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MJF accepts Cody's challenge, stipulations to be named next month

MJF accepted Cody’s challenge on tonight’s Dynamite, but there will be stipulations that will be named on January 1.

MJF started the segment by calling out an AEW ring crew member who laughed at Cody’s line last week about the crossroads being botched on two different networks, taking a shot at MJF’s attempt at the move. MJF ended up taking out the ring crew member with the crossroads.

He then focused his attention on Cody and the challenge that he made last week. MJF ran Cody down on a number of things, including pandering to the fans and making fun of his lisp. 

He eventually went on to accept Cody’s challenge for a match, saying that he knows Cody wants to face him badly, but there would be stipulations. He took a shot at Garland, Texas saying he wouldn’t do it there, but would do it in Jacksonville. 

AEW will return to Jacksonville, Florida on January 1 at Daily’s Place.