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VIDEO: Being The Elite - Best Friends plot another crime

best friends crime

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Being The Elite Episode 217 began with another Best Friends, Orange Cassidy and Brandon Cutler confrontation. Taylor held a blunt object behind his back while Trent hid a box cutter. They wanted to do another crime. 

Cutler apologized to Trent, Taylor and Cassidy for accusing them of masturbating Colt Cabana with cake before murdering him. They all parted as friends but after Cutler left, Trent said that he could not wait to kill him. 

Other highlights from the episode included: 

  • The Young Bucks went to a Wal Mart looking for their AEW action figures. They were sold out. 
  • The Bucks spoke about their rivalry with Dark Order and how it goes back to PWG a decade ago. 
  • Santana and Ortiz were on trial, charged with making Marko Stunt's Tinder analytics plummet. Alex Marvez represented Stunt. Santana and Ortiz represented themselves. Dasha Gonzalez was the judge. She found Santana and Ortiz innocent. 
  • The Bucks were in their dressing room when Christopher Daniels entered, looking for Colt Cabana. They all realized Cabana had not been seen in two weeks. After Daniels left, Matt and Nick remembered hearing Kenny Omega say that he wanted to murder Cabana. They looked at Omega's gear and saw the sunglasses from his Cleaner character. 
  • They showed Cutler Cam footage from Dynamite. 
  • Daniels did a commercial for poison mortgages but realized while taping it that he didn't understand the concept. 
  • Matt Hardy continued to attack people backstage when he confused them with Sammy Guevara. 
  • Matt Jackson asked Cutler to come up with something for this week's 50-plus seconds for 50-plus. Matt said he needed something slow and plodding. Cutler suggested a Randy Orton match.. Instead, Cutler built a PC. 
  • Alex Reynolds and John Silver met to discuss potential Dark Order recruits. They considered Jon Moxley, Tom Arnold and Pauly Shore. The Librarians entered. Peter Avalon pitched himself as a Dark Order member. Reynolds and Silver rejected him. 
  • Mr. Brodie Lee met with Evil Uno, Stu Grayson and Ten. Lee wanted to coach Uno on how to do a better job of hitting people with stacks of paper. Uno threw paper at Tony Schiavone. Lee was not happy and left with Schiavone. 
  • A figure was walking backstage. We saw things from his point of view. He entered the medical room. The doctor called him "Scotty" and said "That's a lot of gold, man," a play on Cabana's name.