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WWE Raw live results: SummerSlam go-home show

Date: August 17, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

A talk-heavy Raw show ended with Randy Orton attacking Shawn Michaels and Drew McIntyre. 

Rey Mysterio returned. He and Dominik attacked Seth Rollins and Murphy with kendo sticks. 

There were 8 matches on Raw and 6 of them were under 4 minutes. One of them was the return of Mickie James, who lost via countout in a match you couldn’t really watch because the camera was focused mostly on Seth Rollins. 

If there was any doubt, the future looks bleak for Ricochet and Mustafa Ali. 

Read more below. 

Show Recap -- 

The signature video that opens every WWE show cut in and out. (Of course, the Raw intro played without a problem.) Tom Phillips apologized for the technical difficulty and mentioned the issues they’ve been having with Retribution. 

They teased that Rey Mysterio may be on Raw tonight. Asuka will team with Shayna Baszler against Bayley and Sasha Banks. Shawn Michaels appears as well. 

Drew McIntyre entered to start the show. They’ve added a sword sound effect to the beginning of his theme music. There was a long video recap of last week’s angle with Randy Orton and Ric Flair. They’ve added “You’ll never see it coming” as a tagline for McIntyre vs. Orton (referring to their finishers). 

McIntyre spoke about what Orton did to Flair. McIntyre said Orton grew up around Flair and called him evil for what he did. McIntyre said Orton wasn’t facing a defenceless old man, he’s facing a pissed off, 6’5”, fire-breathing dragon. 

As McIntyre spoke, there was more technical difficulty. Random clips and graphics appeared on the screen. He kept cutting his promo not realizing what was happening. 

A cameraman found the production truck where Retribution were antagonizing the production team. They threatened one of the guys and demanded he “shut it off.” The guy pushed a button and the screen went black which led to commercials. 

After a break, Phillips recapped what happened and they showed a replay. 

The Viking Raiders, Titus O’Neil, Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, Riddick Moss and Humberto Carrillo and Akira Tozawa were in the back talking about what just happened. McIntyre approached them. Before he could speak, O’Neil asked him about Flair’s condition. McIntyre said Flair would be fine. 

McIntyre was tired of Retribution coming into his house and taking a dump in his backyard. Seth Rollins showed up and questioned McIntyre’s leadership. McIntyre said Rollins has been making the same speech for years and people still don’t take him seriously. They argued for a while. 

Ricochet chimed in and said Rollins was going to get a receipt for what he did to Dominik. He and Alexander heard from a birdie that Mysterio was going to be here tonight. Rollins said that was impossible. Rollins and McIntyre argued some more until McIntyre was ready to attack him. Murphy stepped in the way and the other wrestlers held back McIntyre. 

MVP came out with Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley for more talking. There were production issues again during their entrance. MVP cut the same promo as last week until Apollo Crews interrupted like he did last week. 

MVP said Crews was nothing before winning the US title and was afraid to lose it because he would go back to catering. Crews said that was true and that’s why he would do everything he could to defend it. 

Crews had an offer. If he can beat Benjamin tonight, MVP can’t have Benjamin or Lashley in his corner at SummerSlam. MVP sent Benjamin and Lashley after Crews but he evaded them and they went to break. 

US Champion Apollo Crews defeated Shelton Benjamin (w/MVP & Bobby Lashley) in a non-title match 

The first match of the evening began at 8:26pm. Two minutes later, R-Truth ran through the ring while trying to escape Tozawa and his ninjas. Benjamin even tossed one of the ninjas from the ring. Crews then caught him in a jackknife cover for the pinfall win. 

The Hurt Business attacked Crews but he was saved by Ali, Ricochet and Alexander. Lashley got Alexander in the full nelson, which Phillips called the “Full Lashley” like that’s been the move’s name this entire time, and it took all of the other babyfaces to get him off of Alexander. 

Truth ran back toward ringside and Benjamin took him down and pinned him to win the 24/7 title. MVP wasn’t happy with what just happened so he challenged the good guys to a six-man elimination match later tonight. Awful segment. 

Angel Garza was in the back flirting with Demi Burnett from The Bachelor. Ivar showed up, gave her a turkey leg and ensured her it wasn’t poisoned by Garza. Garza said he would beat Ivar in their match before throwing down the turkey leg. Ivar made a new turkey leg appear magically like Thor’s hammer. (Someone off-screen just lobbed it to him.) 

Phillips plugged the ThunderDome. 

Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega & Andrade) defeated Ivar (w/Erik) (3:53) 

Ivar was about to go for a dive but Vega was in the way. As Ivar re-entered the ring, Garza caught him with a kick to the head. Garza followed with a dropkick to the head for a pinfall win. Nothing match and weak finish. 

After the match, Angelo Dawkins appeared on the screen with Burnett. Dawkins questioned Garza’s attire and made a crack about his involvement with Charly Caruso. Dawkins also questioned the company that Garza kept. 

Garza seemed worried and ran to the back. Samoa Joe mentioned a video he heard about that’s going to make things very interesting. Vega confronted Joe about this because she didn’t know anything about it. Joe mentioned that WWE security has been going through countless hours of footage and they found something interesting with Garza. 

They showed images of Dominik’s bruised body. 

Dawkins asked Burnett for her number. Garza ran in and was joined soon after by Vega and Andrade. They all tried grabbing Dawkins’ phone. Caruso showed up and wondered what was going on. Dawkins told them to play the footage. The footage appeared to show Vega spiking Montez Ford’s drink. Vega had a look of guilt on her face. 

Vega bickered with Caruso and blamed it on her. Dawkins shouted at Vega for poisoning Ford. Ford ran in and they attacked Vega’s clients until they ran away. 

Natalya (w/Lana) defeated Mickie James via countout (3:11) 

Two minutes into the match, Rollins and Murphy marched out to confront Joe. Rollins wanted to know how Joe knew that Mysterio would be here tonight and wanted to know his source. They argued as the women wrestled in the background. Natalya won by countount somehow. I had to go back and check. Natalya shoved James off the top rope and that was it. 

After the match, Rollins yelled at Joe. He said if Mysterio and Dominik show up tonight, it will be the last mistake either of them makes and neither would make it to SummerSlam. 

Ten minutes of wrestling across three matches in the first hour. 

[Second hour] 

Bayley and Banks entered for more talking. They were excited for Sunday and called Asuka stupid for taking them both on at SummerSlam. Banks and Bayley pretended to argue over who should beat her first. Bayley offered to beat Asuka first which would allow Banks to win without breaking a sweat. 

Baszler interrupted. She said she wanted whoever the Raw Women’s champion was after SummerSlam. Asuka entered to talk too. Asuka said she and Baszler would team tonight before they eventually fight for the title. 

Asuka & Shayna Baszler defeated SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley & Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks (12:00) 

One minute into the match, Nia Jax attacked Baszler from the audience by knocking a section of plexiglass into her. This was not a DQ. Pat Buck and other officials came out to yell at Jax. Baszler attacked her and they brawled into the crowd. Asuka knocked her opponents off the apron and they went to break two minutes into the match. 

Bayley and Banks were in control after the break and they didn’t show how that happened or explain it. Banks gave Asuka a backstabber and put her in a crossface when Baszler ran down and jumped back on the apron. Baszler made the hot tag and hit a few strikes. Banks caught her with a backstabber and Bayley followed with a Bayley-to-belly for a nearfall. 

Baszler gave Bayley a gut-wrench slam, knee strike and put her in the Kirifuda clutch but Banks broke it up. Asuka attacked Banks and put her in the Asuka Lock on the outside. Baszler then tapped out Bayley with the Kirifuda clutch. The last few minutes were good. 

They congratulated Titus O’Neil on winning the Cynopsis Sentinel Award. 

There was a video package of the Rollins/Mysterio/Dominik storyline. 

Crews thanked Ali, Alexander and Ricochet for helping him out. Crews let Ricochet and Ali know that they would be his partners tonight. Alexander questioned why he didn’t get chosen. Crews thought he just needed a break after being put in the full nelson. Alexander seemed fine with this and they all walked off together. 

After they left, the camera remained on and Randy Orton walked into the now unoccupied space that happens to be in front of the camera. That was it. 

Shawn Michaels approached McIntyre backstage. Michaels understood how he felt and said he needed to kick Orton’s head off on Sunday. McIntyre credited Michaels for part of his success because they got to work together when he joined NXT. McIntyre was worried he let down Michaels after everything Orton’s done to Edge, Christian, Big Show and Flair under his watch. 

Michaels said he hasn’t let anyone down and all that adversity was made for him. Michaels said he earned his spot. Michaels also wanted a favour from McIntyre: give him his space when he goes to the ring to address Orton. 

Elsewhere, the IIconics approached Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan to mock them. Billie Kay said her shoulder was hurt so Peyton Royce was taking her place tonight against Ruby. Royce seemed caught off guard by this but said she would do anything for her friend. She also called Morgan trash. Ruby was pissed off but Morgan held her back and they left. 

The IIconics noticed something and the camera expanded to reveal Baszler speaking with Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke. 

There was a Retribution video package. Nice of WWE to highlight the group that’s terrorizing their show. 

Peyton Royce (w/Billie Kay) defeated Ruby Riott (w/Liv Morgan) (2:53) 

Morgan and Ruby argued with Kay on the outside. Royce pushed Ruby into Morgan. Royce then slid Ruby back in the ring and gave her a spinning brainbuster for the win. As the IIconics were leaving, Kay called Ruby and Morgan a bunch of losers. She’s right. 

Raw Underground kicked off at 9:53pm. Dolph Ziggler watched with Shane McMahon. Erik beat some guy with a series of knee strikes. Ziggler gave Erik a score of 4 out of 10. Erik invited him into the ring. Ziggler hesitated before agreeing to fight. 

Erik seemed to be getting the better of it when Ziggler caught him in a headlock. Erik almost fought of it but Ziggler poked him right in the eye. Erik passed out. Ziggler won. Ivar ran over Ziggler and sent him into a pile of bodies. Shane asked if everyone was okay and promised more later tonight. 

[Third hour] 

Rey Mysterio / Dominik segment 

Mysterio and Dominik came out together. Mysterio had a covering over his right eye. Mysterio said he has felt nothing but pain since Extreme Rules. Not only because of what Rollins did to his eye but because of what Rollins and Murphy did to Dominik last week. Mysterio felt rage not being able to protect him. 

Mysterio said it should have been him taking that beating, not Dominik. Mysterio was not fully recovered and he may never be but there was no doctor on earth who would stop him from protecting his son. Mysterio said he would be on Dominik’s corner to watch him kick Rollins’ ass in a street fight. 

Dominik said he knew what he was signing up for when he signed the contract. He said he would be ready at SummerSlam. Mysterio hugged him. Mysterio was a proud father. Mysterio said Rollins wouldn’t make it to SummerSlam if he got near them. 

Rolins and Murphy appeared on the screen. Rollins couldn’t believe Mysterio was putting his son in this position. Rollins rambled on about the greater good. He said the Mysterio name would make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. 

Mysterio invited him to the ring. Rollins thought that was funny and told them not to move. Rollins and Murphy entered. Mysterio and Dominik left the ring. Rollins wondered why Mysterio even challenged him to come out. 

Mysterio distracted them while Dominick grabbed two kendo sticks. Dominik attacked both men and gave one stick to Mysterio. They both attacked Rollins and almost tied him up in the ropes but Murphy got in the way. They attacked Murphy but that allowed Rollins to escape. This was pretty good. 

MVP approached Alexander and said he understood his frustration — sitting in the back when you should be in the ring. MVP said it’s happened to him but not because of his own friends. Alexander didn’t want to hear it. MVP said Crews must think he’s the weak link. MVP left and Alexander was frustrated. 

Back at Raw Underground for Arturo Ruas vs. Riddick Moss who both won last week. Even in Raw Underground, they had a non-finish. They had an even fight that ended when Ruas had a kneebar locked in but Moss rolled them to the outside. Shane was impressed with them and got in the middle of them so they wouldn’t keep fighting. 

Six-man tag elimination match: MVP, Shelton Benjamin & Bobby Lashley defeated US Champion Apollo Crews, Ricochet & Mustafa Ali (10:51) 

Lashley eliminated Ali via pinfall at 1:35 with a Dominator variation. Benjamin eliminated Ricochet via pinfall moments later at 2:15 with a Paydirt. Brutal. 

Crews eliminated Benjamin at 2:56 with a spinning powerbomb. After MVP entered the ring, Alexander rolled up Benjamin on the outside to win the 24/7 title. Commercial break. 

MVP worked over Crews until Crews managed to hit him with the spinning powerbomb for the pinfall elimination around the 9:40 mark. Lashley immediately attacked but Crews fought back with enziguris and a standing moonsault for two. Crews slipped out of a full nelson but Lashley followed with a spear for the pinfall win. 

Baszler, Shafir and Duke spoke with Shane in the back.  

Cedric Alexander defeated Akira Tozawa to retain the 24/7 Championship (1:24) 

Alexander won with a Lumbar Check. 

As Alexander celebrated, Benjamin flew in and gave him a Paydirt to win the title back. 

Ivar and Ziggler fight on Underground next week. 

Back at Underground. Marina Shafir beat someone (Brandi Lauren I believe) via submission with a leglock. 

Nia Jax knocked down Shafir from behind. She also kicked Duke who was watching. 

Baszler jumped in and Shane told them to start the match. The rang the bell but Jax bailed. She kicked Shafir on the way out. Shafir got up and stood tall with Baszler and Duke as the segment ended. 

Montez Ford (w/Angelo Dawkins) defeated Andrade (w/Zelina Vega & Angel Garza) (2:59) 

Ford did a flip dive so big that he slid half-way up the ramp upon landing. Vega tried distracting Ford but Belair showed up and slammed her on the outside. Ford used a schoolboy for the pinfall win. 

Shawn Michaels segment 

Michaels entered with seven minutes left in the show. He wore an NXT hat. 

Michaels showed a replay of Flair’s promo. He said he watched it last week with tears in his eyes. He recalled Flair being on his deathbed and how difficult that was for him. He said Flair loved performing more than anyone and without him, there would be no Michaels, no Triple H, no Batista, no Edge, no Christian, no Big Show and no Drew McIntyre. 

There would be no Orton either, but unlike the rest of them, Orton didn’t appreciate Flair like they did despite being mentored by him for years. Orton felt like he was owed that. 

Michaels said there would be justice at SummerSlam, whether it was from a Sweet Chin Music or Claymore Kick. 

Orton suddenly appeared behind Michaels and gave him an RKO (which knocked off his hat and exposed his old man hair). Orton swiftly punted him as well. McIntyre sprinted down and Orton bailed. 

McIntyre checked on Michaels when Orton jumped back in and tried to attack but McIntyre fought him off. McIntyre tossed him around ringside and chucked him over the announce desk. 

McIntyre went back in to check on Michaels so, of course, Orton popped back in and gave him an RKO. McIntyre got to his feet and stared down Orton (instead of going after him) as the show ended. 

Michaels and McIntyre are the only two people in the world who didn’t see this coming.