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WWE NXT results: Kyle O'Reilly makes his debut

The Big News: Aleister Black completed his sweep of reDRagon by pinning the debuting Kyle O'Reilly in a physical main event.

The Medium News: Roderick Strong still wants a piece of Bobby Roode, even though Roode has moved on to Drew McIntyre.

The Little Beaver-sized News: Asuka disrespected Ember Moon, so Moon dropped the Women's Champion.


Johnny Gargano defeated Raul Mendoza

Gargano came out, at first, to the DIY theme, but using the power of pointing, was able to change his theme song and titantron to something new and different. Mendoza cut a good promo (as seen last week) and I was reminded that he was in the Cruiserweight Classic. Despite being a heel last week, Mendoza came out slapping hands and playing to the crowd.

This was not an easy win for Gargano, as Mendoza got more than his fair share of offense and near falls. Mendoza went for a springboard move, but Gargano rolled outside the ropes and hit his spear into the ring. Mendoza hit a jumping enzuigiri but missed on a 450 splash. Gargano then picked up the win with the Gargano Escape.


Up next was a video recap highlighting last week's confrontation between The Authors of Pain and SAnitY. This led to the announcement that the two teams will square off in just 17 days at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.

Paul Ellering cut a promo, saying that he and The Authors of Pain will write the chapter on SAnitY and that SAnitY should be prepared because monsters are real.


The reigning, defending, undisputed, and undefeated NXT Women's Champion Asuka came out and said that she beat Ember Moon before and she'll beat Ember Moon again. Asuka ultimately stated that Moon is not ready for Asuka.

Shockingly, Moon didn't just sit backstage and listen. She came out to confront the champion. Moon said that ever since TakeOver: Orlando she's been fighting to be right here where she belongs. Asuka may not agree that she is ready, but she knows she's ready, as do all these people.

Moon said Asuka knows the truth and deep down she's afraid of it. The truth is Asuka is not ready for Ember Moon.

Asuka stuck her hand out, but when Moon went to accept, Asuka not only pulled her hand away, but she slapped the taste out of Moon's mouth! Moon attacked the champ, but Asuka took over again and sent Ember out of the ring in a spot that was reminiscent of the battle royal bump where Moon got injured.

Moon then got back in and laid out the champ with The Eclipse. She teased picking up the title, but decided against it, stating that she'll get the belt when she earns it.

No one has mentioned how Asuka had to cheat to beat Moon the first time, which I thought was the key to the win in the first match.


Next, Bobby Roode took part in a sit-down interview. Roode was asked about his cocky behavior after beating Roderick Strong last month. Roode said that Strong doesn't belong in his NXT. He followed up by saying that Strong played the Bobby Roode Lottery and lost.

Roode laughed about Drew McIntyre being a new man and stated that next week him and McIntyre will have a sit-down confrontation in the ring. Strong exploded into the room, being held back by five guys, angry about Roode disrespecting him and his family.

Roode backed out of the room as Mr. Regal came in and yelled at Strong. Strong said he would do anything if Mr. Regal would give him Roode, but Regal said that there was nothing he could do in regards to TakeOver.


The Street Profits are debuting next week.


Sonya Deville defeated Jenna Van Bemel

Nigel McGuinness compared Deville to Holly Holm and Cris Cyborg. Van Bemel had quite the size advantage, but Deville was so quick that she couldn't land a blow, with Deville doing her best Anderson Silva impersonation and dancing around.

Deville used her knee to knock down Van Bemel and tried to keep her down. Van Bemel got in a punch and an elbow eventually, but she tapped out to a triangle armbar.


Kayla Braxton interviewed Hideo Itami backstage. Itami was mad that Kassius Ohno does not show him respect, so why should he show respect to him? Itami continued his promo, but Braxton cut him off and stated they needed to go back to the ring.

Itami ripped the microphone out of her hand, marched to the ring, and took it over. He demanded the fans show him respect, which actually quite a few did, making his promo funny in a sad way when he yelled at them for disrespecting him.

Aleister Black came out for his scheduled match, but Itami refused to surrender the ring. In a weird visual, Black was only an inch or two taller than Itami, which is weird since Itami looks a lot shorter than Black appears to be.

Itami feigned walking away, but when he turned around for a sneak attack, Black laid him out with Black Mass.


Andrade "Cien" Almas will face No Way Jose next week.


Aleister Black defeated Kyle O'Reilly

Black sat through the commercial break and his reward was facing the other half of reDRagon and the former ROH Champion, Kyle O'Reilly. Black defeated Bobby Fish a few weeks ago, which was also Fish's NXT debut.

This was an excellent match. O'Reilly was made to look competitive, getting sustained offense on Black, which is not something that everyone gets to do. McGuinness mentioned that O'Reilly was in the ring with Kazushi Sakuraba, which gave Mauro Ranallo a chance to spend several minutes running down the credentials of Sakuraba and why we, as fans who may not know, should care.

O'Reilly locked on a leg lock and exchanged slaps with Black while in it, but Black got out of it with kicks to the arm and face. O'Reilly used a lot of armlocks and holds on Black's left arm, which the fans were more into than a lot of the recent NXT matches.

Black proved that you don't need a left arm when you can effortlessly kick your opponent in the face. He went for Black Mass, but O'Reilly caught his foot, hit a number of kicks and a punch to the face for a believable near fall.

They booted each other in the face, which just seemed to energize both men. Finally, O'Reilly booted Black in the back of the head, but Black stood straight up and dropped O'Reilly with Black Mass, giving the Dutchman the win.

That does it for yet another NXT. Until next week, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!