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WWE Raw live results: Hell in a Cell fallout

Date: June 21, 2021
Location: Yuengling Center in Tampa, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Riddle beat Drew McIntyre, Ricochet beat AJ Styles, and John Morrison beat Randy Orton — all to qualify for the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match. McIntyre, Styles and Orton will have a triple threat match next week as a last chance to qualify. 

Naomi, Asuka, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross all qualified for the women’s ladder match. Cross has new superhero-inspired gear. Eva Marie and Piper Niven/Doudrop were on the losing end of a qualifier after Niven refused a tag from Marie. 

There was another Hell in a Cell match in the main event. Bobby Lashley beat Xavier Woods and attacked him post-match as Kofi Kingston was forced to watch. Lashley defends his title against Kingston at MITB.

Show Recap -- 

The show started with a big fireworks display. The Hell in a Cell cage is still above the ring. Two Money in the Bank briefcases also hung above the ring. They announced five MITB qualifying matches for tonight. 

MVP & Bobby Lashley’s VIP Lounge 

Bobby Lashley, MVP and five women entered. Lashley admitted that Drew McIntyre took him to his limits, but even at his best, McIntyre was still not good enough. MVP made it clear that McIntyre cannot challenge Lashley again. They showed a picture of a sad McIntyre on the big screen. 

MVP was about to make a toast to Lashley (with champagne) but the New Day interrupted. They wheeled out a large plate of actual toast. They whipped the toast at MVP and Lashley who no-sold it. MVP said this clown nonsense was why Kofi Kingston was only watching HIAC. 

Kingston said he associated himself with people he trusted and not users. Kingston wondered if Lashley’s ladies would still be there when he lost the title. Lashley said he wasn’t planning on losing the title, especially not to him. Kingston lost the title and was busy making pancakes, that’s why Lashley stood at the top of the hierarchy while Kingston was at the bottom. 

Kingston reminded him that he beat Daniel Bryan to win the WWE title in the first place and also beat Lashley a few weeks ago. They showed a replay. (They didn’t show McIntyre interfering, which Corey Graves noted.) Kingston challenged Lashley to a title match at MITB. 

MVP thought Kingston must be joking but Lashley quickly accepted. Lashley also reminded Kingston that he only won that match because of McIntyre. Lashley wanted their match to have no interference so he challenged Xavier Woods to a match tonight so he could take him out. 

Woods said he was used to people dismissing him. He ran down his own accolades, which included the number of Youtube subscribers his channel has. He was also an 11-time tag team champion and wanted Lashley to underestimate him. Woods looked up at the cage and said tonight’s match would be inside the cell. Lashley accepted. 

The match was made official after a break. They said it was the first HIAC match on Raw in nearly 25 years. 

There was a segment earlier today with AJ Styles, Omos, and the Viking Raiders. Styles suggested they watch him beat Ricochet to a pulp tonight. Once he wins MITB and becomes WWE Champion again, he and Omos would defend their titles against them. Erik said they’ve beaten them before and would beat him again. Styles knocked the turkey leg out of Ivar’s hand. Ivar wanted to go after him but Erik held him back. 

Ricochet cut a pre-taped promo. He knew what it was like to fail when challenging for the WWE title and knew how hard the fall was. He was willing to do whatever it took to win. 

MITB Qualifying Match: Ricochet defeated AJ Styles (w/Omos) (9:52) 

They went to break less than a minute into the match after Styles posted Ricochet. Ricochet made a comeback and hit a Northern Lights suplex before rolling through into a vertical suplex for two. Styles hit an enziguri and rack bomb (of sorts) for two. They traded strikes until Ricochet ducked a Pelé kick and hit an impressive German suplex into a pin for two. 

Styles applied the Calf Crusher but Ricochet got a rope break. Styles hit a fireman’s carry neckbreaker and set up for a Phenomenal forearm when the Viking Raiders suddenly ran out to attack Omos. Omos actually fought them both off but they dodged a charge and he went crashing through the barricade. 

Styles finally went for the Phenomenal forearm but Ricochet countered into a Recoil for the pinfall win. Ricochet qualifies for MITB. 

The announcers ran down tonight’s card. Piper Niven was referred to as “her partner” in the graphic with Eva Marie. 

Riddle approached Randy Orton with some new RK-Bro merchandise. Riddle rambled about wanting to keep his “stash” of burgers in the MITB briefcase and being afraid of the Burger King mascot. Orton told him to be quiet. Riddle wondered if he had any tips on the MITB match. Orton told him to stay out of his way. Riddle said it would be awesome if they were both in the match. Orton said that wouldn’t be awesome for Riddle. 

Eva Marie and Piper Niven were interviewed by Kevin Patrick. Marie called him Kyle. Marie wanted last week to be perfect so she got a mani-pedi before the show but unfortunately, she also got a cold. She faked a cough. Marie said her protégé took her place. Patrick asked her name. It appeared that Niven was about to say “Piper” but Marie cut her off and said her name was “Doudrop.” Niven was stunned. They walked off and Marie made Niven hold her robe. 

MITB Qualifying Match: Naomi & Asuka defeated Eva Marie & “Doudrop” (2:50) 

It seemed like Marie would start the match but she immediately tagged in Niven. Niven had Naomi pinned after a corner cannonball but Asuka broke up the cover. Niven was about to attempt a move off the top but Marie tagged herself in. She made a cover but Naomi kicked out. 

Marie wanted to tag out but Niven shook her head and dropped off the apron. Naomi then rolled up Marie for the win. Marie was shocked. Niven was pleased with herself. 

Naomi and Asuka qualify for MITB. 

The new Fast & Furious movie is a sponsor for Raw and there was an ad featuring John Cena. 

[Second hour] 

Lashley was shown warming up in the back. 

Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce address Rhea Ripley 

Deville asked Rhea Ripley to enter. She did. Pearce said her actions last night were unacceptable. Ripley was confused. Deville and Pearce explained what happens when a champion gets disqualified and Pearce said the rules were not meant to be exploited. Ripley said the rules must only apply to her because she’s seen Charlotte exploit these rules repeatedly. 

Charlotte interrupted. Charlotte admitted that Ripley was smarter than she thought but she still planned on destroying her. Deville granted Charlotte a rematch for the title at MITB. Both women seemed content with this. Ripley’s music played and that was that. 

Tamina and Natalya were in the back doing a photoshoot when Sarah Schreiber approached them for an interview. They cut it short because Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were training in the nearby ring. Natalya told them to take a break. Rose and Brooke said they were just doing what she suggested last week by putting in the work. 

Natalya told them that they were obligated to do media as champions. Rose and Brooke wanted to fight but Natalya reminded them that she already beat Rose last night. Natalya and Tamina agreed to fight but they were dropkicked off the apron by Rose and Brooke. This was silly. 

MITB Qualifying Match: John Morrison (w/The Miz) defeated Randy Orton (12:41) 

This is the first time these two have wrestled (outside of the Royal Rumble) in ten years and their first-ever singles match. 

Morrison had the early advantage until they went to the outside and Orton dropped him onto the announce table. Orton stalked Miz (who was on a wheelchair) as they went to break. Orton was in control until Morrison came back with a springboard kick. Morrison slammed Orton’s arm against the steel steps and attempted an armbar in the ring. 

Orton fought to block the armbar as a Fast & Furious ad played. On my feed (Sportsnet in Canada), you could only hear the ad, not see it. The wrestlers knew there was an ad playing because Orton was very clearly talking to Morrison. Orton finally countered the armbar as soon as the ad was over. 

Orton fought back and hit a powerslam and a draping DDT. Orton set up for an RKO but Miz sprayed him in the face with the drip stick. Orton turned his attention to Miz so Morrison applied a schoolboy for two. 

Riddle scooted out and casually chased Miz around the ring. Orton was distracted by this, so Morrison wrenched him against the top rope before hitting Starship Pain for the pinfall win. Morrison qualifies for MITB. 

Patrick interviewed Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Baszler said she wasn’t afraid of anyone and nothing was going to stop them from qualifying for MITB. Jax admitted there was nothing quite like Alexa Bliss. 

The announcers congratulated Titus O’Neil on being nominated for the 2021 Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award. 

MITB Qualifying Match: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defeated Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (w/Reginald) (10:11) 

Bliss has new music. 

Nikki Cross did a pre-match promo in the back. I’m not sure what she said because I was distracted by her new superhero-themed mask and blue eye makeup (underneath the mask). The camera expanded to show that Cross now wears a full superhero-themed outfit. 

Bliss tried hypnotizing Reginald as Jax and Baszler tried snapping him out of it. Cross wiped them all out with a dive off the top which led to break. 

Cross was in control of Baszler and tagged in Bliss who was happy to join the action but Jax and Baszler took control. Bliss fought back and gave Baszler a Code Red before tagging in Cross. Jax held Cross and Baszler went to punch her but Cross ducked. Baszler managed to hold up so she didn’t hit Jax, but Jax was upset anyway for some reason. 

Cross gave Baszler a back suplex as Bliss went to the top to hypnotize Reginald. Jax snapped him out of it, I think, and hugged him. Cross dropkicked them before rolling up Baszler for the pinfall win. Cross and Bliss qualify for MITB. This was no good. 

Deville and Pearce approached McIntyre and told him he doesn’t have to compete tonight. McIntyre admitted he wasn’t in great shape after last night but he was also annoyed because he figured they weren’t telling Lashley the same thing. McIntyre quoted Winston Churchill and said he would never surrender. They wished him luck. 

There was a flashback to John Cena beating The Rock at WrestleMania 29. 

[Third hour] 

Jinder Mahal, Cedric Alexander, Jeff Hardy and Sheamus argued to Pearce and Deville that they each deserved to be in MITB. Mahal and Hardy made their case by saying they were former champions. Alexander thought he should be in over these old antiques but Hardy reminded him that he’s beaten him twice. 

Deville said the matches were final. Sheamus said he shouldn’t even have to qualify considering he’s the US champ. Pearce said he must be ok with defending the belt. Sheamus suddenly said his nose was still hurt and he walked away. Mahal said if something bad were to happen to one of the participants, they should consider him as a replacement. 

MITB Qualifying Match: Riddle defeated Drew McIntyre (22:49) 

This was very good. 

McIntyre’s back was bruised from last night’s match. McIntyre was in control until Riddle yanked him off the top and hit a senton, followed by suplexes. McIntyre fought back with a suplex of his own but Riddle shoved him into the post outside the ring before hitting an overhead suplex. 

After a break, Riddle continued to target McIntyre’s back. He hit an exploder suplex and kicked him in the back. McIntyre got his knees up on a senton attempt and followed with overhead suplexes and a neckbreaker. Riddle countered a DDT into a jackknife cover for two. McIntyre came back with a clothesline for two and reverse Alabama slam for two. 

McIntyre suplexed Riddle off the top and Orton sauntered out as they went to another break. After the break, McIntyre tried a White Noise off the top but Riddle countered into a powerbomb. He followed with a knee strike for two. McIntyre blocked a Pelé kick and hit a Michinoku Driver for two. 

McIntyre tried something off the top but Riddle caught him in a triangle choke. McIntyre fought out and hit a Future Shock DDT for two. McIntyre set up for the Claymore kick but Riddle wouldn’t get up. McIntyre went after him and they traded suplex attempts until Riddle caught him with a knee strike. 

Riddle went for a Floating Bro but McIntyre dodged it. McIntyre went for a Claymore kick but Riddle countered into a Bromission. McIntyre fought out and headbutted Riddle but Riddle caught him in a victory roll for the pinfall win. 

Riddle approached Orton on the stage and wanted a fist bump. Orton didn’t give it to him. 

Kingston psyched up Woods in the back. 

Jaxson Ryker whipped himself on the back with a strap when he was approached by Mansoor. Mansoor was going to ask for advice but was weirded out by what Ryker was doing. Ryker gave him some advice: never let your enemy escape. Ryker said he had a strap match against Elias next week and he was looking forward to it. 

Mustafa Ali approached Mansoor and told him he was looking in the wrong direction and asking the wrong people. He said they should be asking why they weren’t in the MITB qualifying matches. Ali told him that if you aren’t given the chance to climb the ladder, you have to build your own ladder. They looked over at Ryker who continued hitting himself with the strap. 

There will be a “last chance” triple threat MITB qualifying match next week between Orton, McIntyre and Styles. 

Hell in a Cell match (non-title): WWE Champion Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) defeated Xavier Woods (w/Kofi Kingston) (13:41) 

Lashley hit three or four flatliners in a row for a two count. Woods tried to hit Lashley with a chair but Lashley punched it in his face. Woods dodged a spear and dropkicked Lashley into the cage. Woods hit him repeatedly with a chair as they went to break. 

Lashley was in control after a break with no explanation. Graves said the match has been one-sided even though we just saw Woods with a flurry of offense. 

Woods eventually fought back and attacked with a kendo stick before hitting a wheelbarrow facebuster for two and a tornado DDT for two. Woods slipped out of a powerbomb and superkicked Lashley onto a table (in the ring). Woods followed with a diving elbow drop through the table for two. 

Lashley chucked Woods into a chair that was set up in the corner, hit a spear and applied the Hurt Lock for the submission win. 

After the match, Lashley continued to attack Woods. MVP got inside the cell and locked it shut so Kingston couldn’t make the save. Lashley put Woods in the Hurt Lock against the cage as Kingston screamed at him to let go. This was a good post-match angle.