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WOR: All Out sellout, Gedo, Willie Williams, ESPN's death of AAF story

Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and myself, guest co-host Garrett Gonzales, is back. 

We start the show talking about All Out selling out in just 15 minutes and how they could've sold many more tickets. Dave talks more about their PPV audience compared to a WWE audience, as well as what WWE may be thinking about the sellout. We then talk about the rumor from earlier this morning about Gedo's status at New Japan. 

We go over Lars Sullivan's injury, the next TakeOver card, Willie Williams, and Daniel Cormier's comment about possible retirement. We then finish off with thoughts on the Endeavor story as it relates to Al Haymon's PBC, where Andy Ruiz Jr. wants to fight Anthony Joshua, and the ESPN story on the death of the AAF.

Start - 22:43: All Out sells out
22:43 - 26:28: Gedo rumor killer
26:28 - 28:45: Lars Sullivan injury update
28:43 - 30:26: TakeOver Toronto lineup
30:26 - 36:55: Willie Williams
36:55 - 37:55: Aaron Pico loses live reaction 
41:17 - 48:45: Endeavor interested in boxing, Andy Ruiz/boxing discussion
48:45 - end: AAF, AEW, Vince McMahon

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