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WWE Superstars results: A hot crowd in Glasgow enhances the action

Darren Young v Bo Dallas

The Big Takeaway: A wonderful crowd made Neville’s win against Titus O’Neil and Bo Dallas vs. Darren Young very entertaining.


Neville defeated Titus O’Neil (4:56)

In Glasgow, the huge pop for Neville is contrasted by the dead reaction for Titus O’Neil. O'Neil feels it and certainly makes amends for this throughout the match, playing the crowd very nicely indeed.

They face off in the middle of the ring and exchange slaps. The crowd react to everything and makes this seem like a PPV main event rather than what it is. O’Neil runs into the boot of Neville and rolls outside, then Neville does a senton over the top rope.

He rolls O’Neil back inside and goes up to the top rope, but his crossbody is caught in mid-air by O'Neil who hits Neville with backbreakers and a big boot. Neville kicks out at two.

O’Neil toys with Neville as "Let’s go Neville" chants pick up. O’Neil is clearly enjoying this hot crowd and mocks them and Neville. After another backbreaker and a kick out, Neville manages to take out his legs with kicks and then dodges the charge and sets up for the Red Arrow. He connects and the crowd chant along with the count. Boy does a hot a crowd make a significant difference to this show.

Bo Dallas defeated Darren Young (8:51)

The story here is that Young is without his life coach, Bob Backlund, and so can’t get it done on his own. On the bell, Dallas rolls outside and raises his "Bo-Lieve in Bo" sign and the crowd ironically cheers it.

He then goes back in the ring and barges Young to the mat. He goes outside again and does the same thing. This time, Young gets Dallas with a waist lock takedown into a fireman’s carry. He rings the arm and then does another fireman’s carry.

Young leg drops the left arm and then does the same again. He bridges the pin but Dallas kicks out. He signals the crossface chickenwing to the crowd but Dallas escapes as we head to a break.

Dallas throws Young around outside the ring as we return. Young sells and takes a six count until Dallas breaks the count with a lariat to the matting. The ref begins the count again as the crowd chant the wrong number, but Young rolls back in at nine.

Dallas locks on a cravat. Young escapes with a back suplex and after taking two clotheslines, Dallas goes to a rear chinlock. Young fires up with chops and clotheslines. He hits an overhead belly-to-belly and tries for the Gut Check but Dallas escapes. Dallas wins with a downward spiral.