WWE Raw live results: Fallout from TLC

The Big Takeaway --

The Survivor Series build got off to a strong start which the closest thing the WWE can do to an invasion angle in this day and age. In the main event segment, Angle came out to announce the Raw team. Instead, Shane McMahon brought an entire crew of SmackDown Live wrestlers  (sans Randy Orton, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and a few others) out of the crowd and they laid waste to most of the Raw roster. The SmackDown crew went to the locker room and beat up several wrestlers, including Finn Balor, who has had better nights. Brock Lesnar accepted the challenge of Jinder Mahal at Survivor Series. Earlier, Angle announced Alexa Bliss vs. Natalya, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins vs. The Usos, and the Miz would face Baron Corbin.

Show Recap --

Angle came out smiling though selling the beating from last night. He said it has been a whirlwind of a past week. Crowd chanted "You still got it." Angle said every story has a beginning, a middle and an end, and last night he wrote a new chapter. When he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, he didn't think it could get any better. Then he competed last night and said it was incredible. Next up, it's Survivor Series. Angle said it would be Raw vs. SmackDown. Alexa Bliss would face Natalya. The Miz will take on Baron Corbin. The Raw Tag Team Champions Rollins and Dean Ambrose will go against The Usos. And he announced Lesnar vs. Mahal (who Angle called MAY-HALL). Angle said this year's Survivor Series would have two elimination matches: a men's match and a women's match. 

The Miz came out with Curtis Axel and the Bar. Miz said he was sick of hearing Angle's voice and said this was his show. Miz was mad about Angle stepping in for Roman Reigns and said Angle just wanted to have one last run in the spotlight. Miz said Angle doesn't deserve to be in the ring as a Superstar or a General Manager and said Angle should resign immediately. Angle said that wasn't happening and he wanted to go to his office. Miz told Angle he wasn't going anywhere. The heels surrounded the ring just like the Shield, which naturally brought out Ambrose and Rollins from the crowd. No Reigns. That forced the Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro and Axel to back off.

Miz said Ambrose and Rollins were sucking up to management and sold off. Miz said the odds weren't in their favor. Angle arranged Miz, Cesaro and Sheamus to face Rollins, Ambrose and a star who decided to stay an extra night that competed last night. A.J. Styles came out. 

A.J. Styles, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins defeated The Bar and the Miz (19:45)

Styles pinned Cesaro with the Phenomenal Forearm. Just before the finish, Cesaro tried to clothesline Ambrose and Rollins, who ducked under two attempts and then hit topes onto Sheamus and Miz. Very good match. Crowd was really hot for Styles. The first segment ended with Styles, Rollins and Ambrose doing a triple pescado onto the heels. Ambrose made a hot tag to Rollins, who gave the Miz a Falcon Arrow, leading to Cesaro making the save. Sheamus kicked Rollins from behind and Miz hit Yujiro Takahashi's Pimp Juice (or Shiek Abdul Bashir's WMD, for those who enjoy obscure TNA references) for a two count. Styles got the final hot tag and got the Ushigoroshi on Miz. Ambrose brawled into the crowd with Sheamus. 

Postmatch, Kane came out and took out Rollins, Styles and Ambrose by himself. Kane choke slammed Rollins as Miz, Cesaro and Sheamus got back in the ring to go after Ambrose and Styles. 

After a commercial, Kane was in the ring. They showed still photos of Kane's attack on Braun Strowman, including his disposal of Strowman into the trash compactor. Kane said through hellfire and brimstone, he heard the stories about how Strowman wanted competition. How Strowman tossed Big Show through a steel cage and how he broke Reigns time and time again. Kane said he liked the stories about Strowman, but he had to see it for himself. What he saw was a pile of trash, 375 pounds of nasty refuge. So last night, Kane put Strowman where he belongs, in the back of a garbage truck. Kane said when he put Strowman in the truck, he saw fear in Strowman's eyes, which no man was able to do before. When Strowman looked at him, he saw the truth. Kane said he will always be Raw's only monster. Kane said Braun is gone, and now he wants competition, or else. Balor came out. 

Kane defeated Finn Balor (7:06) 

Kane pinned Balor after three choke slams. Balor hit the Woo dropkick and was going to the Coupe de Grace, but Kane grabbed him by the throat off the top rope, leading the 50-year-old to the victory. Balor got too little offense as they're building Kane to a program with Strowman. 

Shane McMahon showed up to talk with Angle. They traded nice jabs about each other returning to the ring. Shane sold nothing from jumping off the cage at Hell in a Cell. They traded friendly barbs about how their brand would beat the other at Survivor Series. Shane finally said he would make sure Raw would go down. Angle didn't seem offended and wished Shane luck. 

Asuka defeated Emma via tapout (5:13) 

Asuka got the win with the Asuka lock. Emma controlled the majority of the way. Asuka got a good response, but it wasn't a blow away reaction that matched the quality of the vignettes. Asuka used a flying hip attack and her five-strike combination before the finish. 

Bliss came down after her victory over Mickie James, who she called a future Hall of Famer and leader of the old folks home. Now, she's ready to put James in the past and she's focused on Natalya at Survivor Series. She said she's going to remind Natalya that there's only one goddess. Bliss said she felt underappreciated after her performance at TLC, but Styles and Balor can stare at each other for ten minutes and the crowd would chant "This is awesome." She wanted to know where was her chant? Was it because she doesn't have a 3-year-old son at home like James? Bliss said everyone is jealous of her. Bliss said since they're in the midwest, she's going to have to spell everything out for them. Bliss said she was going to say a chant and the crowd would yell it back like the sheep they are. Bliss said the chant was "You deserve it." Crowd booed. Bliss wondered if she was going slow enough. She demanded the fans chant it because she's the goddess. 

James walked out, punched Bliss and gave her a Mick-DT on the Raw Women's Championship belt and told Bliss she does deserve it. 

Bayley and Sasha Banks met with Angle backstage. Angle said the Raw women's team at Survivor Series needs a captain and said those two were the best bet. Alicia Fox jumped in and screamed she would be the best choice. Angle ordered a triple-threat match with Banks vs. Bayley vs. Fox and the winner is the team captain. Angle reminded Fox that she saw her match with Banks last night and told her that pinfalls and submissions only count inside of the ring. Fox said Angle was so silly. 

Elias was out and made a crack about how Green Bay's will was weaker than Aaron Rodgers collarbone. That got heat. Elias tried to sing a song that derided Green Bay, but someone kept messing with his wireless microphone. Jason Jordan came out. 

Jason Jordan defeated Elias by DQ (3:19) 

Jordan got more of a positive reception in this match than in previous cities. He was carrying Elias around and ramming him into the barricade until Elias hit him with his guitar for the DQ. Jordan has a bruise on his left tricep. 

Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out to respond to Mahal. Heyman said it was funny when the fans react to the manner in which he introduces Lesnar. There is someone who has a problem who disputes Lesnar is Universal Champion, someone who has barely escaped the challenges of Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, and wishes to barely avoid the challenge of Styles. Meanwhile, Lesnar remains the undisputed Universal Champion despite facing the most stacked heavyweight class of challengers in WWE history. Heyman said it's also undisputed that we live in the age of trash talk and everyone wants to brand their opponents losers instead of box office attractions. Heyman said the king of the trash talkers is the man with the microphone in his hands right now, but he doesn't trash talk Lesnar's opponents because any man who steps in the ring to fight Lesnar must be a real man. He didn't trash talk Goldberg, Samoa Joe, Strowman, and rightfully so. But Mahal? Heyman called Mahal the make believe Modern Day Maharaja with the Singh-along brothers, who copies his shtick of introducing Mahal? Heyman said Mahal wasn't Lesnar's equal, he wasn't his contemporary, he wasn't even a worthy pretender of the throne of being WWE champion. 

When he thinks of WWE Champions, we think of Bruno Sammartino, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, HHH, John Cena and Lesnar. We don't think of Mahal, a consolation prize champion offered to SmackDown Live when Shane and Daniel Bryan realized they got the shaft in the Superstar Shakeup. Heyman said Lesnar wasn't carrying the flag for Raw in the battle for brand supremacy because there is no battle for brand supremacy. The brand that bags Brock Lesnar is the flagship brand, and that is undisputed. And because Mahal disputes that, he's going to Suplex City. But Heyman has even worse news for Mahal because the last time a SmackDown superstar stepped into the ring against Lesnar, they had to stop the match, everyone was in shock, even the Raw locker room. Because that night, Lesnar violated every single rule and boundary in the PG era. Heyman said Mahal's challenge was accepted. His challenge was accepted number one champion in the WWE, by the reigning, defending, undisputed champion, Brock Lesnar. 

Kalisto did an interview with Charly Caruso and said he would invoke his rematch for the cruiserweight championship against Enzo Amore on 205 Live. Tonight, he said it was all about family. Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, Rich Swann and Gran Metalik walked in. They're teaming with Kailsto in a 10-man tag tonight. 

Alicia Fox pinned Bayley to win a three-way match that also included Sasha Banks to become the captain of the Raw Women's Team at Survivor Series (11:16) 

Fox pinned Bayley after Banks had Fox in the Bank Statement, but Bayley broke it up. Then Fox threw Bayley into Banks, who hit the floor. The commentary highlight of the night came when Banks had Fox in the Bank Statement. Banks said Fox can't break the hold by getting the ropes because there's no-DQ in a Triple Threat match. The very next sentence was from Booker T, who said "Fox has to get to the ropes to break the hold." Fox is back doing her crazy routine spots from 2014, where she grabbed the ring bell from the timekeeper and started ringing it, saying she was tired of playing this game. Banks and Bayley took turns dropkicking Fox out of the ring in the early minutes. 

Enzo, Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari, Noam Dar and Tony Nese came out. Gulak did the microphone work and said that Enzo suffered a vocal cord injury and he couldn't talk, so Gulak read Enzo's introduction in the uncoolest way possible. 

Kalisto, Rich Swann, Gran Metalik, Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali defeated Ariya Daivari, Enzo Amore, Tony Nese, Noam Dar and Tony Nese (9:03)

Kalisto pinned Enzo with Salina del Sol. Enzo didn't want to tag in, but Daivari was kicked into the corner by Kalisto, which was a tag. Swann and Alexander teamed for a stereo tope on Dar and Nese. Swann overshot his target. Then Gran Metalik did an moonsault off the top rope to the floor on Daivari. 

Angle came out to announce the Raw team for the Survivor Series. Before he could, Shane McMahon came out through the crowd and he was joined by practically the entire SmackDown Live roster. The New Day, Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Nakamura, Becky Lynch, Chad Gable, Natalya, Charlotte, Bobby Roode, Zack Ryder, Tye Dillinger, Styles, Tamina, Rusev, Mojo Rawley, and Carmella surrounded the ring. Shane got in the ring and told Angle "Under siege." Angle left the ring and looked in shock going to the back. Shane told all of the SmackDown wrestlers to go after them.

The SmackDown roster went backstage and found Apollo Crews and Titus O'Neil. Xavier Woods approached them like they were old friends, then Styles jumped them and the entire crew went crazy beating them down. Rusev finished the assault with a flying kick on O'Neil. Corbin found a stagehand and assaulted him. Roode and Woods threw down an HDTV monitor. Lynch, Tamina, and Carmella chased away the make-up crew. Then Goldust, Axel and Curt Hawkins tried to stop them, but they were quickly disposed of. They continued the march into the locker room, where Styles, Big E. and Kofi Kingston jumped Jordan. Matt Hardy and Balor tried to stop them coming out of the bathroom, but Ziggler, Nakamura, Rusev and the rest left them laying. 

The SmackDown crew continued its charge into another locker room where Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were  jumped. Nakamura speared Gallows, Elias was also left laying. They left that room where Fox, Bayley, James and Banks stood in their way. They led to a brawl with Carmella, Tamina, Lynch and Natalya, who quickly left the Raw team laying. Shane watched this unfold in the ring. As the SmackDown crew looked to continue their assault elsewhere, Rollins jumped off a stack of cases, and Ambrose joined in but they were outnumbered. Just hours after teaming with Ambrose, Styles threw him into a wall. Then Corbin and Rusev brought out Angle from hiding and showed him an unconscious Rollins.

Rusev and Corbin led Angle back in front of the main crowd. Shane motioned for them to bring Angle to the ring. Angle looked furious at Shane. Shane said "At Survivor Series, I want you to bring your gold medal, what's left of your Raw roster, and we're going to finish what we started. Oh it's true, it's damn true." For what passes as an invasion angle nowadays, this was really good.