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WWE Raw live results: Elimination Chamber go-home show

Date: March 2, 2020
Location: Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Randy Orton gave Beth Phoenix an RKO after finally explaining why he attacked Edge. 

AJ Styles pinned Aleister Black after first forcing him to fight the OC, the Street Profits won the tag titles, and Drew McIntyre laid out Brock Lesnar. 

Also, Riddick Moss beat Ricochet clean, and the thing in Erick Rowan’s cage was a spider.

Show Recap -- 

The announcers ran down tonight’s card. The announcement of Aleister Black vs. AJ Styles seemed to get the biggest reaction. 

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out to start the show. Heyman said it was their job to hype the fans on WrestleMania but he couldn’t do it. Even though top-to-bottom, this was the most stacked card in decades, the main event of Mania was a shame. The crowd booed. 

Heyman said “they” want to sell us on Drew McIntyre but he was a hyped-up fraud. Heyman said Lesnar massacred 15 of the top stars in the company in the Royal Rumble before he was hit in the balls from behind by Ricochet and kicked out of the ring by McIntyre. He called the crowd Pavlovian dogs for cheering this. 

He offered no excuse for Lesnar getting eliminated but that was no reason to believe that McIntyre can pin or submit Lesnar at Mania. Heyman called McIntyre a “stupid big bitch” that’s going to get squashed. 

McIntyre interrupted. McIntyre stepped in the ring and right up to Lesnar’s face. McIntyre was slightly taller. Lesnar lifted up his shoulders a bit to appear taller before laughing and nodding at McIntyre. Lesnar was about to leave, then turned around to attack, but McIntyre wiped him out with a Claymore Kick. 

After McIntyre left, Lesnar continued to sell and began crawling toward his title belt as the crowd chanted “you deserve it.” Byron Saxton said Lesnar has been embarrassed. Lesnar finally got to his feet and the crowd chanted the goodbye song. 

Lesnar struggled to the stage when McIntyre appeared and nailed him with another Claymore. The crowd chanted “one more time,” then McIntyre gave him another one. The crowd cheered big for Drew. This was good. 

(At the beginning of the segment, the announcers said Lesnar dominated in his successful title defense on Thursday, but didn’t say who he beat. Heyman mentioned Ricochet in his promo in the context of the Rumble match, but didn’t specifically bring up Thursday, either.) 

The Street Profits defeated Seth Rollins & Murphy to win the Raw Tag Team Championships 

They’re calling this the “last chance” at the titles for the Street Profits. They hyped up the crowd before the match. They wore their purple and red gear which they first wore in Toronto as a nod to the Raptors. 

Rollins and Murphy wore black and silver tights. They attacked the Street Profits before the match. The Street Profits initially fought them off, but Montez Ford went for a dive and was caught and driven into the barricade. Angelo Dawkins checked on him as they went to break. Jerry Lawler was so happy to see someone get caught on a dive and thrown into the barricade. 

The match began during the break. Ford managed to pull off the dive on both opponents before also hitting a high cross. He gave Rollins a spike DDT and standing moonsault for two. Rollins came back with a slingblade, then he and Murphy did a combo powerbomb/kick spot. 

They tried the spot again but Ford slipped out with a leg scissors takedown and Murphy kicked Rollins by accident. Ford went to the top again but Rollins shoved him to the outside, then called for AOP who watched from the stage. The referee immediately tossed them from ringside. 

As they argued with the referee, Kevin Owens appeared and gave Rollins a stunner. AOP chased after Owens in the crowd and Dawkins knocked Murphy into the timekeeper area. Ford then gave Rollins a frog splash for the pinfall win. Street Profits are the tag champs. 

The crowd went nuts for the finish. The Street Profits celebrated in the crowd and there were red cups everywhere. This was pretty fun. (The match was short, probably about 6 minutes.) 

Charly Caruso approached Rollins and Murphy backstage. Rollins was annoyed to see her, as usual. Rollins demanded a rematch against the Street Profits at Elimination Chamber. Rollins also said Owens can name the time, place and stipulation, because when he gets his hands on Owens, he will be crucified. 

Riddick Moss defeated Ricochet to retain the 24/7 Championship (8:27) 

Ricochet wore trunks instead of long tights. The announcers said Ricochet was looking to get back on track after Thursday’s loss. Moss, the champion, didn’t get an entrance. Some fans chanted “who are you” at him. 

Ricochet tried a springboard crossbody but Moss caught him and sent him over the top to the outside with a fallaway slam. Ricochet took a bit of a nasty bump on his way out. He was also bleeding from the mouth from an earlier spot. 

After a break, Ricochet fought out of a rest hold and hit a running forearm, kick to the head, enziguri, hurricanrana, and standing shooting star press for two. Ricochet urged the crowd to get into it but they didn’t really react. Moss blocked a superkick, slammed him down, then gave him a neckbreaker variant for the pinfall win. Moss retains. 

[Second hour] 

There will be a new episode of the Firefly Fun House on Smackdown after The Fiend pointed at the sign last week. 

Kairi Sane was shown warming up backstage with Asuka. 

AJ Styles promo 

Styles said he was not in a good mood. I wished he had his beautiful trophy but didn’t because of a certain someone. The crowd chanted for Undertaker. Styles said he was the talk of the town, but not in a good way. He didn’t understand how anyone could say anything negative about him because he’s phenomenal. 

Styles was also annoyed with Mark Wahlberg. They aired a clip of Wahlberg who advised Styles to walk away and not go after Undertaker. (Wahlberg was doing one of those sit-down interviews plugging a movie when he taped this.) The crowd chanted “walk away.” Styles couldn’t believe he was getting advice from Marky Mark. 

Styles wasn’t going to take his advice because he knew he was on a collision course with Taker. Styles wanted Taker to watch his match against Black tonight. Taker was a legend, but he was trying to hold on to a spotlight that wasn’t his anymore. The spotlight belonged to Styles. 

Aleister Black entered for their match. Before it could begin, Styles said Black must not have read the contract because in order to get to him, Black has to fight the toughest man in the building, Karl Anderson. Anderson jumped in the ring and yelled, “that’s me!” 

Aleister Black defeated Karl Anderson (w/AJ Styles & Luke Gallows) (5:47) 

Anderson was in control after a break but Black made a comeback and hit Black Mass for the pinfall win. 

The ring announcer said Black just earned a match against Styles, but you knew what was coming next. Styles said Black also had to beat Gallows. Gallows attacked Black and tossed him around ringside as the crowd called Styles an assh*le. 

Aleister Black defeated Luke Gallows (w/AJ Styles & Karl Anderson) via DQ (5:30) 

The referee called for the match to start as soon as Gallows rolled Black into the ring, which hardly seems fair. After a break, Gallows pounded away at Black as Tom Phillips said this is basically a gauntlet match. Lawler wondered how Black would have missed that in the contract. 

Suddenly, because Gallows wouldn’t stop attacking Black in the corner, the referee called for the bell, presumably a DQ. The crowd booed and chanted for Undertaker. The OC gave Black a Magic Killer. 

AJ Styles (w/Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) defeated Aleister Black (2:26) 

Despite watching Black get attacked, the referee still called for the match to start with Black down and Styles on his feet (Black did nod at the ref to go ahead and start). Styles blocked a comeback attempt and hit a brainbuster. Styles then hit a Phenomenal forearm and pinned Black the way Undertaker pins his opponents for the pinfall win. Aleister Black loses. 

Caruso asked Ruby Riott if she anticipated the Riott Squad breaking up the way they did. Riott said the only person she was responsible for was herself and she was free to strike when she damn well pleased. She said there would be no friends inside the Chamber. 

Jeff Hardy will be on WWE Backstage tomorrow. Becky Lynch was shown talking to some guy backstage. 

Liv Morgan defeated Ruby Riott (Special Referee: Sarah Logan) (4:27) 

Riott was in control until Logan backed her out of the corner. Riott got in her face but Logan said she was just trying to be the referee. Riott gave Morgan a flatliner then bonked heads with Logan by accident after Morgan kicked out. Logan and Riott argued, then Morgan applied a schoolgirl. Logan had seen enough and did a fast count to award Morgan the winner. 

After the match, Morgan gave Riott an enziguri, then Logan hit Morgan with a running knee. 

Randy Orton was shown standing in the dark. 

The two steel cage matches were plugged for Wednesday’s NXT. 

A graphic informed us that a picture of Goldberg after winning the Universal title was the most-liked photo ever on WWE’s Instagram. 

There was a recap of the Orton-Edge angle. 

No Way Jose danced through the back with his conga line. They stopped upon seeing Erick Rowan. Jose asked him politely if they could see what was in the cage. Rowan said he’s been waiting weeks for someone to ask respectfully and agreed to show them. They cheered. Rowan pulled an animatronic tarantula out of the cage and they all ran away. He put it back in the cage. Yes, this was as dumb as it sounds. 

[Third hour] 

Shayna Baszler defeated Tag Team Champion Kairi Sane (w/Tag Champion Asuka) (12:42) 

Phillips explained that Asuka suffered a wrist injury, so Sane replaced her. Before the match, Asuka said Baszler was lucky that she got injured. Sane said, “I got this!” In Japanese, Asuka said she would win the Chamber and face Lynch at WrestleMania. 

There were light chants of “Shayna’s gonna kill you” so Sane covered her ears. Phillips said these two had a history but didn’t explain what that history was. He did put over Baszler’s MMA background. 

Baszler was in full control for a while until a distraction from Asuka allowed Sane to apply a schoolgirl for just a one count. Phillips said, “Sane nearly got her!” Baszler knocked down Sane, then Lynch entered to her music and joined commentary after a break. 

Lynch said she could fight them all and her heart rate wouldn’t go over 60, plus there would be lifts and wigs flying everywhere. I think the crowd began chanting “this is boring” as Sane attempted a comeback. She came off the top for an Insane Elbow, but Baszler got her feet up and applied the Kirifuda Clutch for the submission win. 

Lynch called Baszler the only catch wrestler who didn’t want to be caught because she’s been avoiding her for weeks. 

Rey Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo did a quick interview with Sarah Schreiber. Mysterio said this thing between them and Andrade and Angel Garza would end when they decide it will end. (Mysterio wore a cool Eddie Guerrero t-shirt.) 

Rey Mysterio & Humberto Carrillo defeated U.S. Champion Andrade & Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega) (19:11) 

Garza and Andrade both wore blue tights. Garza received a kiss from an elderly lady in the front row before the match. There were chants for Eddie early in the match. 

After a second break, Mysterio tagged in and tried a 619 but Garza blocked. Mysterio followed soon later with a Canadian Destroyer but Andrade broke up the cover. Andrade tagged in and gave Mysterio a back elbow. Andrade did Eddie Guerrero’s pose and tried the three amigos but Mysterio slipped out of the last one. Carrillo tagged in and hit a standing moonsault for two. 

Mysterio gave both opponents a 619 and sent Garza to the outside. Carrillo then gave Andrade a moonsault for the pinfall win. Very good match. 

Rollins and Murphy will get their title rematch against the Street Profits on Sunday. Aleister Black faces AJ Styles in a no disqualification match. 

Beth Phoenix / Randy Orton segment 

Phoenix said she was here to give an update on Edge when Orton quickly interrupted. Orton entered the ring and went to hug Phoenix but she didn’t budge. He offered a handshake. Phoenix said, “You think I would hug you or shake your hand after what you did to my husband, you son-of-a-bitch?” 

Phoenix figured Orton would show his face and was glad he did, because he needed to hear this. Phoenix said she was here as a mother, because their kids deserved their father. 

Orton said that Edge would never wrestle again after what he did to him. Orton said he owed her an explanation. Orton told a story about being taken to a live event by his dad, Bob Orton, to meet with some agents in St. Louis back in 1999. He was just a fan at the time and it was a thrill to see guys like Steve Austin, Triple H, Mick Foley, and Davey Boy Smith. 

However, Edge was the one guy who went up to his dad to tell him how much he respected him and how he was one of the best bad guys in the business. Edge told them that Bob Orton was one of the reasons he got into the business. Edge then told Randy that maybe they would get in the ring one day. 

Orton said he used to be insecure about being a wrestler but Edge’s words gave him confidence. Not long after that, they were tearing the house down together before becoming partners. Orton then made some bad life choices that should have buried him, but it was Edge who pulled him out of that hole. Orton was able to be a great father because Edge saved his life. 

Orton was returning the favour for Edge. He got goosebumps when Edge returned in the Rumble and he knew that Edge thought that he was returning for good. But Orton was worried that Edge would end up in a wheelchair and wouldn’t be able to be there for his daughters. Orton did what he did to save Edge because he loved him, Beth and their daughters. 

Orton said the truth was, this wasn’t his fault, it was Beth’s fault. He called Phoenix an enabler. He called Edge a junkie for the roar of the crowd and she did nothing to stop him. (Some people were actually cheering Orton at this point. A few others chanted “bullsh*t.”) Orton realized at this moment that he loved their daughters more than she did. 

Phoenix slapped him. They stared each other down as the crowd waited in anticipation. Orton called her a bitch (off the mic) so Phoenix kicked him in the gut. Orton gave her an RKO. 

They initially played this up differently than usual. The camera cut to the crowd instead of showing Phoenix down in the ring. They then cut to the announcers and you could see officials running down to attend to her. Of course, they did show two replays, then eventually showed the ring. 

Natalya, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, R-Truth, and Rey Mysterio (plus D-Von Dudley and Shane Helms as agents) were among those checking on her. Phoenix managed to sit up as the show ended.