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Big Audio Nightmare: Sakura Genesis recap, NHL playoff preview

The original alternate is back with a new show with topics including, but not limited to: the professional sport of stick and puck, and the recent exploits of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Actually, this week, that's exactly what the show is limited to. Much more limited than some of our past epic previews, we still start the show with about a half-hour of NHL playoff preview banter (we see you lurking Helmy), before getting into the biggest story of the week: New Japan's great Sakura Genesis show, and its subsequent fallout.

Where does the work end and the reality begin with Katsuyori Shibata? Do either Adam or Mike back off their pre-Sakura thinking that Sunday would have been a good time for a title change? Is Kazuchika Okada truly the king of all pro grappling right now? Will Fale's career luck get any better?

It's the radio show that contains people speaking about things, which is always a good first step. It's the Adam and Mike Big Audio Nightmare, proudly here at F4WOnline.com.

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