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WWE Raw spoilers: United States title match

Report submitted by Parker Klyn

With it being Christmas week, tonight's episode of Raw was taped at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa after last Monday's show. Here are the full results:

- Kevin Owens came out for a promo. Before he even got started, Mojo Rawley interrupted. This led to them having a no DQ match.

- Kevin Owens defeated Mojo Rawley in 7:00

Owens won after a stunner and a pop-up powerbomb through a table. Owens called Rawley a “little bitch” afterwards and called out Seth Rollins and AOP. 

After a break, Rollins and AOP came out. Rollins offered Owens a handshake, but Owens attacked with a superkick. AOP beat Owens down and the heels stood tall.

- Bobby Lashley (w/ Lana) defeated Cedric Alexander in 11:00

Lashley won with a spear. Lana started talking a couple minutes in and got in the ring, imploring Alexander to “show respect.” The Lashley/Lana wedding will be live on December 30. 

- Drew McIntyre defeated Zack Ryder (w/ Curt Hawkins) in 2:00

Squash. McIntyre won with the Claymore Kick. He then attacked Ryder with his old Future Shock DDT after the match, as well as another Claymore on Hawkins. McIntyre cut a genuinely funny promo afterward. He promised that 2020 belongs to him.

- Becky Lynch cut a simple promo calling out Asuka. Asuka came out with Kairi Sane. She cut a promo in English and then a great one in Japanese. “Asuka Two-Belts” is her goal. Becky replied with “any time, any place” in Japanese.

- Aleister Black defeated a local competitor in 0:15

Squash. Black won with the Black Mass. Before Black could even get up the ramp...

- Buddy Murphy defeated a local competitor in 0:15

Another Squash. Murphy won with Murphy’s Law.

Black came back out and they had a staredown. Black extended a handshake, but Murphy shoved him out of the way. Black then laid out Murphy with a Black Mass from behind.

- Ricochet defeated Tony Nese in 2:00

Ricochet won with the Recoil. 

- Charlotte Flair defeated Chelsea Green in 5:00

Flair won with the Figure Eight.

- The O.C .(AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, & Karl Anderson) defeated Randy Orton & The Viking Raiders (Ivar & Erik) in 12:00

Styles pinned Orton with the Phenomenal Forearm. They are now 1-1.

- Erick Rowan defeated a local competitor in 1:00

The enhancement wrestler gave Rowan a candy cane to distract him while he went for Rowan’s cage. Rowan attacked on the outside and pinned the jobber after two claw chokeslams. Still no hint of what’s under Rowan’s canvas.

- Rusev came out to a great reaction. Only Orton got a bigger reaction than him all night. He cut a promo on Bobby Lashley, saying he’s thrilled that Lashley’s marrying Lana because he can’t imagine a worse punishment. No Way Jose came out for their match with the conga line.

- Rusev defeated No Way Jose in 0:30

Rusev won with the Machka Kick, then they danced together afterwards.

- United States Champion Rey Mysterio defeated Seth Rollins (w/ AOP) by DQ in 8:00 to retain his title

Mysterio hit the 619 but AOP interfered during the splash attempt, causing the DQ. 

Afterwards, the heels beat down Rey and cleared the announce table to put him through it. Samoa Joe, who had been doing commentary, stood up to them, ready for a fight. He’s officially turned babyface. AOP then attacked and overwhelmed Joe with the numbers advantage.

Rollins then hit the stomp on Mysterio in the stage, and AOP put Joe through the announcer’s table with their combo powerbomb. Joe looked like he hit his head on the support portion of the table -- really nasty.