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Title change taped after TNA One Night Only goes off the air

Matt Hardy defeated Ethan Carter III to win the TNA title tonight after the PPV taping was over in Bethlehem, PA.

The match was taped for a future episode of Impact and appeared to be a double turn, with Tyrus interfering and causing Carter to lose and end his unbeaten streak.  The stipulations was that Hardy would have to leave TNA had he lost the match.

A match was taped last night for an upcoming One Night Only PPV between the two of them that was a no contest, but it was noted that Carter was working as the face and Hardy was working as the heel in the match.

For those keeping track, Carter lost the title in a three-way at Bound for Glory to Hardy in a match where Carter never got pinned.  Carter filed a storyline injuction that led to Hardy vacating the title in order for him to return to television.  The belt was put up for grabs in a multi-month tournament of taped matches on Impact as it wound down on Destination America.  The tournament finals took place Tuesday on the debut episode on POP TV and saw Carter win the title, meaning he was a two-time champion despite having never been beaten in a match.  Hardy then beat him last night to win the title back.

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