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AEW All Out media scrum notes: Tony Khan gives Matt Hardy update

Tony Khan, Hikaru Shida, and Jon Moxley were part of a media scrum that took place following the end of tonight’s All Out event.

Khan mentioned that Matt Hardy was okay following the table bump he took on tonight’s show. He clarified what went down: he had the bell rung to pause the match so doctors could check on Matt Hardy. Doc Sampson cleared him after a concussion protocol test. He later clarified that Matt Hardy could not overrule the doctor and did not pressure Sampson into clearing him, and would have never been put out there against the doctor’s decision.

Later, regarding the finish to the Matt Hardy match, he was extremely concerned about Hardy working the finish, hence why the match was paused. Once he was cleared, he was allowed to go to the finish.

He described it as a scary moment that no one enjoyed.

Khan put over the PPV, saying it was exactly what he had dreamed of save for some scary moments. When talking about the Britt Baker/Big Swole match, he mentioned that he was there during the filming of the match with Jerry Lynn, Dustin Rhodes and a camera crew.

Regarding Thunder Rosa, Khan put her over strong. He would love to see her back, but he can’t speak for the NWA. If he could work something out with NWA owner Billy Corgan, he’d love to have her back. 

Khan also brought up the prospect of adding a third hour of content to TNT, saying that he would love to exapand the roster if there is a demand for it.

In response to the official AEW stance on performers using third parties such as Twitch and Cameo, Khan said while he thinks there are some grey areas, he generally supports people using their Twitch and YouTube platforms to monetize their content. He said he would never tell people not to do anything outside of AEW and would not try to stop them.

Jon Moxley also joined the scrum and put over MJF, saying that he would be on top of the company long after he was gone, though in storyline he mentioned that cheaters never win.

On Lance Archer winning the battle royal, Moxley said he was focused on the World title match tonight, but mentioned his IWGP US title match against Lance Archer at Wrestle Kingdom 14, where he left Archer a bloody mess. He also thought trading promos with Jake Roberts was intriguing.

On Renee Young possibly coming to AEW, Moxley said that Young was there tonight in the audience. She has an extensive no-compete clause, however, so she can't appear on camera. Her goals are outside of wrestling, but he wouldn’t be surprised if she somehow dipped her toe back in.

Both Tony Khan and Jon Moxley mentioned the humidity in Florida. Khan made sure to note that they pushed for hydration and that there were “thousands” of water bottles at Daily’s Place.

Hikaru Shida put over her opponent for tonight, Thunder Rosa. She noted she was a champion in Japan and was strong. She wanted someone strong, and Thunder Rosa was more than that.

In terms of who she would like to face next, she mentioned that Nyla Rose is ranked first in the division. She also mentioned Penelope Ford. She ended her interview by saying she was open to fight anyone.