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Tony Khan to make 'huge announcement' on AEW Dynamite

In an interview released Wednesday by PWInsider, AEW president and head of creative Tony Khan said he will make "a huge announcement" on tonight's anniversary edition of AEW Dynamite.

Khan also promised great wrestling along with some additional "fun announcements" as well.

Khan was asked for a hint about who the "joker" participant is for tonight's Casino Ladder Match.

"I will not give you any insight into who the joker is going to be. I will not tell you that, but I will go back to the announcement instead and tell you that it's been something a long time coming. I'm very excited about it and proud of it and it'll really add a lot to the company, I think."

Khan also addressed recent reports of the executive vice presidents losing power, calling it "pretty disingenuous stuff" and noting that the structure of the company changed in late-2019 when he realized that "there were probably too many different people with input on segments" and that the show "wasn't as organized as it could be."

Khan also spoke about the emergence of the Owen Hart Foundation and how it came together with Owen's widow, Martha.

"He's a favorite of so many of ours and it meant a lot to be able to connect with Martha and offer this olive branch and say that we would love to have you and Owen be a part of AEW. We would love to work with the Owen Hart Foundation and reestablish the legacy of Owen Hart in professional wrestling where we haven't seen him in terms of being in video games and action figures and on TV, on wrestling each week and celebrating his great career. It's just we don't hear that name enough: Owen Hart.

(Martha) was very principled and she wanted to make sure this was something that would benefit the Owen Hart Foundation, which it will, that it was something that will be respectful of Owen's name and legacy and of Martha herself. Absolutely, that's what we're here to do and so I'm very, very excited about it," he explained.