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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Baby Back Ribs'

bte 210

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Episode 210 of Being The Elite was released today. Some highlights included: 

  • Brandon Cutler, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page were hanging out backstage before Dynamite. Omega complained about the bad catering and said he wanted baby back ribs. The group burst into song, belting out an old Chili's restaurant jungle for ribs. 
  • The Bucks told Cutler that he was teaming with Peter Avalon against them on tomorrow's Dark. The Bucks thought he might cry. Cutler made fun of how many matches there are on Dark. I hear you, pal. 
  • The bucks were with Luchasaurus at a Denny's restaurant. Luchasaurus proclaimed himself the king of the claw machine but failed to win a stuffed animal. 
  • We got a behind the scenes look at the filming of another commercial for the AEW action figure line.
  • Matt was shooting a video backstage. Nick approached and said that he used Matt's blading trick to jump the line at airport security. 
  • Cutler and Omega were about to try a new pre-workout. Matt entered. Cutler and Omega tried to get him to take the pre-workout. Matt said he and his brother are Christian AF. 
  • Nick told Private Party that he was dead ass. 
  • Alex Reynolds and John Silver approached Orange Cassidy backstage and tried to recruit him to Dark Order. Cassidy wasn't interested until he heard that every Friday, Dark Order watches every Fast and Furious movie. Reynolds and Silver offered Kool-Aid. Cassidy knocked the Kool-Aid over and refused the offer. 
  • We saw highlights from Dynamite. 
  • Page approached Mr. Brodie Lee backstage and complimented his gear. Page said that he had applied to join Dark Order months ago but had never heard back. Lee was upset that he had missed the chance to recruit Page. Lee hit Silver and Reynolds with stacks of paper and chewed them out for missing the chance.  
  • Frankie Kazarian ran into Cutler backstage. Kazarian was doing what may have been a Michael Hayes impression. 
  • Damascus approached Nick and said that Nick was Harry Houdini, the original merch freak and a carny. Damascus used broken brilliance to explain the term. 
  • Alex Abrahantes, Santana and Ortiz explained another Spanglish term, "ordere." Silver and Reynolds thought they were speaking about them. 
  • Colt Cabana appeared and entered The Elite's dressing room. He walked in on them singing the Chili's jingle.