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WWE Raw live results: Roman Reigns appears

Date: May 6, 2019
Location: U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, OH

The Big Takeaway --

Vince McMahon spontaneously announced a wild card rule which would allow three, or maybe four, wrestlers from Smackdown to appear on Raw and vice versa each week. The way it was announced and handled, it feels like this could change by next week.

Kofi Kingston beat Daniel Bryan in the main event to retain the WWE Championship.

Also, Sami Zayn was tossed into a garbage truck and The Revival were humiliated again.

Show Recap --

Vince McMahon entered to start the show. McMahon said tonight would be a Raw for the ages, one we would never forget, partially because he was here.

Roman Reigns interrupted. Michael Cole misspoke as he read off his script, saying Reigns was here on “Monday Night Yard.” Reigns got a positive reaction. McMahon warned him not to try punching him again because he has Cincinnati police waiting in the back. McMahon asked who he thought he was appearing on Raw.

Reigns told him to watch his mouth. Reigns said he was a member of Smackdown, but he was on Raw for 4-5 years. He always said he wanted to leave this place better when he left it. A few months ago, McMahon had his spoiled children tell the fans that they were in charge, but really, the spoiled McMahons were still running the show.

Reigns said he didn't take his orders from McMahon, he takes them from the fans. McMahon wondered if he would do whatever the fans wanted. Reigns said he would appear every Monday if the fans kept cheering. McMahon said that would open the floodgates and result in anarchy.

Daniel Bryan came out. McMahon asked Bryan what he was doing out here. Bryan said he was robbed at WrestleMania by Kofi Kingston and has spent the last month in solitude searching for answers. The crowd chanted for Kingston. Bryan wanted to have an intellectual conversation with McMahon.

Kofi Kingston interrupted. Kingston told Bryan that if he had a problem, he should’ve gone straight to him--your WWE heavyweight champion. Bryan was happy to oblige and called him an undeserving champion who didn’t deserve a title shot, then called him a pancake-throwing novelty act. Kingston said he did get a shot and now he was the champ.

McMahon cut them off as they argued. McMahon had an idea called a wild card rule, where he would allow three members of Smackdown to appear on Raw, and vice versa. Kingston wondered if that was really his idea this whole time and sarcastically called him a genius.

Kingston showed up because he saw Reigns’ tweet and didn’t want him hogging all the fun. Bryan responded, “there is nothing about Monday Night Raw that is fun.” Bryan wasn’t here for fun, he wanted a title rematch.

Drew McIntyre interrupted. He admonished Reigns for not listening to McMahon and claimed he got himself drafted to Smackdown to avoid him. McIntyre threatened to take him out with a Claymore kick. Reigns told him to try.

McMahon decided to make two WrestleMania rematches: Reigns vs. McIntyre, as well as Kingston vs. Bryan for the WWE title. McMahon repeatedly said, “I’m brilliant” until AJ Styles interrupted. Cole said this was getting more interesting by the moment, then they cut to commercial. This segment was about 15 minutes long. 

Back from break, only Styles and McMahon were in the ring. Styles wondered what the heck McMahon was doing, randomly bringing in Smackdown guys after he finally wound up on Raw after all this time. In particular, he thought it was interesting Reigns was allowed on Raw along with his buddy Seth Rollins while Styles is owed a title match.

McMahon tried to explain the wild card rule he just came up with. Styles said maybe he would go back to Smackdown tomorrow a grab a couple of friends and bring them to Raw. Rollins interrupted and let Styles know he didn’t build Smackdown--it’s been around for 20 years. It was fine before Styles and it’s been fine without him. Rollins also said Styles showed his true colours by sucker-punching him last week.

Styles said he tried to shake his hand but Rollins threw the title belt in his face. Styles tried to walk away after that, but Rollins kept running his mouth. Styles showed Rollins that he can kick his ass. He didn’t just punch him, he put him through a table. Styles said the difference at Money in the Bank is that Styles would be holding the Universal title when he was done.

Rollins wanted to fight right now. They removed their shirts ready to fight and McMahon said he was putting them in a match--as partners. Rollins didn’t want to tag with Styles, but McMahon didn’t care. Their match was next. McMahon gleefully boasted about how great he was and got booed. The show is now about 25 minutes old. 

Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley defeated Universal Champion Seth Rollins & AJ Styles (18:56)

The good guys hit dives and they went to break 2 minutes into the match. Back from break, the bad guys were in control. The announcers discussed whether Styles and Rollins could get along. Cole said Styles has been the perfect partner so far for Rollins. Styles has been on the apron for about 6 straight minutes as Rollins has been getting beat up.

Rollins gave Corbin a blockbuster and made the hot tag to Styles who hit strikes on Lashley. Corbin distracted Styles and Lashley hit him with a spear through the ropes. Lashley almost landed right on his head. Lashley popped up and laughed at the crowd, so he appeared to be fine. They didn’t show a direct replay, but he appeared to break his fall before hitting his head.

After another break, the good guys were still getting beat up. Rollins made a hot tag and ran wild on Corbin, then hit Lashley with a suicide dive. Rollins then gave Corbin a slingblade and suicide dive. Lashley broke up a cover so Styles took him out with a forearm. Rollins gave Corbin an enziguri and superkick.

Styles went for a Phenomenal forearm but Corbin dodged and he nailed Rollins instead. Styles appeared unconcerned and just left as the crowd lightly booed. Rollins wasn’t paying attention to his opponents, so Corbin gave him End of Days for the pinfall win. Corbin pins the champ. 

They showed the Miz awaiting the arrival of Shane McMahon backstage.

On Smackdown tomorrow, Kevin Owens starts the show and Shane crowns new tag champions. 

Sami Zayn promo

Zayn wondered what the crowd would complain about tonight. They already got Roman Reigns and they’re getting a WWE championship match later. Zayn admitted that the crowd did sound happy when they heard this news. Zayn said the difference between him and the fans was that they would still be stuck with their miserable selves when this was over.

Renee Young said somebody should shut him up as Corey Graves said she should listen to him. Zayn paused as a handful of people chanted “boring.”

Braun Strowman interrupted. Zayn teased that he would fight Strowman, then began leaving through the crowd. Strowman went into the crowd to cut him off. Zayn climbed back over the barricade and ran up the ramp to the back as Strowman chased him. Crowd was dead.

Lucha House Party came out for a match, then they cut to the back where Zayn continued to run away from Strowman (who had to slow down to pretend that he couldn’t catch up to Sami). Zayn ran into a dead end. He opened a garage door and tried to escape, but Strowman grabbed him and tossed him into a dumpster.

Strowman was about to leave then heard garbage truck approaching the dumpster. Strowman didn’t bother stopping the driver as the truck emptied the contents of the dumpster. They came back to the live crowd who didn’t react to this at all. This sucked. 

6-man tag match: Lucha House Party defeated three jobbers (1:06) 

Kalisto hit Salida del Sol, Gran Metalik hit a flying elbow drop, and Lince Dorado hit a shooting star press for the pinfall win.

Natalya and Naomi opened invitations they received from Lacey Evans, who invited them to watch her match from ringside tonight and said they had to wear formal attire. Dana Brooke showed up and said she got one too. Naomi thought it was interesting they all got one considering they’re all in Money in the Bank. They made fun of her and disbanded. 

Ricochet defeated Robert Roode to retain his MITB ladder match spot (4:20)

They rationally explained why Roode was getting this match for Ricochet’s spot in the MITB ladder match, then Young said it was ridiculous that Roode politicked his way into this match. Ricochet won with the 630. Crowd was dead.

Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio for the U.S. title was announced for MITB. Backstage, Mysterio introduced Dominic to Heath Slater. Mysterio went to his locker room and asked Dominic to grab them some water. Dominic went on his way, then Joe suddenly appeared to follow him. (The way this was shot, there’s no way Mysterio wouldn’t have seen Joe coming.) 

Back from break, Joe introduced himself to Dominic. He knows Dominic has been around the business, with his dad Rey and his “uncle” Eddie (he did air quotes around “uncle”). Joe reminded Dominic what he did to Mysterio at Mania told him to warn Rey that he looked forward to defending his title at Money in the Bank. 

Lacey Evans defeated Allie Catrina (Alyx $ky) (0:39)

Evans won with a “women’s right.” Natalya, Naomi, Brooke and Alexa Bliss had all come out to watch from ringside, for some reason.

After her match, Evans warned them all what would happen if they tried cashing in on her after she wins the title. It was a very wordy promo and the crowd was getting restless. Becky Lynch interrupted. (I don’t know this, but it felt like she was sent out early to cut off this promo.) Lynch attacked Evans who escaped a Disarmer and left. 

Daniel Bryan cut a promo where he looked directly at the camera, instead of being interviewed by someone. Bryan said Kingston’s shilling of consumerism was a threat to our existence and he had no choice but to eliminate him as a role model. He said Kingston was no champion or role model, he was just masquerading as one. Bryan would re-emerge as the planet’s champion. 

The Usos were shown skulking around backstage. 

The Viking Raiders defeated Raw Tag Team Champions Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins in a non-title match (2:47)

Ryder and Hawkins got a lot of offense in a short match, but the Viking Raiders won with the Viking Experience (combo powerslam). Crowd was dead. 

Firefly Fun House

The buzzard puppet decapitated the rabbit puppet. Bray Wyatt also had some kids on his show for a picnic, but they all looked completely miserable, which was funny.

Rollins cut a promo backstage, also looking directly at the camera. Rollins said Styles made his point by hitting him in the mouth two straight weeks. He said next time Styles walked away from him, it would be with two black eyes and a broken face. (It’s a small change, but hopefully these promos continue instead of the usual backstage interviews.) 

Roman Reigns defeated Drew McIntyre via DQ (14:12)

Reigns tried a drive-by dropkick but McIntyre cut him off with a boot, then gave him a reverse Alabama Slam onto the edge of the ring. Back from a break, they traded strikes until McIntyre nailed a headbutt for a two count. Reigns came back with a DDT where he spiked McIntyre for two.

Reigns went for a superman punch on the outside but McIntyre again cut him off with a boot, then tossed him into the steps. McIntyre followed with a swinging side slam for a nearfall. The crowd chanted “let’s go Roman.” McIntyre flew off the top rope but Reigns nailed a superman punch for a nearfall.

Reigns went for a spear which led to another strike exchange, but Reigns got the better of it and hit the spear. He had the match won but Shane McMahon broke up the cover for the DQ. Shane and Elias beat up Reigns until Miz ran out with a chair, chasing away Shane. Elias picked up Reigns so McIntyre could take him out with a Claymore kick. Match was good until the finish.

Cole wondered about the wild card rule because Elias was also from Smackdown.

They cut backstage where Shane was running from Miz. He hid behind a wall and Miz ran right by him. Charly Caruso tried to interview Shane but he took off. She had the cameras follow him as he scampered toward a limo. Miz appeared and attacked him with the chair. Shane kicked him in the nuts and escaped in the limo.

They aired a recap of Kingston winning the WWE title at Mania. 

They showed a replay of Zayn getting dumped in the garbage truck. They provided no updated on whether he was alive or dead.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. The Revival

The match didn’t happen. They aired a replay of the back shaving skit from last week. The Usos came out on the stage and plugged “Ucey Hot,” a product presumably made by the same company as Christian’s ass cream.

Basically, the Usos sabotaged the Revival, who suddenly had a reaction in their trunks from unknowingly using Ucey Hot. They started rubbing their crotches with their shirts, then crawled around, rubbing their crotches against the mat. The Usos offered them some water, which they poured on their crotches. Usos let them know they were supposed to drink the water, not pour it on themselves. It just got worse. Revival ran off. Yup.

Kingston cut a promo, also looking directly at the camera. He showed that the impossible was possible. He would retain the title and send Bryan to where he came from.

Lars Sullivan beat up No Way Jose and his friends. Sullivan is now at least the fifth member of Smackdown to appear tonight.

They showed a video of Naomi being inducted into the Boys and Girls Club Alumni Hall of Fame. They said she was the first woman from WWE to receive the honour. 

Backstage, Vince was on the phone with someone who said Elias and Shane didn’t count as part of the wild card rule. Lars busted into his office. Vince told the person on the phone it was now four individuals from each show who could appear on the other brand. We’ll find out tomorrow what the actual number is, until next week.

Kofi Kingston defeated Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Championship (17:22)

Bryan was all over Kingston with running corner dropkicks, but Kingston cut him off with a clothesline and dive to the outside. They said this was the first WWE Championship defense on Raw in about 3 years, and they went to break 43 seconds into the match.

Back from break, Kingston was in control. Bryan tried a monkey flip but Kingston landed on his feet. Bryan responded by chucking Kingston off the turnbuckle to the outside, then twice drove him shoulder-first into the post. Kingston fought back but Bryan caught him with a double underhook suplex into an armbar. Kingston blocked the armbar, then rolled out of a LeBell lock and kicked Bryan right in the head. They collided with crossbody attempts, leading to a break.

Bryan gave Kingston a back body drop to the outside and Kingston landed hard. The referee checked on him before continuing. Bryan drove him into the barricade, then tried driving him into the steps, but Kingston climbed the steps and ropes and nailed a dive. Kingston followed with a flying crossbody in the ring for two.

Bryan applied the LeBell lock but Kingston got his foot on the rope. Bryan followed with Yes kicks to the shoulder. Kingston fought back with kicks of his own, followed by a clothesline and leg drop. Kingston went for a Trouble in Paradise but Bryan hit a dropkick, then nailed a German suplex into a pin for a two count.

Bryan missed a running knee, then Kingston missed the Trouble in Paradise. Bryan went for the LeBell lock again, but Kingston slipped out and hit the Trouble in Paradise for the win. Kingston retains. Good match.

They went off the air with Cole wondering which Raw wrestlers would appear on Smackdown. 

Final Thoughts --

The main event was strong and the Reigns/McIntyre match was fine, but despite the stars from Smackdown and the arbitrary new rule, this show was somehow worse than usual.

There was one women’s match on the show and it was 39 seconds.