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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Cody & Brandi Rhodes vs. The Miracle & Maria


Previously: Eddie Edwards defeated Cody to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in last week’s main event. After the match, Maria Kanellis ran down and attacked Brandi Rhodes. Also, Bobby Lashley defeated Moose to become the number one contender for the TNA World Championship.

Tonight: Cody and Brandi Rhodes take on the team of Mike Bennett and Maria. Additionally, Ethan Carter III tags with Jesse Godderz to battle the team of Aron Rex and Eli Drake. Plus, Broken Matt has invited everyone to the Hardy compound for Treat or Delete.

Show recap --

- The Hardy Family kicks off Impact from the Hardy compound. They’re celebrating Halloween. They enter a corn of maze created by Vanguard 1 and Senor Benjamin. Matt has a premonition that someone is going to send him a message later.

Eli Drake & Grand Champion Aron Rex defeated Ethan Carter III & Jesse Godderz

EC3 and Godderz controlled the early part of the match by double teaming Rex. The heels gained the advantage and worked over EC3. Godderz got the hot tag and ran wild. The finish came when Rex ran in and knocked Godderz out with a right hand with an illegal object. Rex used tape to cover up the object on his fingers.

- In the back, Maria was getting ready for her match later and was talking a bunch of trash about Brandi. Brandi showed up and Maria ran off.

- Jeremy Borash interviewed Grado. He promised to dress up as someone he’s always wanted to be for Halloween. He whispered it to Borash, who loved the idea.

- At the Hardy house, Matt gave green beans to kids that were trick or treating. Jeff sang obsolete to some of the kids.

- Grado called out Robbie E. because he wants to be a BroMan for Halloween. Grado went to the back and came out dressed as a BroMan. Robbie E. and Grado were dancing in the ring when the lights went out. The three masked men in black suits appeared. They attacked Robbie E. and Grado. The three masked men are known as DCC.

- Earlier today, Allie entered an empty Impact Zone and talked to Billy Corgan. Allie said that she knows she’ll probably lose to Laurel Van Ness but noted that sometimes you have to stand up for yourself.

Go for Broke (X Division Champion DJ Z, Mark Andrews & Braxton Sutter) defeated Rockstar Spud & Decay (Crazy Steve & Abyss) in Team X Gold

Go for Broke came out with a Team X Gold flag. The winning team gets to have the flag. The rules for the match are being strictly enforced. It was a good fast-paced X Division style match. The finish came when DJ Z hit the ZDT on Rockstar Spud to pick up the win for his team.

- In the back, Cody and Brandi discussed their upcoming match with The Miracle and Maria. Brandi promised to make Maria tap out.

TNA World Championship Contract Signing

Borash introduced the champion and challenger. Edwards and Lashley will meet next week for the championship. Borash announced that they cannot have any physical contact before next week's match. Before Lashley signed the contract, Edwards taunted him until Lashley flipped the table and they teased fighting but didn’t. The title match is official for next week.

- In the back, Van Ness flirted with Sutter again this week. He still seemed uninterested in her.

- Back at the Hardy house, Gregory Shane Helms showed up dressed as The Hurricane but go denied green beans and left. Jeff showed up dressed as the fast talking Itchweeed. This is another of Jeff’s alter egos.

Laurel Van Ness defeated Allie

The story of the match was that Allie doesn’t know how to wrestle but she is determined to stand up to a bully. Laurel dominated the match but Allie made a comeback. It wasn’t enough as Van Ness hit the curb stomp to pick up the win.

- At the Hardy House, two people showed up in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks. Benjamin told Trump that he’s going to build a wall and bury him under it. He shocked him with a taser. Jeff asked Hilary what happened to the 33,000 emails and Matt yelled, “Delete!”

- Another infomercial for “The Fixer” Tyrus aired.

- In the back, Jesse Godderz challenged Aron Rex to a match next week for the Grand Championship.

- At the Hardy House, a kid with a white mask dressed as Spider-Man gave Matt a message from DCC. The Hardys watched a video from the DCC. They challenged The Hardys to a match.

Cody & Brandi Rhodes defeated “The Miracle” Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis-Bennett

Maria teased starting the match with Brandi but she tagged out, which meant the guys had to come in. Brandi was furious with Maria and wanted her back in. This distracted Cody and Miracle hit a superkick for a near fall.

Miracle dominated Cody for most of the match. Miracle bounced off the ropes and knocked Maria off the apron. Miracle and Cody ran into each other. Maria crawled around the ring and pulled down Brandi. Miracle held Cody for Maria but he moved and she gave Miracle a low blow. Brandi got the tag and ran wild on Maria. Brandi and Cody locked on dual submissions on Maria and Miracle to win the match.

Cody and Brandi walked backstage after the match. As they celebrated their win, Lashley jumped Cody and beat him down to end the show.

Next week: Eddie Edwards defends the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Bobby Lashley. Also, Aron Rex defends the Grand Championship against Jesse Godderz. Plus, we find out if The Hardys will accept the DCC’s challenge.