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WWE SmackDown live results: AJ Styles vs. James Ellsworth

Date: December 6, 2016
Location: Toyota Center in Houston, TX

The Big Takeaway --

James Ellsworth cost Dean Ambrose another championship match. AJ Styles couldn’t defend his WWE title thanks to an ankle injury, so Ambrose was giving an IC title shot against The Miz instead. Ambrose had the match won, but Ellsworth distracted the referee allowing Miz to pick up the win.

Also, The Wyatt Family successfully defended the tag titles in a rematch against Slater & Rhyno, Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss are building to a rematch down the line, and Dolph Ziggler was not on the show.

Show Recap -- 

The show started with a very dramatic recap of the TLC match on Sunday.

AJ Styles came out to a mixed reaction wearing a longsleeve t-shirt, jeans, and a walking boot over his left leg. Styles seemed upset, but he was just screwing with the crowd and proudly showed a picture of the hole in his tights from Sunday. He said it looked good and called the crowd “gullible geeks.”

Styles said he destroyed Dean Ambrose, and it was worth it if it meant one week in a boot. However, that meant he wasn’t cleared to wrestle James Ellsworth tonight. That brought out Ellsworth. He got the “Ellsworth” chant, but that led to some booing from the rest of the crowd. Ellsworth accused Styles of faking his injury. He figured either Daniel Bryan was protecting him, or Styles was ducking him. Ellsworth reminded Styles that he’s only the champion because of him.

Styles called him delusional. He said Ellsworth had Ambrose to thank for everything, but he burned that bridge and now Ambrose won’t stop until Ellsworth’s entire face is caved in, not just his chin. That brought out Ambrose who walked to the ring, gave Ellsworth a Dirty Deeds, turned around and left--all as his music played. Styles watched in amusement from ringside.

The Wyatt Family appeared on the screen. “We’re here.” Tag title rematch is next.

Tag Team Championship: Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton (w/Luke Harper) defeated Heath Slater & Rhyno

The Wyatts worked over Rhyno until Slater made the hot tag. He got a nearfall on Orton after a neckbreaker, but they quickly cut him off and tossed Rhyno to the outside. Bray was about to hit Sister Abigail, but he tagged in Orton who nailed an RKO for the win. Very definitive finish to say the least.

Backstage, Dasha Fuentes asked Kalisto why he would request a rematch against Baron Corbin. Kalisto said he had speed as an advantage, and speed kills.

Carmella vs. Natalya

JBL dropped a line about Mauro Ranallo knowing a lot about Twitter, “especially lately.” Carmella grabbed a mic because she wanted to say something before Natalya “waddled” to the ring. She claimed Natalya has been bragging about attacking Nikki Bella and accused Natalya being jealous. She rambled for a while as the crowd yelled “What” at her.

The match never happened. Natalya tackled Carmella before the match could start. Carmella ran away so Natalya chased her to the back. Natalya bumped into Nikki backstage and pleaded with her, but Nikki left without saying anything.

Fuentes caught up to Baron Corbin backstage and sort of asked him about Kalisto. (She finished her question by saying, “there’s no denying his speed,” which isn’t a question.) Corbin compared Kalisto to a mosquito because they get squashed when they land on him. Lame.

The Hype Bros defeated The Ascension

Each team did inset promos. Ascension said they would rise from the darkness and the Hype Bros said they were after the tag titles. Ryder and Rawley won quickly with the Hype Ryder.

They plugged 205 Live with Rich Swann vs. Brian Kendrick.

MizTV with Dean Ambrose

Miz and Maryse came out to boos and Miz asked where his “You deserve it” chants were. Miz said Dolph Ziggler was permanently in his rearview mirror and introduced Ambrose. Miz tried to egg him on and asked how angry he must be. Ambrose said he wasn’t angry, Miz has never seen him angry. He was surprised though, after everything he did for Ellsworth.

Miz accused him of using Ellsworth for his own agenda and deserved what he got. He said Ambrose also robbed them of seeing Ellsworth vs. Styles tonight and reminded Ambrose of his loss. Ambrose stood up, got in Miz’s face and said it always surprises him when somebody deliberately tries to piss him off.

Miz stood behind Maryse and reminded Ambrose again he came up empty handed at TLC. However, Miz had a gift for Ambrose -- the first ever Miz Participation Award, which is a framed picture of Miz and Maryse. The crowd chanted “You deserve it,” which was funny.

Miz congratulated him for trying. Ambrose said he was about to try shoving the award down his throat when Daniel Bryan interrupted. Bryan didn’t want Ambrose to attack Miz because he would rather see them in a match in the main event. The crowd chanted “Yes.” Bryan asked if they were doing that because they wanted an IC Title match. They chanted “Yes” again, so he made it official. Miz was pissed. Ambrose seemed content with all this.

Baron Corbin defeated Kalisto 

Corbin will be on SportsCenter this week. Corbin is back to wearing a t-shirt to wrestle and Kalisto is back to his long tights. With Corbin standing outside the ring, Kalisto hit a moonsault off the top, followed by a tornado DDT and spike-rana for a two count. Kalisto tried a tilt-a-whirl move, but Corbin countered into End of Days for the win. Match was only about 3 minutes.

Sad-faced Nikki Bella bumped into her 13 year old guest Sophia Grace, who is just walking around alone backstage. I guess they let Bret Hart’s kid do that. Anyway, they talked about stuff and Nikki was not sad anymore.

They aired a segment from earlier today of Breezango giving American Alpha tickets for being ugly. Chad Gable told them to shove it.

Chad Gable (w/Jason Jordan) defeated Tyler Breeze (w/Fandango)

Fandango tried to get involved, so Jordan gave him a belly-to-belly on the outside. Gable won quickly with an O'Connor roll into a bridging German suplex.

Alexa Bliss' Championship Celebration 

Bliss posed with the title to a big pyro display. “Ding dong, the witch is champ.” She referenced what Becky Lynch said about her last week and responded, “This little bitch now runs the whole SmackDown division.” Lynch interrupted.

Lynch admitted she didn’t get the job done on Sunday, but she couldn’t stand that a petulant little girl was on top. Bliss said you can call her whatever you want, as long as you call her the champion. Lynch wanted her rematch right now. Bliss teased accepting, but left. This was a really short segment, but it was fine for what it was.

Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (w/Maryse) vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose had to stop himself on a suicide dive attempt because Miz put Maryse in his way. Ambrose went out after him and tossed him into the barricade. They went to commercial 90 seconds into the match. After the break, Miz was suddenly in control and used the Bryan running dropkicks in the corner.

Ambrose came back with with forearms, a bulldog and la magistral cradle for two. They traded counters leading to Miz kicking Ambrose’s leg out of his leg. Miz blocked a dropkick attempt and applied the Figure Four, but Ambrose got to the ropes. JBL and Otunga continued to jab Ranallo about Twitter.

Ambrose hit a suicide dive and followed with a rollup in the ring for a nearfall. Miz countered with a DDT for two. Miz followed with weak Yes-kicks, but Ambrose ducked the last one and hit a rebound clothesline. Ambrose then went to the top, but Maryse crotched him as Miz distracted the referee. This led to a flying knee by Miz, but Ambrose kicked out.

This brought out Ellsworth. Miz went for the Figure Four and Ellsworth jumped on the apron to complain about Maryse. Ambrose countered the Figure Four into a small package, but the ref was distracted. Ambrose got up to see Ellsworth on the apron, but Miz caught him from behind with skull crushing finale for the win.

Final Thoughts --

This was a weak show. I didn’t like the follow-up to Ambrose getting blatantly screwed by Ellsworth at TLC. Styles’ injury likely tossed a wrench into whatever their original plan was, but Ambrose came off poorly either way. It seemed like everyone was expecting Ambrose to murder Ellsworth, but he didn’t seem to care too much and was content delivering a DDT as payback. I suppose they want to keep both guys faces for now, and they figured Ambrose violently attacking Ellsworth wouldn’t work. But is Ambrose supposed to be more upset now that he lost the Intercontinental title instead of the World title?