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TNA Impact 9-30 TV Results - Matt Hardy, EC3, Tomasso Ciampa on the BFG Go Home Show

Last week, we got a darned fine edition of Impact. EC3 bullied Jeff Hardy around a bit and beat Spud to defend his title in another great match, Gail Kim beat Jade in a good match to retain her title, and Chris Melendez won his leg back from Eric Young in a lumberjack match. That was about the worst part of the show, with the main event five-man elimination match not only making Drew the number one contender for Bound For Glory, but also delivering a far better match than this year's King of the Mountain match. This week, Matt Hardy and Drew team up to face EC3 and Tyrus, and Dixie's going to name a special referee for Drew vs. EC3. 

The show opens with a recap of Lashley suplexing guys in the main event, en route to Drew Sick Kicking him for the win. EC3 and Tyrus come out while Josh hypes up EC3 vs. Drew as the BFG main event. He calls it a "can't miss" main event, but doesn't cite why. EC3 says he isn't in a good mood, but he is happy that he kicked Jeff Hardy out the door. He also isn't happy that their biggest show is in four days and no one is talking about its main event. EC3 is insulted by Dixie cheering Drew on, and he calls her out. 

Dixie comes out in a multi-colored blouse while Josh ends his cheerleading streak for EC3. Dixie says he's been in a great champion in the ring, but outside of it, he's an embarrassment to the company. She praises Drew for saving the company, which EC3 wasn't interested in doing. EC3 says he was disowned by her, but he wasn't given the chance to lead Team TNA. He calls Drew the chosen one, but he can't beat him at BFG - or ever. 

Drew comes down to his kick-ass Rising theme looking fairly pissed. He goes nose to nose with EC3 and has an aura about him just doing that. He tells EC3 to shut up and the reason no one likes him is that he's a little bitch who thinks he's the best in the world - he turned his back on TNA. EC3 slaps the belt to prove that he's the best and Drew says that the second-best thing he does is talking. The best is in the ring because he's an animal and he'll tear EC3 apart. Well, at least they've established some kind of rivalry between them - even if it is right before the PPV.

EC3 says he beat every TNA Hall of Famer, and he'll beat Drew too. At BFG, Drew won't stand up - he'll stay down. Drew says he isn't a savior, but he will be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Josh says this is one of the most-anticipated matches in quite some time. How? In what way? Why would this statement be true? Pope and Josh talk about how important a win here is tonight in the main event to gain the momentum for the title match. Josh says the BPs face the Dollhouse, and tonight, they're down a member. Shera also faces Storm in a No DQ match to blow their rivalry off tonight. Storm tells Shera that he is the reason the other Revolution members are doubting him, but he's a TNA legend and he'll cut down Shera for the buzzards. 

After a break, Dixie is talking to someone backstage before EC3 interrupts her about Drew being the chosen one now and not him. Recap of the Revolution splitup over the past month and Shera breaking away from Storm. Christy Hemme appears after being largely off-screen for a while and announces Storm as he comes down the aisle. Shera comes down and brawls with Storm.

Mahabali Shera vs. James Storm - No DQ

 After the mid-aisle brawl, they go in the ring where Storm low blows him. Josh points out that there isn't much of a Revolution left - as both Manik and Abyss have left. So then that would seemingly make this a one-man faction. Shera grabs him for a fallaway slam and we see a graphic for Earl Hebner's hall of fame induction at BFG. Storm gets a back cracker. Storm grabs a pack of chairs and brings them in and sets them up like a bridge. Shera goes up top awkwardly, but gets slammed off the top and he goes through the chair bridge for 2. 

Storm brings a table in and the crowd chants "one more table". Storm goes for the whirly bird through the table, but Shera powers out and they bonk heads. Storm gets the bottle, drinks from it, and spews the beer onto Early accidentally. This forces him to rest against the table lightly before a spear hits and Earl can't count it. Shera is hit with a cowbell and eats a whirly bird through the table for a 2 count. Storm breaks the bottle over the ringpost to use it as a stabbing device here in a mid-card match that is opening the show. 

As Storm goes to bludgeon him with the bottle, a maskless Manik and Abyss make the save by doing the finger point and then pointing at Storm. Abyss chokeslams him while Manik hits the frog splash and Sheera gets the Sky High for the win. Josh calls this an upset while Pope points out that everything was legal. A backstage guy talks about how important the KOTM Title is, and asks Roode why - Roode says he'll explain in a minute. After a break, someone asks Dixie about EC3 and she says that EC3 has been questioning her about everything for weeks. She wants to reward someone with a a special treat - if EC3's team loses, Matt Hardy is added to the BFG main event.

Bobby Roode Explains the Importance of the TNA Legends/Global/World TV/King of the Mountain Championship

 Roode says he's proudly the KOTM Champion, but he's been asked just what this title means. It means pro wrestling, it represents the love of the sport. If that's the case, why hasn't it been defended recently? He swears to defend it with honor and respect soon, and he'll kick this off at BFG. He'll defend it in an open challenge to anyone in TNA and he will prove why he is the It Factory of pro wrestling. Lashley comes down while Josh wonders how he can see these two face off. Well, he can either watch BFG where these two will apparently have a match - or you can watch the first World Title reign of Lashley where they had some fantastic matches.

In an amusing bit, the fans chant "let's go Bobby" which flusters Lashley. Lashley says he came to TNA to compete against the best in the world and that in wrestling, Roode is at the top of the food chain. He also wanted to collect as many titles as possible. Now, he wants one more match - he wants Bobby vs. Bobby in a fight to the finish for the KOTM Title. Lashley wants a handshake, as does Roode. Well great - maybe they can go have some milk and cookies later too. Taryn says that they've taken out Angelina and it's time for the Dolls to take over and allow Taryn to stand over the BPs.

DJZ is out, and then he comes Tomasso Ciampa! So he gets to be on both Impact and NXT - wow. Trevor Lee is out for this as well. Josh is mystified by this, but says that as a former TNA Tag Team Champion, Lee and Myers have a match at BFG against the Wolves for the titles. 

DJZ vs. Trevor Lee vs. Tomasso Ciampa - X Division Match

DJZ gets a rana, and Lee hits a slick flip dive to the floor against Ciampa. For the first time in a long time, it really feels like there's some new blood in this division. Shame that doesn't seem like it will last with Ciampa on WWE's radar and Lee only being here due to the GFW deal. Ciampa gets a suplex/brainbuster hybrid onto Lee. DJZ gets a pop-up dropkick and a double tornado DDT onto both guys! Z hits corner forearms and then Lee gets a deadlift German onto Ciampa for a 2. DJZ's tornado DDT is tossed off, so Z hits a kneeling superkick onto Ciampa. Powerbomb>lungblower hits for Ciampa, but it only gets 2. Lee gets a corkscrew crossbody powerslam for the win. This was short, but exciting - and that's more than can be said about the X division for quite a while. 

Madison buries the Dollhouse for having a stupid name and a tiny dollhouse. Angelina says that their name at least fits, and she's got her arm in a sling - so they're going with the arm injury instead of her pregnancy. Velvet takes great pride in destroying Taryn's hand, and they'll tear off the doll parts one by one. The revamped look for the BPs all basing their attire on Velvet isn't flattering for any of them.

Brooke chats about being proud to be a knockout and beating Gail to win her first KOs title. We see her working out and she talks about how we haven't seen the last of her. Josh hypes up Kong vs. Gail. EC3 says that the main event stipulation is a steaming pile of BS. EC3 tells Matt that he won't make it to the BFG main event and Drew will lose tonight and at BFG. The Dollhouse comes down to face the BPs. BPs attack them in the aisle.

The Dollhouse vs. The Beautiful People

Velvet gets into a catfight with Marti. Velvet gets a jumping forearm in the corner and clotheslines her down for 2. Madison gets a yakuza kick for 2. Marti forearms her down to tag Jade in. Jade chops away, so Madison responds with chops and forearms. Madison hits something on the apron that is blocked by the referee and gets 2. Velvet gets a three kick combo and a neckbreaker for 2. Dolls hold Velvet and Jade dropkicks her down.

Rebel kicks Velvet in the corner and they chat about her wearing gloves because she doesn't want to sully her hands on the BPs. Jade gets a necksnap for 2. Double-down off a double lariat. They tag out and Madison runs down Marti a few times. Enzuiguri gets 2 for Madison. Josh hypes up Lashley vs. Roode in another TNA Greatest Hits match at BFG. Madison gets a powerbomb for 2. Velvet gets thrown into the steps, but she avoids an arm-smashing chairshot. Rebel throws powder in the eyes of Madison and the heels get a schoolgirl win. Pope is just fine with this cheating. So who is the babyface announcer here? EY rants about wanting a man, woman, or child to face him - he isn't afraid of anyone. We'll hear from him next. 

Josh hypes up a big announcement from Dixie on Monday at Noon ET before hyping up the #SheraShake takeover on social media. You have until noon tomorrow to enter to win, and you could get a free viewing of BFG via Flipps. Gail hypes up her matches with Kong as being their best. At BFG, they'll determine who the best Knockouts champion in history is, and it will establish their legacy and go down in history. Gail says she'll win, and well, she should - but a Kong win would be nice too even though she really can't do much at this point.

Eric Young, who of course lost a war hero's leg last week, is out to rant. He's pissed about losing the leg and no one is good enough to beat him and he's God. Robbie E is out and begs EY to shut up. So now we've got EY vs. Robbie E, or maybe just a brawl. EY low blows him and he declares himself to be God after beating up Robbie E. Sarge comes down and eats a back suplex. EY goes for a chair, but Chris gets it and threatens to use it - so EY bails. 

Now Mr. Anderson is out because he's Sarge's friend and he says he's been looking for God his whole life, so he's glad to finally meet him. That's the best thing Anderson's done in eons. Anderson beats him up on the apron, while Robbie hits the Boom Drop, Sarge gets a stunner, and Anderson gets the Mic Drop. Recap of last week's main event leads to Matt greeting Drew and saying that tonight, they'll win and turn the main event into a three way match. Drew loves Matt's plan and he wants Matt to get a chance and he enjoys wrestling throwing them curveballs. Drew says that it doesn't matter if there are 50 or 100 people out there (in the ring, I presume), he will emerge victorious and win the title.

Recap of everyone hitting their finishers on EY because he turned on TNA. So that's why they did that? Not because he stole a man's leg? EY yells to Dixie about it not being fair and Dixie agrees - because at BFG, he'll only have to worry about Kurt Angle. So to recap, the buildup to Kurt Angle's big return match on PPV is his opponent being beaten up by a parade of mid-carders. I would call that a wee bit questionable. They could've at least shown a recap of EY taking Kurt out to make this seem like a slump for EY. EC3 and Tyrus come out for the main event. Matt comes out after a break, followed by Drew to really stretch this match out as much as humanly possible.

EC3 and Tyrus vs. Matt Hardy and Drew Galloway

Josh asks why Drew wouldn't just throw this match to get the one he wants. Pope says that isn't in Drew's character - finally, a character on Impact makes a good point. Josh uses WWE math for a possible three way at BFG. Drew and EC3 have another staredown, so EC3 tags Tyrus in. Matt tags in after a brief brawl and they stomp away on Tyrus. Tyrus gets an advantage with some fish-hooking and then EC3 tags in for a 2. He brings Tyrus in for some corner double-teams. Tyrus spits at Drew on the apron and gets a nerve hold on Matt, which leads to some hilarious facial expressions from Matt.

Josh announces Bound For Gold with a ton of mid-carders, including Aiden 'O Shea, who has never once been a character on Impact. He also offered up no further details - so I guess the winner gets a shot at the KOTM Title. Tyrus gets a chinlock and Josh mocks Pope for being against rope usage when it's done to Matt, but it was okay with the Dolls. Josh is not the character to point this out given his wishy-washy nature.

Tyrus gets a Tenta-style rotating powerslam for 2. EC3 gets a neck wringer and knees him in the gut. Side Effect hits and Drew comes in. Now Josh is a big fan of Drew wanting to earn the win tonight and completely sees Pope's point form before. Drew hits EC3 with a belly to belly, but Tyrus is legal and jumps him. Matt gets a flying clothesline off the top on Tyrus, who then eats a Twist of Fate. Drew gets the Sick Kick for the win - so Bound For Glory is now Matt Hardy vs. Drew Galloway vs. EC3. Why Matt couldn't win this I have no idea, as it makes Matt look really weak. 

EC3 is shocked, and then Dixie comes down and announces the BFG main event officially. She says it will be fair and there is someone who is now available to be a guest referee - Jeff Hardy. In an amusing bit, he fist bumps Dixie. So now EC3 has basically a one-on-three handicap match and the idea of making it fair is to have one of the participant's brother as the referee. Well, this was easily the worst-built BFG ever - and that's saying something with last year's show really setting the bar low.

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