericho, "try it on, man."

As Jericho was about to put it on, Miz said "no, no, no." Crowd chanted "yes." Miz called it a hideous jacket, but Jericho put it on and liked it. Miz said that is a jacket fitting of a slacker Intercontinental champion. Miz said fans should be thankful he's on the Raw brand to save them from the mediocrity that Ambrose and Jericho brings each week. Miz demanded a gift. Ambrose gave him Dirty Deeds and bolted. Jericho told Maryse "Do you know what happens when you're married to the Miz? Do you know what happens when your husband is a stupid idiot?" He put Maryse on the list. 

Matt Hardy defeated Sheamus (10:00) 

Matt Hardy gave Sheamus the Side Effect on the apron. During a commercial, Sheamus tripped Hardy off the second rope and delivered Ten Beats of the Bodhran. Hardy got the Tornado DDT as the fans chanted "delete" as Sheamus' head was repeatedly smashed into the turnbuckles. Hardy dropped an elbow from the 2nd rope for two, and teased a Twist of Fate, but Sheamus hit a jumping knee to the jaw. Hardy rolled to the floor, but Sheamus hit a rolling senton. Jeff Hardy checked on Matt, but Sheamus knocked him out of the way. Jeff and Cesaro started arguing Matt recovered to give Sheamus the Twist of Fate for the pin. 

Cesaro got in the face of Jeff Hardy, but Sheamus told Cesaro to calm down. Sheamus extended his hand for Matt to shake, and Cesaro offered his hand to Jeff. Crowd chanted not to accept it, but each side shook hands. Cole noted that Sheamus was the one playing peacekeeper tonight instead of Cesaro. 

Kurt Angle was on the phone with someone saying that Strowman would face Kalisto in a dumpster match. Miz and Maryse met with Angle. They were upset about Ambrose and Jericho interrupting MizTV. Angle said they save their problems in the ring. He ordered Miz to find a tag team partner because the would face Jericho and Ambrose in a tag team match tonight. Maryse started yelling at Angle in French, and he simply said "Yeah? Right back at ya!" 

Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher defeated Neville and T.J. Perkins (3:13) 

Booker T called Jack Gallagher "Gallager," like he was going to start throwing watermelons and tell racist jokes between moves. Austin Aries got the hot tag, delivered a tope under the second rope on T.J. Perkins and Neville. Aries put Perkins in the Last Chancery, but Neville made the save. Gallagher delivered a head butt on Neville while neither man was legal. Aries pinned Perkins following a Discus Fivearm. 

Strowman did a prematch interview that he considers everyone in the arena nothing more than trash, so when he stuffs Kalisto in this dumpster, it's just like he's stuffing each and every one of them in there with them, especially Reigns. 

Angle was backstage giving Kalisto a pep talk. Then he asked him if he was sure if he wanted to go through with this. Kalisto cut an inspired promo saying Strowman treated him like garbage, and he was a man. He said lucha means fight, and he had to fight Strowman. 

Kalisto defeated Braun Strowman in a dumpster match (5:07) 

Kalisto had a torrent of offense early before he tried a somersault move, only to have Strowman catch him in mid-air in a hanging suplex position and tossed him across the ring. Corey Graves said Kalisto would have to start a new career as a Garbage Pail Kid. Strowman put Kalstio over the shoulder and moved him towards the dumpster, but Kalisto stayed on the apron and tried to give Strowman a guillotine choke and drag him over the ropes into the dumpster. Strowman backdropped Kalisto back in the ring. Strowman tried to hurl Kalisto across the ring into the dumpster, but Kalisto hung on. Strowman pressed Kalisto on the apron, but Kalisto fell in the ring. With Strowman standing on the apron, Kalisto drop kicked Strowman on the knees, and Strowman dropped into the dumpster while still standing. It was the textbook definition of a slip on a banana peel finish, and the postmatch only emphasized it. 

Strowman, furious over losing, repeatedly choke slammed Kalisto and threw him out of the ring. There was a dual chant for Reigns as Strowman threw Kalisto into the dasherboards with one arm. Strowman picked up Kalisto over his shoulder, dumped him in the dumpster, closed the doors and pushed it up the ramp. He teased the 1998 New Age Outlaws spot with Mick Foley and Terry Funk where he would push it off the ramp. Fit Finley, Chris Hero and Jamie Noble came out to stop him, along with several referees. Strowman wheeled the dumpster towards them, then locked Kalisto inside. Strowman teased leaving, then came back and pushed the dumpster off the ramp. It looked like a two foot fall, but the announcers treated it like the ambulance angle two weeks ago. 

Kalisto neck was immobilized as he was placed on a stretcher by an EMS crew. Angle checked on Kalisto as he was carried into the ambulance. No ambulance shenanigans this week. 

Next up was a Reigns video package which made him out to be the top babyface in the company. It certainly proved how gifted the company's video production team is, namely their audio editors.  

Wyatt appeared on screen. With images of Orton burning down the Wyatt compound flickering, Waytt asked Orton if he could just let this all go? That he could just forget? Some wounds never truly heal, they linger, they fester, they infec your mind. The same pain awaits Orton in his House of Horrors. Every room Orton enters will be an endless nightmare and the best part is Orton can never leave. The house will be an eternal prison for Orton's mind and soul. The deepest, darkest depths of heel are awaiting Orton, and with his pain and suffering and agony, Wyatt will be reborn. Wyatt said the House of Horrors await Orton, "Follow the Buzzards." 

Dana Brooke defeated Alicia Fox (1:23) 

Emma walked out midway through the match. Dana Brooke got the pin with a fireman's carry slam. Postmach, Emma hugged Brooke, who refused to put her arms around her. Emma pretended like she was proud of Brooke for winning, but it came off like she was playing mind games. 

Joe, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows did an interview with Charly Caruso. They're facing Seth Rollins, Enzo Amore and Big Cass tonight in a trios. Anderson said Joe has taught them new ways to torture people. Joe said he would destroy Rollins. He said the first time he faced Rollins, he shredded one of his ligaments. Tonight, he'll take care of the rest. 

Anderson, Gallows and Joe attacked Enzo and Cass as they were doing their ring entrance. Anderson and Gallows gave Enzo the Magic Killer before Rollins even showed up. Rollins came out and brawled with Joe, but Anderson and Gallows jumped on Rollins Cass recovered to make the save, but Amore was down and out as officials chekced on him. 

Angle came out after a commercial and brought out a replacement for Amore---Finn Balor, who looked at Anderson and Gallows like he was former friends. Graves mentioned Balor looking at ghosts from his past, wisely avoiding the words New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Miz and Maryse were shown talking to Cesaro and Sheamus backstage. He tried to talk one of them into tagging with him tonight, but they both turned him down.  

Seth Rollins, Finn Balor and Big Cass defeated Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows and Samoa Joe (5:55) 

Balor wore an "Balor Club" armband. The heels worked over Balor for several minutes until Gallows missed a legdrop. Rollins gave Anderson a blockbuster and a slingblade during the hot tag. Cass gave Gallows a big boot off the apron. Rollins got into a staredown with Joe, then threw Anderson into Joe outside the ring and delivered a tope on both of them. Rollins gave Anderson a springboard clothesline, teased a Pedigree, but thought better of it. Instead, he delivered his new finisher to pin Anderson. It's basically Kazuchika Okada's Rainmaker, except it ends with a knee to the face instead of a clothesline. 

Alexa Bliss came out and said every week Raw superstars talk about who they like, who they don't like and becoming a champion someday. Then there are certain superstars who talk about how making the WWE was their dream and everything was sunshine and rainbows, making fun of Bayley. Fans chanted "what" and Bliss played off that. She said she would beat Bayley on Sunday and become the next Raw Women's Champion.

Bayley interrupted her and said Bliss was right, she wasted no time in proving how good she was. Bayley said she knew Bliss was making fun of her. She accused Bliss of talking behind people's back instead of saying it to their face. But Bayley said she wasn't just talk, she works her butt off every day to hold onto this championship. Every single female superstar wants to take this championship from her. She will stop at nothing to walk out of her hometown with her title. 

Bliss acted like she didn't know Pay Back was in Bayley's hometown. Bliss said that means Bayley's father will be there. Which means she will get to beat Bayley, humiliate her, take her championship in her hometown and do it all in front of her father. Bliss called Bayley a sheltered child and asked if she had ever kissed a boy. Bliss said Bayley's Cinderella story would end on Sunday and she would take that championship.

Sasha Banks walked out. Bliss said this was part 3,000 of the Sasha-Bayley sideshow. Bliss asked Bayley if Banks puts little love letters when she packs Bayley's lunch. Banks called Bliss a troll and said Bayley was not only going to show her up, but shut her up on Sunday. Banks challenged Bliss to a match tonight. Bliss said it wasn't happening and Banks was a little too unhinged. Banks responded by punching her in the face. Cole announced Bliss was facing Banks next. 

Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss by countout (2:38) 

Banks gave Bliss an arm ringer and tried the Bank Statement. Bliss simply walked backward on the apron and got counted out. Bayley, who was on commentary, tried to throw Bliss back into the ring but Bliss escaped. Bayley was ready to walk into the ring, but Bliss railroaded her from behind. Banks chased Bliss off. 

Jericho and Ambrose talked backstage. Ambrose asked to be taken off Jericho's list. Jericho said no one is taken off the list, it's written in pen. Jericho said Ambrose still owed him $15,000 for the jacket he tore up. Plus, Ambrose power bombed him into 15,000 thumbtacks in the Asylum match at last year's Extreme Rules. But Jericho liked the jacket he received tonight from Ambrose, so he said "Dean Ambrose, you just unmade the list!" Jericho crossed his name off. Then Ambrose abrasively delivered a pep talk to Jericho, hitting him hard across the shoulder. After Ambrose left, Jericho gave him a dirty look, then quietly put him back on the list. 

Enzo and Cass face Anderson and Gallows in the Pay Back kickoff match. Also, MizTV with Balor. 

Heath Slater and Curtis Axel were about to do a sit-down interview with Caruso about their appearance in "The Marine 5." Miz and Maryse walked in asking them to be his partners for tonight. Slater said he already had a partner, and Rhyno walked in eating crackers. Miz said they would never work in this town again. Axel said "Kansas City?" Maryse started chewing out Axel when Rhyno offered her a cracker. She threw the trey in his face. A stagehand walked in with a note. Miz smiled and said he found his tag partner. 

Curt Hawkins was in the ring for another "Heaping Helping of Hawkins." Again, he discussed how everyone he faces winds up in the main event and wondered who would be the next man he would turn into a star. Apollo Crews walked out. 

Apollo Crews defeated Curt Hawkins (2:08) 

Crews won with the Spin-Out Power Bomb. This actually had minor dualing chants, but the crowd wasn't really into it. Titus O'Neal came out and raised Crews' hand in victory and take a selfie, trying to get him to join the Titus brand. Crews didn't know what O'Neal was doing. 

Cole announced that Kalisto suffered hip and cervical trauma at the hands of Strowman. 

They showed quotes of a Reigns' interview from WWE.com, as opposed to Reigns actually doing an interview, discussing his kayfabe injuries at the hands of Strowman along with the very real loss of his older brother, Rosey. Oddly, Cole didn't mention Rosey as a former WWE performer and just generically referred to him as Reigns' brother. 

Aries and Angle were backstage. Angle was eating a banana. Aries suggested a twist of the main event on tomorrow's edition of 205 Live. it was announced later that Gallagher would face Neville tomorrow night. Angle liked the idea.

Then Angle found Miz and Maryse backstage. He asked Miz if he found tag team partner tonight. Miz said even better, his partner found him. Just then, the Drifter walked by. Angle thought he was Miz's partner. Miz said he didn't even know him. 

Miz said his partner had a flair for the dramatic but was a big star. Miz told everyone to give it up for his tag team partner...and nothing happened. Miz looked blankly at the entrance and called for him again. Again nothing. Miz said the match was going to have to be canceled and starting to leave. Instead, Angle came out and said Miz would have to face Ambrose and Jericho with or without a partner immediately. So it started as a handicap match. 

Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz ended in a no contest in a handicap match (6:06) 

Of course, the 2 babyfaces vs. 1 heel psychology felt weird as a main event. Jericho did heel spots like choking Miz against the ropes. Ambrose looked foolish when Miz suckered him into chasing him around ringside, where he ran into Maryse, leading to Miz giving him a kick to the face. Jericho got a hot tag, where he delivered the Lionsault. He tried a codebreaker, which Miz stopped, but Jericho hit a dropkick. Miz teased the second walkout countout of the hour, but Ambrose brawled with him to the commentator's table. Ambrose teased a Dirty Deeds on the table, but instead Wyatt's video appeared. After the flash, Wyatt was on the table and gave Ambrose Sister Abigail into the video board. Jericho ran after Wyatt, but Miz cut him off. Wyatt ordered Miz to take Jericho to the ring.

Miz rolled Jericho into the ring, but Jericho gave him a codebreaker. Wyatt quickly jumped Jericho and gave him Sister Abigail. As Wyatt did his pose, Miz stood alongside him and laughed. Wyatt quickly turned on Miz and gave him Sister Abigail, as well.