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WWE Raw live results: Fastlane go-home show

The Big Takeaway: Seth Rollins did an interview where he said the doctor hasn't cleared him to return for WrestleMania. HHH came out and told Rollins not to compete at WrestleMania, but Rollins vowed to be there. Samoa Joe defeated Cesaro. More matches were made for Fast Lane, including Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax, along with Brian Kendrick vs. Akira Tozawa.

Show Recap:

Goldberg came out to start the show. He said Owens came out last week and did what he does best, which is talk and talk and talk. Goldberg said he was happy tha Fast Lane was only six days away, and he's never made a promise that he didn't follow through with. So he promised to spear, jackhammer and pin Owens for the Universal Championship. He will take that into WrestleMania to face Brock Lesnar. He also promised everyone, including his wife and son, he will deliver so he will see Owens Sunday. 

Owens came out with his suit and tie. He said he heard Goldberg make promises to his wife and kids. When he showed up to the WWE, he made a promise to himself to grab the company by the throat and show what he was all about. On his first night in the company, he beat John Cena. He's beaten Dean Ambrose, A.J. Styles, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns (heavy boos), and he glanced past the beating he gave Chris Jericho. He said no matter how many sheep chant "Goldberg," Goldberg was next. He was next in the evolution of Owens' as Universal Champion.

Goldberg sarcastically said everyone should give him a round of applause for such a moving speech, then challenged him to a fight. Owens proposed a "Green Bay Street Fight," but stopped and said Green Bay doesn't deserve to see him fight. But Owens said he and Goldberg will fight this Sunday, and he can't wait for the referee to count 1-2-3 and all Goldberg hears is complete and utter silence. Because that's when the Goldberg chant will die. 

Next up was the New Day. Xavier Woods said they have a lot on their plates. Big E. said people shouldn't be concerned with what's on their plates, but concerned with what's in their bowls. Kofi Kingston said they wanted ice cream, which he called "New Day Pops: A Mouthful of Magic, Ya'll Gotta Have it." 

As the Shining Stars made their entrance, a stagehand came in and handed the New Day a red envelope. Woods opened it told Primo and Epico they weren't wrestling the New Day tonight. Instead, they were wrestling the Big Show. That got shockingly little reaction. In a takeoff from last night's Oscars that bombed, Big E. pulled out an envelope that read Rusev and Jinder Mahal, who were the real New Day opponents.

The New Day defeated Rusev and Jinder Mahal (9:43)  

Handsome Rusev had his faceguard removed. Big E. threw three belly-to-belly suplexes on Mahal, followed by the Big Splash. He went for the Big Ending as Woods made a blind tag. Big E. got knocked out of the ring as Woods came off the top rope with a crossbody. Mahal went for a tag but Rusev wasn't there because Lana was arguing with Kingston. Woods pinned Mahal with an O'Connor Roll. Mahal and Rusev argued. 

Enzo & Cass couldn't stop talking backstage about potentially winning the tag team championships at Fast Lane against Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Cass tried to slow him down, saying they've never won a tag team championship before, and Gallows and Anderson have held titles across the way. Enzo kept talking.

Cesaro and Sheamus talked in another portion of the building, upset about losing last week. Samoa Joe walked up to Cesaro and said "Long time, no see. Same out Cesaro, still trying to grasp for a brass ring." Sheamus started to get in Joe's face, but Cesaro held him back. Cesaro said Joe was only carrying Joe's jock strap. Joe threatened Cesaro one more time and walked off. Sheamus wanted to kick Joe's head off, but Cesaro said he would handle it. 

Stephanie McMahon called in Mick Foley to apologize. Mick couldn't believe his ear. Stephanie put over all his accomplishments and that's the man she hired to be her GM. She said 17 years ago tonight, HHH ended Foley's career (Foley was in the main event at WrestleMania 2000 a month later). Every year, HHH seems to get stronger and stronger while Foley seems to get weaker and weaker. She didn't understand how far into the abyss he's fallen, and Mick doesn't understand how far he's fallen. She apologized for putting him in the position that a man who once stood up to anyone and anything can now barely stand at all. She delivered this speech in an even tone, then walked off. 

Brian Kendrick cut a prematch promo about Akira Tozawa about how he had to be taught a lesson last week. The first came last week on Raw, the second came on 205 Live when Kendrick tied Tozawa to ropes under the ring, causing Tozawa to lose by countout last week. 

Akira Tozawa defeated Noam Dar (3:00)

Noam Dar had a brief upperhand after a distraction from Alicia Fox. Tozawa fought back with a tope and got the three count with a snap German Suplex. 

Austin Aries said he would have a big scoop later in the show. 

As Tozawa celebrated, Kendrick jumped Tozawa, rammed him into the post, then kicked his head into the post. Kendrick told Tozawa that was lesson #3, asked him if he had any questions and said he hopes Tozawa was learning. Tozawa will face Kendrick on the Fast Lane kickoff show. 

Foley was backstage stewing over Stephanie's comments from earlier when Joe asked him if he was having a nice day. Foley said he's having a rough seven months as GM, then said Joe is nothing more than HHH's puppet. Joe said no one tells him what to do. Foley said, regardless of how much time he has left as GM, he can still tell Joe what to do. He would be wrestling Cesaro tonight. Foley didn't even look at his hand to read the town, then wished Joe a nice day. 

Charlotte and Dana Brooke came out. Michael Cole mentioned Charlotte is 16-0 on PPV when the Raw Women's Championship is on the line. Charlotte said she was surprised that Bailey didn't give back the Raw Women's Championship last week, which showed she was a selfish, greedy, win at any costs person. Charlotte has known that Bayley was like that the whole time she's known her and she's played everyone else for a fool. She said Bayley didn't care that Banks helped her cheat, just as long as her name was in the record books, but it was good enough for Bayley. She said Bayley was a one-hit wonder like the Baha Men, Vanilla Ice, Buster Douglas, the cast of Twilight and Brett Farve. Bayley interrupted her. 

Charlotte called her a cheater, but Bayley corrected her and said she meant "champion." Bayley said this "one hit wonder" has beaten Charlotte three times. Whether Charlotte or Stephanie like it or not, she knows she made the right move keeping the Raw Women's Championship. Once you achieve a dream, you move on to the next one, and the next one was walking into WrestleMania as Raw Women's Champion. Charlotte said she was sick of hearing about Bayley's dreams. WrestleMania was in 40 days, and Fast Lane was on Sunday. She said she was going to bad Bayley's father a front row ticket so he can watch his daughter become a one-hit wonder. 

Sasha Banks came out and asked Charlotte if she wanted everyone to have father issues like Charlotte. Banks said Bayley was more deserving of that championship than Charlotte was. Charlotte said Banks had to be exhausted from constantly taking Bayley's spotlight. Banks said she was tired of looking at Charlotte's stupid face. Banks wondered why they were talking since they had a tag team match. Charlotte said they do, but Brooke wasn't her partner. Instead, it was Nia Jax. 

Nia Jax and Charlotte defeated Bayley and Sasha Banks (11:34) 

Brooke's attempt at interfering backfired, leading to Bayley giving her a Bayley-to-belly suplex on the floor. That sent Brooks to the back as Cole hinted at a rib injury. Jax gave Banks a shoulder breaker and two elbows for two. Bayley got the hot tag. Jax made a hot tag, and Bayley ran right into her. Bayley bounced off the mat like a rubber ball hitting a cinder block. For good measure, Jax slammed Banks onto Bayley, then pinned Bayley with a legdrop. 

Foley told Braun Strowman he had no competion tonight. Strowman said he didn't want competition, he wanted a contract to face Reigns to make sure that Reigns wouldn't tuck his tail and runs. Foley said he didn't see Reigns running from anybody, but if Strowman wanted a contract signing, he would get it tonight. He cautioned Strowman not to beat surprised if things don't go the way he plans. 

Owens will be on SportsCenter tomorrow to be interviewed by Jonathan Coachman. 

Big Cass defeated Luke Gallows (2:40)

Very soft reaction to Enzo's prematch spiel. Cass got the Empire Elbow when Anderson jumped on the apron. Enzo jostled with Anderson, who tried to throw Enzo into the ring steps. Enzo reversed it and Anderson went into the steps. Cass finished off Gallows with a big boot. 

Sheamus defeated Titus O'Neal (:19) 

This match was set up when they shot an angle at catering, which was before the show. Titus O'Neal was sitting beside Sheamus and said after Joe destroys Cesaro tonight, Sheamus will need a new partner. Apparently, O'Neal has ESP because Foley didn't make the Joe-Cesaro match until an hour into the program. Sheamus got tired of O'Neal and shoved him into a table. O'Neal jumped Sheamus before the match with a big kick, in an attempt to get fans to cheer him. O'Neal wouldn't let Sheamus out of the corner. Sheamus floored O'Neal with a Brogue Kick for the pin. 

Corey Graves was in the ring ready to interview Seth Rollins, who came out with a crutch to aid his injured right MCL. Graves asked how his knee felt. Rollins said the tear on his MCL was more significant than first diagnosis, and he hopes to come back soon. Graves asked where he head was at. Rollins said that was tricky, then turned silent. He said it sucks because he felt the same snap in his knee and thought maybe he deserves this.

When Corey asked what he meant, Rollins said two years ago he was holding the WWE World Championship at WrestleMania and it was the greatest moment of his life. So he's been asking himself what did he sacrifice for that? And was it worth it because he made so many excuse and blamed everone but himself. He told the world he didn't sell out, he bought in. But did he buy in enough? Crowd chanted for C.M. Punk. 

Redesign, rebuild, reclaim was about him being something different, something better. But somewhere along the way he lost sight of that. So he's been feeling that this is all his fault. Graves asked him if he was going to be at WrestleMania. A mild "yes" chant echoed. Rollins started to answer, appeared to get emotional, and said it doesn't look great right now. He said it doesn't look like the doctors are going to clear him in time for WrestleMania. 

Then HHH's music went off. HHH came out gloating. HHH said no one would believe this, but it was great to see Rollins because the last time he saw him, he didn't think he would see Rollins again. Joe snuck up through the crowd and was at ringside. HHH said Rollins gave a wishy-washy answer, so HHH had to answer for him: Rollins won't be at WrestleMania. HHH said if Rollins knew what was best for him, he wouldn't be at WrestleMania.

HHH couldn't believe that Rollins was just getting around to the realization that Rollins deserved this. HHH said he made Rollins the man, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he shoved that title in everyone's face. HHH did that for Rollins, he delievered on everything he said he would do for Rollins. Then Rollins bit the hand that feeds him. So what did Rollins think would happen, just shake hands and go on his merry way? That's not how this works. 

HHH admited to using Rollins and spitting him out, that's life and get over it. Because when HHH was doing it for Rollins, Rollins was profiting along the way. HHH used to say Rollins was the future. Now, Rollins is the past, a washed-up has-been superstar. He told Rollins to salvage what is left and to make the right decision. It's the most pivotal one he'll make his entire career. HHH ordered Rollins not to call him out at WrestleMania, because if he calls him out at WrestleMania, he swears it will be the last thing Rollins ever does inside a WWE ring. 

Rollins screamed at Hunter a month ago he told his wife he had nothing left to lose. That couldn't be any more true than it is now. He promised to be at WrestleMania and if it is the last thing he ever does, then it will be the last thing HHH will ever do. They had a staredown. Cole emphasized that the doctors haven't cleared Rollins as HHH and Joe left together. 

The Big Show, Rollins, Reigns, Vince McMahon, Fox and Sheamus all add their voices for a new Jetsons full-length movie. 

The Big Show defeated The Shining Stars in a handicap match (1:52) 

Basically what you would expect. Show pinned Primo after a choke slam. 

Tony Nese talked with Neville backstage. They face Jack Gallagher and T.J. Perkins tonight. Neville said the purpose of the match was to put Gallagher in his place before the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match at Fast lane. Neville said he wanted to remind the world why he was the King of the Cruiserweights. Nese wasn't really paying attention and said he was only concered with what was best for the Premier Athlete. Neville told him not to screw this up. 

Aries' big scoop was a video package of Aries wrestling in NXT. So he's teasing his in-ring debut soon. 

Neville will deliever a state of the 205 Address tomorrow on 205 Live. 

Jack Gallagher and T.J. Perkins defeated Tony Nese and Neville via submission (1:56)

Neville kicked Gallagher out of the ring early. Gallagher gave Neville the head butt. Perkins gave Nese the Detonation Kick, while Gallagher delivered a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Gallagher put Nese in a crucifix armbar. Neville started to get in the ring for the save, but opted not to as Nese tapped. Dead silence from beginning to end. 

Beth Phoenix was named the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. 

Banks and Bayley were in the back after losing earlier. Bayley was icing her neck. Banks said she would be at ringside for Bayley's match on Sunday to watch her back. Stephanie walked in and overheard this. Stephanie said Banks would wrestle Jax, who has a knack about squashing Banks. So if Banks knew what was best for her, she would stop worrying about Bayley's back and start worrying about her own. 

Samoa Joe defeated Cesaro (7:52)

Story of the match was Cesaro's right knee, which he started selling after slipping off the apron within the opening seconds. Joe used a kneebar for a submission tease. Cesaro battled back with forearms, then lifted Joe into a foreward slam. Cesaro hit a double knee for a two count. Cesaro went for the Gotch Neutralizer, but Joe backdropped him over. Joe pinned Cesaro clean as anything with a uranage. 

Charly Caruso asked Joe how he managed to have such a huge impact on Raw in such a short time. He said he came to Raw to hurt people. Cesaro was a freak athlete, a season professional, but he wasn't Joe. He served a reminder to everyone in the back: it doesn't matter what you've accomplished and it doesn't matter what people think of you, when you come across the destroyer...

Sami Zayn came out and jumped Joe. They fought off the ramp, where Zayn got the majority of the blows in before security pulled him off. Then Joe flattened Zayn as security had Zayn tied up. Just as it appeared they were separated, Zayn did a somersault tope onto Joe off the ramp. The security got in between them. 

Foley came out for the contract signing with Reigns vs. Strowman. Foley said the match was made official weeks ago, but they were having the contract signing to assauge the concerns of Strowman that Reigns wouldn't back out. Strowman came out and said Foley brought the table and paperwork, so Foley could just leave or else. Foley said as long as he's the Raw GM, he will respect what he has to say. Strowman said there was a time when could respect Foley, back when he was competition. He said Stephanie was right, Foley was pathetic. And when he says Foley was pathetic, he said it as a suburban dad. Foley screamed that if Strowman was going to learn to respect him as a legend. He said GMs come and go, but WWE legends last forever. Strowman just laughed at Foley and knocked the microphone out of his hands. Foley's verbal comeback got the biggest reaction of the night aside from Goldberg. 

Reigns came out and started brawling with Strowman. Reigns was thrown over the ring steps on the floor, but got up immediately. Strowman was back on offense seconds later and they fought into the crowd, where Reigns was thrown into an audio mixer. They fought up the steps, where Reigns came off the steps with a Superman Punch. Then Reigns speared Strowman through a barricade, where an unsuspecting security guard took a bump, as well. Crowd booed Reigns to start the show, but they chanted "Roman" as he got into the ring and signed the contract. But as he did, Strowman got up and screamed "Is that all you've got?"

As Strowman got in the ring, Reigns hit the superman punch. Strowman went down to a knee. Reigns went for a spear, but Strowman threw him into the turnbuckle with such force, the top rope snapped and broke. Reigns did the Bret Hart face first run into the corner with about 3/4ers velocity. As Strowman started to leave, he turned around and watched Reigns get to his knees and sign the contract.