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WWE Raw live results: Sasha Banks vs. Bayley

The Big Takeaway: The main event of SummerSlam will be a Fatal Four-Way with Brock Lesnar defending the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe. Next week, it will be Reigns vs. Strowman vs. Joe in a Triple Threat match.

Also at SummerSlam, Alexa Bliss will defend the Raw Women's Championship against Bayley. That became official after Bayley defeated Sasha Banks in a number one contender's match. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose defeated the Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel in the main event, but Ambrose stopped short of declaring a full-fledged Shield reunion when he declined to bump fists with Rollins after the victory.

Jason Jordan debuted to little reaction with a victory over Curt Hawkins.

Show Recap: 

Angle came out and said he had been distracted over the past few months over the fact that Jordan was his son. He announced that Jordan would have his first Raw match tonight. Angle shifted the subject to the Reigns-Joe-Strowman situation. He was about to announce who Lesnar would face at SummerSlam when Strowman came out and said the next words out of Angle's mouth better be "Braun Strowman" or else.

He said, unlike Reigns and Joe, he won at Great Balls of Fire, that Lesnar fears him and that he would be the Universal Champion. That brought out Joe, who walked out to "Joe" chants. Joe said he was the man who came within seconds of putting Lesnar to sleep, he doesn't fear Lesnar and he doesn't fear Strowman. Joe said the only thing Strowman accomplished by interfering in his match last week was keeping Reigns from losing to him for the third straight time. Joe told Angle to give the beast to him. 

Reigns walked down to loud boos past a sign that said "I miss Tom Zenk." Reigns said neither Joe or Strowman have done anything, while in five years he had been a tag team champion, a 3-time world champion, a U.S. champion, had headlined three WrestleManias and retired the Undertaker. He asked Joe and Strowman what they have done. They remained silent. Reigns said he'll show them what he's about to do. Reigns started to go after Joe when Angle stepped between them. Angle said Lesnar would face Joe, Reigns and Strowman in a Fatal Four-Way match at SummerSlam for the Universal Championship.

Joe was mad over that announcement and screamed at Angle. Strowman said he didn't care if it was one-on-one, two-on-one, he just wanted to pile up bodies. Reigns told him to shut up and punched Strowman in the mouth. Strowman started to fight back, but Joe joined Reigns and sent him to the floor, then dumped him in into the crowd. Joe sucker-punched Reigns and they brawled into the ring.

Strowman recovered to send Reigns to the ring. Angle then ordered security to come out to separate them, but Stowman cleared the ring, with one guard being thrown over the top rope to the floor right on his hip. Angle cleared the locker room with Axel, Dallas, Heath Slater, Curt Hawkins, R-Truth, Karl Anderson, Goldust and many others trying to pull them apart, but Reigns set almost all of them to the floor. Strowman wound up giving Reigns the Oklahoma Stampede and walked out while Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson held Joe back. 

Elias Samson defeated Finn Balor in a no-DQ match (18:26)

Balor had Samson pinned after four chair shots across Samson's back, a corner drop kick and the Coup de Grace. Then Bray Wyatt appeared in the ring and gave Samson Sister Abigail. Samson crawled over Balor for the pin. A good match where Samson introduced the chair when a shot across Balor's back. Balor's left shoulder was taped after Samson's guitar shot from last week. Samson worked on that arm most of the way. Balor turned the tables with a unique spot where he trapped Samson's body inside the ring apron, then kicked and punched him at will. Crowd was really into the match, particularly Balor. Afterwards, Wyatt crab walked from the corner over Balor's body and hovered over him. 

They showed a package of Renee Young's interview with Angle and Jordan last week. Young, in her first Raw backstage appearance in a long time, then interviewed Angle as Jordan was about to face Curt Hawkins. Angle started to say he was a nervous father watching his son compete in a match. Emma walked in and asked Angle what she had to do to get ahead. She claimed to have started the Women's Revolution, only to have Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss get more opportunities than her. She said she figured the way to get ahead was to start dating Jordan. Angle gave her a match tonight with Nia Jax, which didn't leave Emma happy. 

Enzo Amore was backstage about to fight Big Cass. Big Show asked Enzo if facing Cass tonight was a good idea. Enzo said screw plans, he was going to take the fight to Cass. Show just watched Enzo leave like a lamb walking to his slaughter. 

Enzo did a pre-match promo calling himself the little engine that could that's fueled strictly by passion and he's got a full tank. He said the key that starts his engine were the people. Enzo said Cass had lost the key to success and Cass' tank is running on E. Enzo quoted Drake that Cass was like the finish line and he can't wait to run into him. 

Big Cass defeated Enzo Amore (3:36) 

Cass won a squash with a big boot. Cass hit two Empire Elbows are basically destroyed Amore, who got in a brief bit of offense with a dropkick to the knee. 

Show came out as Cass continued to punish Enzo post-match. Cass warned Show not to get in the ring or else he would break Enzo's neck. Show got in the ring anyway. Cass threw Enzo into Show, then gave Show a boot to the ribs. Cass beat up Show using an Empire Elbow and various other big man moves. Michael Cole talked about how it's time for Enzo to move on from Cass. 

Bliss did a promo with Young. She said she wasn't worried about SummerSlam. Tonight, she said Bayley and Banks would destroy their friendship when they face each other tonight. Bliss said she would watch SummerSlam at home eating Twinkies watching her former best friend lose to her. Bliss said she would be the biggest winner tonight. 

Nia Jax defeated Emma (1:23) 

Jax pinned Emma in another squash with a somersault senton. No offense at all from Emma. 

Charly Caruso interviewed Akira Tozawa, who still had his left shoulder taped up. They showed Tozawa defeating Ariya Daivari after reversing a crossbody block. Daivari rammed Tozawa's shoulder in the post after the match. Tozawa is set to wrestle Daivari again tonight, but Titus O'Neil walked in and said that Tozawa can't wrestle and told Angle to cancel the match. Tozawa screamed at O'Neil that he was going to wrestle. The two argued as Tozawa went to Gorilla and out to the ring. They continued to bicker until Tozawa slapped O'Neil before a commercial. 

O'Neil bolted after being slapped. Tozawa called out Daivari. Instead, Neville came down and badmouthed Tozawa, calling him a shell of his former shelf and a parody of himself. Tozawa belted Neville and gave him a senton bomb.Tozawa immediately started selling his injured shoulder. Daivari ran down and gave Tozawa a hammerlock into a short-armed clothesline. Daivari then gave Neville a hammerlock into a short-armed lariat and posed with the Cruiserweight championship. 

Bayley laced up her boots backstage as Banks walked up. Banks was mad over Bliss' comments. Bayley said Banks can't let Bliss interfere in their friendship. Banks said she couldn't wait to get her hands on that little troll at SummerSlam. Bayley said maybe Banks should focus on tonight because she wants to win the championship at SummerSlam as badly as Banks does. Bayley said "May the best woman win." Banks said "May the best woman win, because I will." 

Jordan did an interview with Young. He discussed how surreal the past week had been learning that a childhood hero had also been your biological father without even knowing it. You could hear the groans and catcalls in the background as Jordan recited his dialogue. This gimmick feels like its DOA. 

Rollins and Ambrose talked backstage. Ambrose wanted nothing to do with him. Rollins wanted to go over strategy, but Ambrose said he wasn't one for planning and just wanted to fight. Rollins said Ambrose' plans hadn't helped against the Miz lately. Ambrose said Rollins had to worry about three people while he had to worry about four. 

Bayley defeated Sasha Banks to become the #1 contender for the Raw Women's Championship (12:11) 

Banks hit a frog splash and got a two count, then Bayley reversed it into a lateral press for the three count. A good match where the crowd was cold early, but they got into it after a sequence where Bayley hit a running knee, which Banks no sold and responded with a Shining Wizard. Banks hit the back stabber into the Bank Stabber, then rolled Bayley back to the middle of the ring. Bayley broke free with a snap mare. Bayley went for the Bayley-to-belly, but Banks slapped her, Bayley slapped Banks back and the two started throwing punches. There was a big dueling chant late in the match.

Cole mentioned that today was the one year anniversary of Bayley's WWE debut as Banks' mystery tag team partner at Battleground, where they defeated Charlotte and Dana Brooke. Look up the reaction to Bayley last year and compare it to tonight. Bliss was on commentary. Afterwards, Bliss went to the ring and held up the belt in front of Bayley. Banks looked on the verge of tears after losing, which may finally lead to her turning heel at SummerSlam. 

Hawkins did an interview with Caruso. Hawkins said he didn't care about Jordan, he was going to smack Jordan in his face tonight and ruin Jordan's Raw debut. Hawkins said everyone would be talking about him tomorrow. 

James Jordan defeated Curt Hawkins (1:43) 

Jordan won with a hoisted neckbreaker after ripping down a piece of his singlet like his "father." No reaction at all for Jordan. Angle watched with a smile on his face from the back. 

The Revival came out for an in-ring interview with Caruso. Dawson interrupted Caruso and said he and Wilder knew exactly what she was going to ask before she even got the questions out. Wilder said they dominated NXT and are the greatest tag team on the planet, now they are ready to take their place as the greatest tag team on Raw. Dawson said they sent the New Day packing for SmackDown and beat the Hardy Boyz last week, which meant they were the best tag team going. 

Anderson and Luke Gallows came out and said they didn't want to hear the Revival anymore. Gallows said they beat up the New Day first, they beat up the Hardy Boyz first and were even baldski first. Gallows said the Revival call themselves top guys but all they see are a couple of top nerds. 

The Revival defeated Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (8:35) 

There have been tons of distraction finishes on Raw, but this was probably the first one where both teams got distracted by the same team. Gallows gave Dawson a big boot in the corner. Anderson tagged in to give Dawson the Boot of Doom, but Wilder ran in. Dawson gave Gallows a chop block. Dawson and Wilder were ready to give Anderson the Shatter Machine when the Hardys came out. The Revival got distracted, allowing Anderson and Gallows to throw Dash and Dawson out of the ring. Then, for some reason, Gallows and Anderson got distracted by the Hardys. The Revival recovered and gave Anderson the Shatter Machine, and Dawson pinned Anderson. Afterward, Jeff Hardy gave Wilder the Poetry in Motion. Matt Hardy gave Wilder the Twist of Fate, but Dawson pulled Wilder out of the ring before Jeff could deliver the Swanton. 

Miz addressed Dallas, Axel and Maryse in the back. Miz said they were one big happy family, as opposed to Rollins and Ambrose. Comparing his MizTourage to Ambrose and Rollins is like comparing his Marine 5 to Tom Cruise's Mummy, which Maryse claimed flopped because Hollywood doesn't have any original ideas anymore and just reboots any semi-successful idea. Miz said Rollins was trying to reboot a semi-successful franchise in the Shield. Miz gave Dallas and Axel they will prove that Rollins and Ambrose are a box office bomb waiting to happen. 

Next week, it will be Reigns vs. Strowman vs. Joe in a Triple Threat match. 

Wale was at ringside, complete with his own diamond-crested Million Dollar belt. 

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose defeated The Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel in a 2-on-3 handicap match (17:20) 

Good finishing sequence that ended with Ambrose pinning Miz with Dirty Deeds. Long heat segment with Rollins that lost the crowd. Miz got a two count after his backbreaker/neckbreaker combination. After Axel hit a Rolling Neck Snap just like his father, hit nailed Rollins with a dropkick. Dallas was much more aggressive. Miz hit Rollins with Yujiro Takahashi's Pimp Juice DDT and started throwing the Daniel Bryan "Yes" kicks, which Corey Graves calls the "it" kicks.

Miz and Rollins clotheslined each other, leading to Ambrose getting the hot tag. Ambrose gave Dallas a bulldog awhile clotheslining Axel, then delivered a pescado to Miz. Miz tagged Dallas and gave Ambrose the Skull Crushing Finale. Rollins dropped in at the last possible second for the save. Dallas snapped his neck on the bottom rope getting thrown out of the ring by Rollins. It led to Rollins and Ambrose doing stereo topes onto Axel and Dallas. 

Post-match, Rollins and Ambrose shared a brief hug. Ambrose largely celebrated by himself. Rollins stuck out his fist for a Shield salute handshake, but Ambrose left the ring and left Rollins hanging.