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WWE Superstars results: The Social Outcasts explode

Curtis Axel v Bo Dallas

The Big Takeaway: This week, the UnBoLievable Bo Dallas faced off against Curtis Axel. Plus, Jinder Mahal took on Sin Cara.


Sin Cara defeated Jinder Mahal (5:01)

On the bell, Sin Cara arm drags Jinder Mahal and does a kip-up, while a baffled Mahal finds the ropes. Mahal kicks and punches Sin Cara, then they chain and he is back body dropped by Sin Cara, who then slows things down with an armbar.

Mahal begins to bully Sin Cara to a rain of boos and he uses the middle rope to choke his opponent. He covers him for two and wipes his hands as if he's done with the luchador already.

Mahal applies a side chinlock and Sin Cara tries to find a way back into the match. When he does, he runs straight into a running high knee and Mahal once again covers him for two. He comes up the second rope but Sin Cara is able to snatch at him with a dropkick.

Sin Cara gets the heat with a series of springboard moves, first with a crossbody, then a back elbow, and finally a moonsault. Mahal kicks out at two, so Sin Cara goes up top for the senton which he hits for the win.

Bo Dallas defeated Curtis Axel (9:33)

They referenced their angle from Raw last month where Dallas took out Axel at ringside and we're shown some footage. There is an intensity to the match before the bell as Curtis Axel comes out looking focused on revenge, while a significantly more svelte looking Bo Dallas comes out looking smug.

Axel immediately charges at Dallas and starts pummeling away. The ref breaks them up and Dallas hits Axel with a back elbow and then takes out his knee. Dallas goes to work on him now, clotheslines him, and lands knees to the back of his neck. Dallas applies on a cravat and as soon as a determined Axel fights up to his feet, Dallas is brutal with knees to the mid-section. “BoLieve in Bo!” he cries.

Dallas pulls Axel around like a doll but Axel gets the heat with clotheslines, a running splash to the corner, and a Perfect Plex attempt. Dallas counters and lifts Axel on to the ropes. Axel then whips Dallas front-first into the ropes and Dallas takes a bump that looks like Enzo Amore’s serious head/neck injury from Payback in May as we go to a break.

Axel hits Dallas with his own finishing move, a rolling cutter, but he kicks out at two. They go to the ropes and Axel teases a suplex over the top rope to the outside, but Dallas is able to counter into a rope-hung whiplash neckbreaker. Axel kicks out much to everyone’s surprise.

After a brief back and forth, Axel hits the Perfect Plex, but again Bo kicks out. Axel tries to engineer a top rope Perfect Plex but Dallas blocks it.

Axel hangs Dallas on the ropes and hits a neckbreaker. Again, Dallas kicks out at two. Everyone is into this now; Axel looks bereft of ideas. Suddenly, Dallas grabs him and uses the Rolling the Dice for the win. This was very good.