Max Dupri reveals Maximum Male Models on WWE SmackDown

Max Dupri revealed his Maximum Male Models on tonight’s SmackDown.

Mace and Mansoor, now known under the stylized names of mån.sôör and ma.cé, were introduced on SmackDown tonight as Max Dupri’s models. Both came out and posed for the cameras as Dupri claimed that the aim of the Maximum Male Models were “to titillate the juices of their guilty pleasures.”

Later, it was advertised that the Maximum Male Models would reveal their tennis wear line on next week’s SmackDown.

Dupri, the former LA Knight in NXT, had started to manage Mace and Mansoor in dark matches prior to being reintroduced under the Dupri name on the May 20 edition of SmackDown. In the weeks since his debut, Dupri had promised to deliver his models to SmackDown, but would come up with an excuse each week to delay the reveal, citing problems such as improper lighting and WWE failing to meet locker room requirements.