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WWE Raw live results: Extreme Rules go-home show

Date: July 13, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Bayley and Sasha Banks retained their tag titles in the main event after Banks tapped out Kairi Sane. 

Shayna Baszler returned to Raw to issue a warning to the women’s division, particularly the champions. Bianca Belair also returned, teaming with Ruby Riott to beat The IIconics. 

Kevin Owens beat Seth Rollins. Randy Orton and Big Show will have an unsanctioned match next week on Raw. 

Ric Flair was on Raw again. Orton may be putting an end to that soon, though.

Show Recap -- 

MVP’s VIP Lounge with guest Dolph Ziggler 

MVP talked about his guest, a man who took Drew McIntyre in when he was on the streets, a man who made McIntyre what he is today — Dolph Ziggler. MVP called Ziggler the nicest man he’s ever met. 

Ziggler liked MVP’s new US title belt and said when he beats McIntyre he might get something similar made. MVP put over Ziggler who said he knew what it took to put McIntyre back into obscurity. Ziggler said McIntyre never thanked him and MVP couldn’t believe how ungrateful he was. Ziggler also took credit for McIntyre’s win over Brock Lesnar. 

MVP thanked Ziggler because he knew McIntyre wouldn’t do it. McIntyre interrupted. McIntyre apologized for interrupting the ass-kissing contest. McIntyre assured MVP that he wouldn’t Claymore Kick him again because he was here for Ziggler. 

McIntyre said Ziggler used people, people like Mandy Rose and Big E. He said they were never friends, he was just Ziggler’s muscle. McIntyre called Ziggler one of the most talented people in the industry but he was going to hurt and torture him at Extreme Rules. 

McIntyre wanted some action right now so MVP stepped in front of Ziggler. McIntyre decked Ziggler with a right hand anyway. He also teased attacking MVP, who flinched. 

Everyone was fine here but this was kind of a nothing segment. 

In the back, Charly Caruso interviewed Angel Garza, Andrade and Zelina Vega. She asked Garza a question but Vega answered instead. She called it a false narrative that her clients can’t get along. They already beat the Viking Raiders and the Big Show. She said no man could measure up to them and no women were on her level. 

Vega started to run down Caruso but Andrade and Garza got her to calm down. Garza said he could beat both opponents. Andrade said they could win as long as Garza had his back. The Raiders interrupted. Erik called them cheaters who attacked their friends the Street Profits. Caruso was enamoured with Ivar. Ivar took the rose from Garza and gave it to her. She was smitten. 

Elimination Tag Team Match: Andrade & Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega) defeated The Viking Raiders (9:26) 

Andrade pinned Erik after a hammerlock DDT (while Garza kicked Ivar off the apron) and it was at this point I realized this was an elimination match. Erik was eliminated 2:33 into the match. 

After a break, Ivar went for a dive but Garza saved Andrade. Garza asked if they were now on the same page, but as they bumped fists, Ivar took them both down with a dive. Andrade saved Garza moments later in the ring and Garza gave Ivar a dropkick. Ivar fought back anyway and hit a clothesline. 

Ivar gave Andrade a spin kick and pinned him for the elimination at 7:56. Ivar had Garza pinned after another spin kick but Andrade put Garza’s foot on the rope to break up the count. Moments later, Garza caught Ivar off the turnbuckles with a powerbomb for the pinfall win. 

A straight match would’ve been better and wouldn’t have made the Raiders look as bad. 

Sarah Schrieber tried to interview Ruby Riott but the IIconics interrupted and told her not to bother. They reminded Riott that they each beat her. Riott warned them to stop talking before she knocks them both out. 

The IIconics continued to talk trash until Riott stopped them and introduced her tag partner — Bianca Belair. Belair wanted to help her friend Ruby. Belair clapped her hands as she told the IIconics, “You can’t work me.” Ruby added, “What she said,” while also clapping her hands. 

Ruby Riott & Bianca Belair defeated The IIconics (3:28) 

The IIconics worked over Riott until Belair made a hot tag. Belair picked up Billie Kay and squatted with her before slamming her down. Peyton Royce broke up a cover so Riott took her out with a step-up enziguri. Belair followed with a KOD on Kay for the pinfall win. 

R-Truth congratulated “Richard” (Ricochet) on winning MVP of Raw. Ricochet explained that he’s wrestling Bobby Lashley with MVP in his corner. Cedric Alexander wondered if maybe Truth should be getting ready for his match with Randy Orton. Truth told them that Ric Flair is the one who challenged him. 

Alexander explained that Flair issued the challenge on Orton’s behalf. Truth realized his mistake and left. He ran into Akira Tozawa and asked him to teach him how to become a blackbelt in 5, 6 or 7 minutes. 

Tozawa said no and tried to pin him but Truth kicked out. Tozawa’s ninjas appeared so Alexander and Ricochet showed up behind Truth as back-up. (Ricochet did the dumb Karate Kid pose.) Truth challenged him to a title match in the ring. 

24/7 Championship match: R-Truth vs. Akira Tozawa 

The match didn’t happen. Truth said he came out alone and wondered why Tozawa brought ninjas. 

Shayna Baszlar’s music hit and she marched out. Tozawa sent his ninjas after her one at a time and she beat them all up. Tozawa was nervous so he left. Truth also left. 

Baszler said she’s been waiting patiently. She basically issued a warning to the women’s champions and said she was here to give them a hard dose of reality. 

Seth Rollins approached a concerned Murphy backstage. Rollins asked him what was wrong. Murphy asked if they were really going to try to blind each other. Rollins said nothing good happens without sacrifice and Rey Mysterio is the one who asked for this. Rollins told him to focus on his match with Aleister Black tonight. Rollins had a message to deliver. 

[Second hour] 

They aired a commercial for WWE2K Battlegrounds video game. It starts with a clip of Daniel Bryan jumping out of a helicopter with the words “Not Actual Gameplay” on the screen. 

Seth Rollins promo 

Tom Phillips said the only way to win the eye for an eye match is by extracting your opponent’s eye. 

Rollins repeated the phrase “eye for an eye” seven times before saying he initially thought that Mysterio’s challenge was a metaphor but as since learned that it was not. Rollins wondered how it got to this point. He said the only way to win was the puck your opponent’s eye out and never has this company sanctioned such a brutal match. 

Rollins claimed he never intended on harming Mysterio. He rambled on about being the leader of Raw. He said Sunday would indeed be a horror show because she was going to gouge Mysterio’s eye out and blind him. Mysterio will never watch his son get married, he will never see his wife’s face again, he will never see another sunrise or sunset. 

Rollins said Extreme Rules would be the end of Mysterio but would be a new beginning. Kevin Owens interrupted. Owens thought Mysterio would pick a last man standing match or a steel cage match. 

Owens said eye for an eye was a disturbing idea but even more disturbing than that was that Rollins was such a despicable man that he turned Mysterio, one of the most respected men in the business, into a guy who wants to gouge his eye out. 

Owens knew how Mysterio felt because he was willing to end his own career just to shut up Rollins at WrestleMania. Owens told him not to worry because he had a pirate friend named Jean-Pierre LaFitte who provided an eye patch for him. Murphy marched out but Aleister Black attacked him. 

Aleister Black (w/Kevin Owens) defeated Murphy (w/Seth Rollins) via DQ 

Murphy tried suplexing Black to the outside while standing on the middle rope, but Black slipped out and gave him a Black Mass, which was cool. Black had it won but Rollins broke up the cover for the DQ. Match was good while it lasted. 

Mysterio and Dominick entered so Rollins couldn’t escape. 

Kevin Owens (w/Aleister Black, Rey Mysterio & Dominick) defeated Seth Rollins (16:39) 

Owens was in control and Rollins asked him to take it easy because he was on the verge of the biggest match of his life. Owens attacked him. There was a funny moment where Owens was down on the outside as Black and Dominick confronted Rollins. Owens slipped between them, yelled, “surprise!” and punched Rollins. 

Owens was in full control until Rollins gave up a chop block and suicide dive. Rollins was in control after a break. Rollins countered a powerbomb attempt but Owens caught him with a superkick and followed with a DDT for two. Rollins dropped Owens’ face into the buckle and followed with a blockbuster for two. 

Owens blocked a superkick and hit a superkick of his own. Rollins slipped out of a pop-up powerbomb attempt and hit a superkick for a nearfall. They fought on the turnbuckles until Rollins began gouging his eye until he fell down. 

Each of the babyfaces on the outside hopped on the apron and the distraction allowed Owens to hit a stunner for the pinfall win. 

After the match, Mysterio cut a promo. He said Rollins crossed the line and now it was his turn. He said Rollins would leave the match with one eye. 

(This seems unlikely based on the Observer, but I wonder if Dominick will join Rollins as a way to save Mysterio at the end of the match.) 

Ric Flair spoke with Big Show backstage. Flair said he’s been in the business for 48 years and Show has been with him for 20 of those years. Flair said Show stood out over all the other big men he’s worked with, including Brody, Hansen and Andre the Giant. However, Show was picking a fight he can’t win. 

Flair said he can’t do Hollywood and just come back. Look what happened to Edge. Even The Rock hasn’t come back. Flair wanted Show to go into the Hall of Fame healthy, not with an injury at the hands of Randy Orton. 

Show knew what Flair was trying to do. He knew what Orton had done to Edge and Christian. Tonight he faces one of their friends in Truth. Show wondered if Flair was willing to sacrifice his friendships just so Orton could be the legend killer. 

They aired an Orton video package. 

Randy Orton backstage promo 

Orton said you were lucky in this industry if you make it out with a handful of friends. He had those friends. He had Edge, he had Christian, he had Big Show and he has Ric Flair. Edge could have joined him but he didn’t so Orton sent him home. Then Christian came to Raw to defend his friend but he was selfish and accepted the sanctioned match. 

Show has been his friend for 20 years and took Orton under his wing. Orton wondered why Show would fracture his relationship with him. Orton said Flair was family and it would be a shame if he did anything to jeopardize that. Orton said Truth had his respect but it would be a shame when he becomes another chapter in the story of the legend killer. 

Flair excitedly approached him and said it was time. Orton said he would be right behind him. Flair left and Orton stared him down. 

[Third hour] 

Randy Orton (w/Ric Flair) defeated 24/7 Champion R-Truth in a non-title match (0:33) 

Before the match, Flair came out and congratulated Truth on his illustrious career. Flair said Orton respected Truth as much as he did, which is why he wasn’t going to punt his head off, he was just going to give him an RKO. 

Truth wanted to talk to Flair when the match started. Orton tried to sneak attack but Truth was ready for him. Truth tried a scissors kick but Orton dodged and hit an RKO for the pinfall win. 

Orton got ready to punt Truth but Show’s music hit and he came out. Orton said Truth wasn’t on his punt list but Show was. Orton challenged him to an unsanctioned match next week on Raw. Show accepted and chased Orton out of the ring. (As Orton backed away up the ramp, he told Show that he would kick him next week and he smacked his leg as he said the word “kick.”) 

MVP showed off his US title belt to Ricochet and Alexander before they left. Schrieber asked MVP his strategy for Sunday. MVP said his win was a foregone conclusion and they would celebrate at an undisclosed location. Lashley threatened to hurt Ricochet tonight. 

Schrieber saw Mcintyre so she asked him about Ziggler’s unknown stipulation. McIntyre said he could pick any stip he wanted. Ziggler attacked him wildly and they brawled briefly until they were separated by officials. 

Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) defeated Ricochet (w/Cedric Alexander) (3:35) 

Lashley was in control and used a modified Dominator for a nearfall. Lashley used a vertical suplex for two, then Ricochet used a standing shooting star press (to the legs) for a one count. Ricochet tried something off the ropes but Lashley caught him in a full nelson for the submission win. 

Lashley held onto the move so Alexander attacked him and MVP. After Alexander knocked down MVP, Lashley grabbed him and gave him a full nelson slam. 

The announcers ran down the Extreme Rules card. Phillips promised that we’d see plenty of horrors. 

Caruso interviewed Big Show. Caruso said, “Big Show, Randy Orton challenged you to an unsanctioned match next Monday on Raw. It appears you accepted that challenge. Is that the case?” Show responded, “Charly, let me just clarify everything for everybody. Yes, I accept!” That was the segment. 

SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley & Sasha Banks defeated Raw Women’s Champion Asuka & Kairi Sane to retain the Tag Team Championships (18:13) 

Bayley and Banks played a video package for themselves before the match. It was quite good. Banks claimed Bayley was better than Trish Stratus, John Cena and Lita. When the video was done, Banks and Bayley hugged and celebrated until Asuka and Kairi Sane entered. 

Bayley and Banks attacked Asuka and Sane as the ring announcer introduced them. Asuka and Sane fought back and knocked them out of the ring. 

Sane tagged in and beat up both opponents and gave them a double spear. Sane and Asuka each used running hip attacks to send their opponents from the ring. Asuka followed up with Yes Kicks on Banks for two. Bayley attacked Asuka from behind and Banks managed to take control over Sane. Banks and Bayley slingshotted Sane into the plexiglass which led to commercial. 

They worked over Sane until she gave Banks a spinning back fist. Asuka tagged in and hit Bayley with strikes, a shoulder tackle and a running hip attack. She took down both opponents with a bulldog/clothesline combo for a two count on Bayley. Asuka followed with a sliding knee strike for two. 

Bayley dropped Asuka over the top rope, then Banks used a running double knee strike for two. Bayley and Banks used a double team slam for two. Bayley gave Asuka an avalanche hurricanrana but Asuka kicked out and put Banks in an Asuka Lock. Sane stopped Bayley from breaking it up with a spear but Banks got a rope break anyway. 

Sane tagged and gave Banks an axe kick. Asuka followed with a kick and Sane hit an Insane Elbow but Bayley broke up the cover. Sane used a flying forearm and Alabama Slam but Banks reversed a sliding forearm attempt into a crossface for the submission win. 

Pretty good match, especially the last few minutes.