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Matt Hardy injured during Broken Rules match at AEW All Out

Matt Hardy was injured in a scary moment during his Broken Rules match against Sammy Guevara at All Out.

Guevara speared Hardy off a scissor lift and through a table near the beginning of their match at tonight's pay-per-view, but Hardy's head missed the table and hit the concrete. The commentary team said that Hardy was out of it. Referee Aubrey Edwards went to count to 10, but Hardy made it to his feet and tried to continue the match despite not being in any condition to do so. Edwards then separated Hardy and Guevara, put up the X sign, and called for AEW doctor Michael Sampson to check on Hardy.

The bell was called for and the match was stopped, but it ended up being restarted and Hardy and Guevara began brawling again. The match ended quickly after that, with Hardy and Guevara climbing up scaffolding and Hardy knocking Guevara off to get the win.

Our Bryan Alvarez tweeted later in the show that Hardy was on his way to the hospital. AEW also gave an update on Hardy's condition. Tony Schiavone said on commentary that he talked to Sampson about what happened. Sampson said he asked Hardy if he was okay and Hardy responded that he was. It was said that Sampson cleared Hardy to continue the match and it was restarted. Schiavone noted that Hardy and Guevara will both be alright.

AEW later clarified that Sampson did examine Hardy before he cleared him. Schiavone said AEW officials would never restart a match otherwise.

Hardy's wife Reby tweeted after the injury: "Let me be absolutely f*cking clear. There is NOTHING entertaining about a concussion. Shame on everyone in that goddamn building."

The stipulations of the Broken Rules match were that it was a last man standing match where the finish could take place anywhere, there had to be a winner, and Hardy would leave AEW forever if he lost.