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NXT UK results: Meiko Satomura vs. Jinny Women's title match


Report --

The show opened with a video hyping up tonight's main event between Meiko Satomura and Jinny

Rampage Brown defeated Flash Morgan Webster (07:13)

They showed clips of Webster slapping Wolfgang and Sha Samuels to set up matches in the past and last week's failed attempt to do the same to Rampage Brown.

Brown threw Webster around early, then caught him mid-air on a leapfrog attempt and took him down hard with a slam. He threw Webster across the ring with a vertical suplex, followed with a gorilla press and a Saito suplex that almost took Webster's head off.Webster managed to turn a Doctor Bomb into a guillotine , then DDT's Brown onto his knee. He hit a flying hurricanrana off the top that sent Brown to ringside.

Webster followed with a dive but Brown caught him. He escaped, then hit a second dive into a DDT that sent both men into the barricades. Webster hit a swanton bomb onto a kneeling Brown for a near-fall, then followed with chops and elbows.

Brown finally turned Webster inside out with a lariat, then hit the Doctor Bomb for the win.


Satomura kneeled with her belt in her hands in deep thought as Emilia McKenzie watched on

A recap video of Pretty Deadly costing Tyler Bate the NXT Heritage Cup against Noam Dar from last week aired.

Tyler Bate was interviewed about his loss last week when Trent Seven ran up. He apologized to Bate and Bate forgave him, after Seven said he needed to hear him say it. Seven then was excited and told Bate he spoke to Johnny Saint and he agreed to slide them into the number one contender triple threat match for the NXT UK Tag Team titles next week, which will now be a four way between Moustache Mountain, Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter, Symbiosis and Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff. Bate said that was cool. Seven appeared way more excited than Bate though.

Sid Scala was interviewed about tonight's main event when Xia Brookside came into the office. She asked if she could challenge the winner of tonight's title match between Meiko Satomura and Jinny. Scala said he wasn't sure how to word it, but her recent matches had not warranted such an opportunity. Brookside was upset and said that this was unfair and Satomura had asked the women's locker room to step up, which was what she was doing. She then proceeded to call her "daddy" (Robbie Brookside), and complained to him about Scala.

Angel Hayze defeated Isla Dawn by DQ (02:17)

This was Hayze's NXT UK debut. The 20-year old Scot started wrestling in 2016 and appeared primarily for ICW and Premier British Wrestling (where she also was trained) in her home country. "The Young Lioness" also was the last Scottish School of Wrestling champion before they folded in 2018 and had matches in Pro Wrestling: EVE, British Championship Wrestling and TNT Extreme Wrestling. She is part of the She-Wolves stable with Kasey Owens, Lana Austin, Molly Spartan and Rhio.

Dawn hit a head kick early on, but then was outwitted by the smaller Hayze, who got a roll-up for a two count. Dawn took back over with power moves and kicks in the corner. She hit a backdrop driver that landed Hayze right on her head. She then planted her knee in Hayze's back while pulling her hair. The referee started counting her out and she wouldn't release her grip, leading to a disqualification.

Dawn then hit a fireman's carry into a spinning side slam on Hayze after the match.


Jinny got ready for her match backstage with Joseph Conners

A video aired of A-Kid receiving some media attention in his native Spain, including news clips and interviews. Sam Gradwell watched the footage on his phone and was not impressed, saying he had been to Spain, it had been too hot and his phone got nicked. He said was a real fighter, not A-Kid.

Subculture were backstage, talking to Flash Morgan Webster about his match tonight. He said at one point, there was a moment where he saw doubt in Rampage Brown's eyes. Stevie Turner then walked up and berated them, saying she was four-dimensional and was always two levels above and two steps ahead of each of them, especially Dani Luna. Luna then got in her face and said she could two-step whatever she wanted, but if she got into the ring with her, Luna would only need three seconds.


Ilja Dragunov in-ring segment

Dragunov said that words cannot express going from being totally destroyed to overcoming what nobody expected him to overcome. This feeling of coming home and giving his son a kiss, an seeing the smile when he realized that his father was a champion now. The feeling of getting rid of all the self-doubts he has as everyone else, but he was right because now weakness is relevant if you put everything you have into your strengths.

He said he was the face of NXT UK and was ready to put the brand on another level. He said whenever he steps into the ring, he fights like his life depends on it, but he needed next-level competitors. He thanked A-Kid and said this was exactly what he was. He pushed him and forced him to give his very best. He said he can't wait for the next one and he was always hungry. He concluded saying "Long Live the Czar" when Rampage Brown's music played and he walked out.

Brown said Dragunov was the man right now, he beat WALTER and took A-Kid to his limits, but him and Ilja had some unfinished business and would love to fight him for the title. Ilja said Brown was not the first giant trying to take him down and the last one was bigger, but he respected him and fighting him sounded like a great idea.

He extended his hand and Brown shook it, but then flattened him with stiff lariat. Brown than told him "I don't need your respect son, I just need your title." He then posed with the belt over the fallen champion. 


Meiko Satomura and Emilia McKenzie were ready to walk to the ring. They passed Jinny and Joseph Conners in the hallway and Jinny called out to Satomura to enjoy her last night of being the final boss. Blair Davenport then walked up and wished both of them luck, but said it didn't matter who won, because she was back now and was putting all of them on notice. 

Teoman and Rohan Raja were at a dinner table. Raja asked what Teoman thought about Gallus and said he was looking forward to their upcoming fight. Teoman said he was too. Rohan said that people called the match family against family and Teoman said that they were family, Gallus was not. Rohan asked about Joe Coffey and Teoman told him not to worry, because "the eye is always watching."

Nathan Frazer was watching a match from Mark Andrews and said he was one of the best. Subculture then walked in and noticed what he was watching. Andrews was happy and Frazer said he actually wanted to test himself against Andrews some time. Andrews told him they should do it and Frazer was stoked.


NXT UK Women's Championship: Meiko Satomura (w/ Emilia McKenzie) defeated Jinny (w/ Joseph Conners) to retain the title (12:42)

Jinny backed her into the ropes, but Meiko ducked a punch and hit a first leg kick, then followed up with more. Jinny eventually took over, working over Satomura's arm with submission holds and locking in a tight head vice. Satomura eventually escaped and the two women traded strikes and Jinny got a two count with a floatover pin. She went for a Kimura but Meiko escaped and punished Jinny with more kicks, until Jinny hit a dragon screw.

Jinny went for a single leg Boston, but Meiko kicked her off, then took her down and hit a handstand knee drop for a two count. Jinny hit more kicks and started working over Satomura's legs. Meiko went for a springboard reverse crossbody off the turnbuckles, but Jinny caught her with a strike in mid-air and scored another near fall, then locked in the single leg Boston Crab. Meiko eventually escaped, but was quickly overpowered by more kicks from Jinny.

The champion came back with a striking combination and enzuigiri. She followed with a handspring knee drop on Jinny's head. She went on the turnbuckles once more, but Jinny kicked her legs out and hit the Makeover off the turnbuckles for another close near fall. She locked in the single leg Boston crab once more, but Satomura inched her way to the ropes.

Jinny missed the ripcord rolling kick and Satomura hit a frog splash off the top for a close near fall. Meiko locked in an STF, but this time, Jinny made the ropes. Conners tried to distract the referee, but McKenzie hit a stunner on him on the apron. Meiko survived more offense, then hit a Pelé kick and Death Valley Bomb for another two count.

Meiko then hit Scorpion Rising and another Death Valley Bomb to finally score the pin and the win.

Meiko and Emilia celebrated after the match and waved Jinny and Conners goodbye as the show went off the air.

Final Thoughts:

  • A really good episode with a great main event match. Satomura is a legend and Jinny has come a long way over the past few years. They also did a good job of establishing Davenport as the next major challenger. It will also be interesting what role "crybaby" Xia Brookside will play down the line.
  • The opening match established Rampage Brown as a monster once more and the angle with Ilja Dragunov was good. Ilja's promo was excellent and Brown showing some heelish tendencies was very well done.
  • The other women's match was mostly just there to further establish Isla Dawn as a lunatic.

Next week:

  • NXT UK Tag Team Championship number one contenders Fatal Four-Way: Moustache Mountain vs. Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter vs. Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff vs. Symbiosis