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Sabian's best man, TNT title match announced for AEW Dynamite

Kip Sabian will announce his ‘best man’ for his upcoming wedding on this week’s Dynamite, while a TNT title match has also been announced.

Sabian and Penelope Ford were shown on tonight’s All In event, with Sabian announcing that they were getting married, and it will take place live on AEW Dynamite. Sabian mentioned that with every wedding, there is a bachelor party, and the best man is usually the person who sets up the bachelor party.

Interviewer Alex Marvez asked Sabian who his best man was. Sabian said he would introduce him on Dynamite this week.

Dustin Rhodes, meanwhile, will get a TNT title match against Brodie Lee this Wednesday. Rhodes got the shot after his team defeated the Dark Order tonight at All Out, with Dustin pinning Cabana. 

After the match, Tony Schiavone made the announcement to Rhodes. Dustin, shocked, said this was the first time in a while he’s had a shot at the gold and promised to bring hell to Brodie Lee.