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WWE Raw live results: Money in the Bank go-home show

Date: May 13, 2019
Location: The O2 Arena in London, England

The Big Takeaway --

Sami Zayn beat Braun Strowman in a falls count anywhere match to take Strowman’s spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Zayn got tons of help from Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre who wanted Strowman out of the match.

Also, Rey Mysterio and Cesaro had a great match, and Bray Wyatt revealed his new look.

Show Recap --

MizTV with guest Roman Reigns 

Miz plugged Money in the Bank and said the contract was WWE’s equivalent to an Infinity Stone (what an embarrassing line). He explained the rules of the contract at length. He said Roman Reigns’ story has inspired millions, then introduced him. Reigns received somewhat of a mixed reaction.

Miz asked Reigns about Elias. Reigns put him over as young and talented but was interrupted by the crowd who sang “walk with Elias.” Reigns said if you need a wedding singer, you can walk with Elias, but Elias has accomplished nothing in WWE. Miz noted that he and Reigns have never gotten along and mentioned Reigns starring in Hobbs and Shaw.

Miz thought maybe they could get together on a buddy comedy. Reigns said Miz was talking like the old Miz, the one who would punch in the mouth. But Reigns wanted the new Miz, the one who stood up to authority and went after Shane McMahon.

Miz said Shane made him realize what it took to earn respect and after 13 years he has finally earned respect from his peers and the fans. Shane hasn’t earned that respect because he grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. Miz said he knew how to win and when there’s a fight, he brings the fight. Miz fired up and said Shane would have nowhere to run inside the cage.

Reigns was impressed. Shane McMahon interrupted. He was booed. Shane reminded them that he was their boss and MizTV was now over. At that moment, they were attacked from behind by Elias and Bobby Lashley. Shane made a tag match. Good thing Miz wore his gear to the ring instead of a suit like he normally would for MizTV. 

The Miz & Roman Reigns defeated Bobby Lashley & Elias (w/Shane McMahon) via DQ (11:07)

Cole explained the wild card rule and said it was four wrestlers who could appear from the other brand.

Reigns and Miz worked together to knock down the bad guys which led to It Kicks by Miz. Instead of finishing them off with a kick to the head, Miz did a running kick to the chest. As the referee checked on Lashley, Elias hung Miz up over the top rope, then Lashley gave him a Flatliner. After a break, the heels were in control. Shane attacked Miz with the ref distracted.

Elias did the Undertaker’s ropewalk spot, which the crowd didn’t appreciate, and did a double knee strike off the rope, which didn’t look great. Elias went for a cheap shot on Reigns but Reigns just punched him in the face, then Miz hit a DDT.

Miz avoided a charge from Lashley and went for the tag again, but Shane yanked Reigns off the apron and tossed him into the steps for the DQ. The crowd booed as the three heels beat up Miz. With all four guys on the outside, Reigns did a huge Undertaker dive on the pile, which was an impressive sight.

Shane made his own comeback and attacked Reigns, then the heels swarmed him. Miz made the save with a chair shot on Elias, then Reigns took out Lashley with a superman punch as Shane ran away. Instead of running after the man who just attacked them, Reigns and Miz posed in the ring. It felt like the crowd really wanted to see Reigns get the tag but they never got it. 

They aired a long video package for Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles, which was a bit different than their usual package. It included clips of Rollins as a child pretending to be a wrestler and clips of Styles wrestling in WCW.

They aired a replay of Braun Strowman almost killing Sami Zayn in the garbage truck. Charly Caruso caught up to Strowman and asked if he had any regrets about what he did considering Zayn could’ve been seriously hurt.

Strowman said his only regret was that Zayn wasn’t turned into a cube. Strowman went on to say he would become Mr. Monster in the Bank again. A stagehand approached Strowman to let him know Shane wanted to see him in his office. Strowman was unimpressed. 

Zayn was in Shane’s office complaining about Strowman. He blamed the fans because their encouragement is the only reason Strowman acts the way he does. Strowman entered the room. Zayn said they were taking Strowman out of the MITB match and he was getting the spot.

Shane said he couldn’t do that, so Zayn said he would be willing to fight for it. Shane said Strowman already had a match scheduled against Drew McIntyre, so Zayn told him to find something else for McIntyre to do. Zayn was willing to have a falls count anywhere match. Strowman accepted.

Mojo Rawley defeated Apollo Crews (1:08)

Crews landed awkwardly on his leg, so Rawley attacked the leg, hit a running punch in the corner and Alabama Slam for the win. The crowd didn’t care. You’ve probably seen a picture, but Rawley wore face paint. Renee Young said it was meant to represent the shattered mirror. It doesn’t look like that at all.

Alexa Bliss was on the phone with an airline about her missing luggage. She told them she was a celebrity and her stuff should be their priority. Nikki Cross approached her and asked if she was okay. Bliss rambled for a bit. Cross said she’s been here for four weeks and nobody noticed. Bliss didn’t want to bother her but Cross told her she could talk to her. This ended with Bliss convincing Cross to take her spot in tonight’s fatal four-way match. Cross was happy with this. 

Double Contract Signing 

Cole hosted. He introduced Lacey Evans, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch one at a time. Cole asked Lynch if she knew how gruelling it would be defending both titles on Sunday. The crowd chanted “Becky two belts.” Lynch was thrilled and said it was great to be back in London.

Lynch said Charlotte and Evans were both bigger and more athletic, but she didn’t care how big the fight was. Lynch warned Evans what was coming and said she would regret coming after The Man. Lynch told to ask her twin sister Charlotte if she didn’t believe how hard it was to beat her. Charlotte said her big mouth got in her this spot.

Evans thanked Charlotte for dressing appropriately for the contract signing, unlike Lynch who dressed for a fight in a barn. Lynch said Evans must’ve never been in a contract signing before. Lynch said there was more pressure on them than on her and signed both contracts.

Charlotte said beating Ronda Rousey wasn’t enough for Lynch and it was all going to come crashing down. The crowd chanted for Becky again. Charlotte signed the contract. Evans spoke and the crowd booed over her. Evans said Lynch was setting a bad example for the young women with her classless and confusing behaviour.

Evans wanted to bring class back to the Raw title. She signed the contract. Lynch offered a free shot for Evans but she didn’t want to get her dress dirty. Lynch said she would knock the blonde off both of them.

Evans attacked her and Lynch got the better of it. Charlotte attacked Lynch and Lynch got the better of that too until Evans attacked her from behind. Charlotte powerbombed Lynch through the table with an assist from Evans. Charlotte and Evans each posed with a title belt. I think the crowd chanted “Charlotte no belts.” 

Baron Corbin defeated Ricochet (9:30)

Ricochet did a cheesy pre-taped promo before the match where he said winning the contract would be like winning the lottery and destiny would be in his hands. He came across poorly. He was in control of the match until Corbin turned him around with a clothesline, then they went to commercial less than two minutes into the match.

Ricochet came back with a rolling dropkick and flying elbow drop for two. Corbin followed with a Deep Six for a nearfall. Ricochet slipped out of an End of Days and hit a tilt-a-whirl DDT for two. Corbin avoided a 630 but Ricochet caught him with a hurricanrana off the top followed by a standing shooting star press for a nearfall. Corbin then caught him off the ropes and transitioned into End of Days for the pinfall win.

After the match, Corbin grabbed a ladder and climbed it to get the briefcase. Before he could reach it, Ricochet got up and pushed the ladder down, sending Corbin out of the ring. They played Ricochet’s music. 

In the locker room, Rey Mysterio told Charly Caruso that Samoa Joe crossed the line by targeting his son. Cesaro showed up and said it was rude to talk about Joe considering he wasn’t there. Cesaro wondered why Mysterio kept bringing his kid to work. Mysterio said this was none of his business, but Dominic has been training and travelling the road.

Cesaro didn’t care and noted how much taller Dominic was than Mysterio, then wondered if Dominic was even his son. Mysterio attacked him and they brawled until officials broke it up. (Mysterio chucked a suitcase at Cesaro, which was funny.) 

They aired a nice video package for Roman Reigns, covering his career and comeback from leukemia, then immediately plugged his match against Elias at MITB.

Sarah Schreiber interviewed AJ Styles. Styles said people can question him, but the forearm he hit Rollins with last week was meant for Corbin. He said this was Monday Night Rollins--at least it was until he showed up. He said he would walk out of MITB as Universal Champion. They plugged this Styles interview throughout the show and it ended up being nothing. 

Fatal Four-Way match: Nikki Cross defeated Natalya, Naomi and Dana Brooke (9:21)

They aired a series of pre-taped promos. Naomi said she needs this MITB match and there was no one in the match that could compete with her. Brooke said MITB would be a validation of her hard work and she deserved to win. Natalya spoke about her experience and said she’s been in all four women’s MITB ladder matches, including this Sunday’s. Bliss said she won last year and cashed in on the same night, and history would repeat itself.

Cross did her usual entrance with the Sanity music and acted as she always does during the match. Bliss joined commentary. Renee Young told her that the O2 Arena was attached to a mall and she could’ve just bought some stuff. Naomi took everyone out with a dive and they went to break less than two minutes into the match.

Naomi handed out Rear Views and body slammed Brooke onto Natalya, then gave Natalya a split-legged moonsault but Brooke broke up the cover. Brooke set up a ladder on the outside, then did a dive off the second-highest rung onto her three opponents. Natalya launched Brooke into the barricade and took out Naomi with a discus clothesline. Cross then gave Natalya a swinging neckbreaker off the middle rope for the pinfall win.

After the match, Bliss and Cross set up a ladder in the ring. Cross was going to climb it, but Bliss stopped her and climbed it instead. She grabbed the briefcase.

Zayn cut a promo backstage (looking into the camera). He said it was better to be right than the be big and strong and he would find a way to beat Strowman. 

Joe cut a selfie promo. Joe said he didn’t cross the line, Mysterio crossed the line when he brought his boy into WWE. He said somebody needed to teach Dominic how to be a man and Mysterio wasn’t the person to do it. Joe was ready to see Mysterio on Sunday and added, “and Dominic, I hope I see you there too.”

Rey Mysterio defeated Cesaro (10:39)

Mysterio was all over him early on until Cesaro caught him on the outside and swung him twice into the barricade. Mysterio leaped over a charge attempt on the apron and Cesaro ran into the post. Mysterio went to the top but Cesaro knocked him down with an uppercut. Cesaro then did a delayed deadlift vertical suplex, lifting Mysterio over the top rope from the apron into the ring.

After a break, Cesaro was about to attempt a swing, but Mysterio sat up and transitioned into a DDT. Mysterio used a La Magistral cradle for two. Cesaro blocked a 619, then did the swing. Cesaro hit an uppercut and Mysterio landed on the middle rope. The crowd could tell what was next--Cesaro went for a 619 but he missed. Mysterio kicked him and used a Code Red for two.

Mysterio came off the top but Cesaro nailed him with an uppercut for a nearfall. Cesaro tried a powerbomb but Mysterio gave him a hurricanrana onto the middle rope. Mysterio followed with a 619 and frog splash for the pinfall win. Great match. 

They aired replays of the Revival stuff from the past few weeks. Revival cut a backstage promo, calling the Usos weirdo voyeurs. They said the ball was in the Usos’ court if they want a fight and the embarrassment of the Revival stops right now. 

Firefly Fun House

Bray Wyatt had a secret. It was time to show the world what he’s been working on. He’s learned how to harness and control his darkness. He asked if we wanted to see his secret. The camera went dark and revealed Bray’s new look. He wore a creepy mask and leather coat with black and red striped pants. They came back to the live crowd who cheered the video. The dark reveal was appropriately creepy.

Sarah Schreiber interviewed Seth Rollins and told him what Styles said earlier. Rollins didn’t care what he said, because he already showed his true colours. Rollins noted that this wasn’t a first time ever match, they wrestled once before, 15 years ago. They actually aired a clip of their match at NWA No Limits Wrestling in 2006 (video courtesy Doug and Matt Ritter). Rollins said this was his industry and his show. 15 years ago, he looked up to Styles, but on Sunday, it will be Styles looking up at him. This was good. 

Falls Count Anywhere match: Sami Zayn defeated Braun Strowman to qualify for MITB (14:35)

During his entrance, Zayn grabbed a Strowman sign from a fan and wiped his boots on it. Zayn wouldn’t enter the ring, so the referee called for the match to start anyway since it’s falls count anywhere. Strowman ran him over a couple of times with running shoulder tackles on the outside. Zayn ran through the crowd but Strowman caught up to him.

Zayn grabbed somebody’s drink and splashed it in Strowman’s face, then ran to the concourse. Strowman went after him but Zayn hit him with a trash can. Strowman fought back and slammed Zayn into a pillar. Strowman covered him with his boot but Zayn barely kicked out.

Corbin showed up and attacked Strowman with a trash can (which was so light it wouldn’t have hurt anyone, let alone Strowman). Zayn covered Strowman but he kicked out. Corbin continued the attack, then gave him a back suplex through the merchandise table. Zayn covered him again, but again Strowman kicked out. Strowman tossed Corbin into a wall and they went to break.

They returned from break, and just in time, Zayn and Strowman are running down through the crowd. Zayn attacked Strowman with a chair. Strowman blocked another chair shot attempt and knocked Zayn down. Zayn retreated to the back but Strowman knocked him down from behind and tossed him into a garage door.

McIntyre attacked Strowman and gave him a DDT on a steel chair. Zayn got a nearfall. Strowman pushed McIntyre into a TV screen, then dumped a cooler full of drinks onto him. Zayn returned to the stage area and Strowman attacked him with a ladder. Strowman piled a bunch of ladders onto Zayn when Corbin and McIntyre attacked again.  

McIntyre and Corbin gave Strowman a suplex through a ladder. Strowman started to get up but McIntyre took him out with a Claymore kick. Corbin dragged Zayn into the cover (McIntyre and Corbin assisted with the cover) for the pinfall win. Zayn qualifies for MITB.

Zayn celebrated and left. However, Corbin pushed Zayn back toward Strowman, who put Zayn through the announce table with a chokeslam.