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VIDEO: Being The Elite - Gallows & Anderson appear

bte 213

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BTE 213 featured a cameo from Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. 

The show open saw Matt and Nick Jackson remembering their Bullet Club days, then "flashing back" to a 2015 meeting with Gallows and Anderson where they discussed starting their own wrestling company. 

All four agreed that they were Bullet Club for life and Gallows and Anderson agreed to come with The Bucks when they started their own group. 

After Matt and Nick left the room, Gallows and Anderson called Matt and Nick marks and said that they wanted to go to WWE and be famous. 

They said they could not wait to team with Triple H and said there were two Pauls in the company that they looked forward to working with, spoofing their recent podcast comments where they made comments about Triple H and Paul Heyman. 

Other highlights included: 

  • Matt and Nick showed footage of their flight to Jacksonville and their trip through the airport after they arrived. 
  • Matt and Kenny Omega discussed religion in their dressing room. Matt tried to get Kenny to join him in being "Christian AF," but Omega said he was more interested in scientology, because "...what could be more cool than aliens and Tom Cruise?"
  • Alex Reynolds and John Silver were shown backstage at Dynamite. They attempted to recruit Isiah Kassidy to Dark Order but Kassidy blew them off. Then they tried to recruit Nyla Rose. Rose said she had no interest in joining their cult. They offered her Kool-Aid to drink. She accepted the Kool-Aid but drank it from a "f**k you" straw. Silver and Reynolds promised to get her. 
  • Chris Daniels said this was the worst year ever, without a doubt. 
  • Matt Jackson was backstage with Matt Hardy. Hardy transformed into his Big Money Matt gimmick. Matt asked Hardy to transform into another persona. Broken Matt interrupted to explain the term "heat" using broken brilliance. High Voltage Matt then broke in and wanted to go over some high spots. Broken Matt broke in and explained "blown up."
  • Brandon Cutler approached Best Friends and Orange Cassidy and asked them for a bit. They promised to match the great Dark Order bit from last week. After Cutler left, they decided to murder Cutler. 
  • Cutler showed Cutler Cam footage from Dynamite. 
  • Hangman Page and Omega met backstage. Omega was upset that Page was hanging out with FTR on Dynamite. Page said it was no big deal but that when Omega had beer poured on him by FTR he had it coming. 
  • Omega entered The Bucks dressing room. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy entered to confront Omega after he attacked Marko Stunt last week. Omega reluctantly agreed to check on Stunt and to apologize. 
  • Stunt was in the trainers room getting checked out. Omega apologized for his actions. Stunt said he looked up to Omega and he hurt his feelings. Omega promised to make it up to Stunt. Omega left the room and called Stunt a derogatory name. 
  • Later, Colt Cabana approached Omega's dressing room. Griff Garrison stopped him and told him that Omega was in no mood. Omega thought Garrison was Jungle Boy. 
  • Alex Marvez hosted this week's Speaking Spanglish segment but introduced himself as Alex Abrahantes. Santana and Ortiz defined "fayk." Abrahantes then made a cameo. 
  • Matt and Nick were in their dressing room discussing ratings and demographics. They tried to devise a way to attract a 50-plus audience. Matt decided that a gardening segment would work and decided to shoot a pilot for a gardening show here on BTE. 
  • Private Party went into the trainers room to get checked out but Matt and Nick were there. They thought Matt was a sexy nurse until he unmasked and said he was "dead ass."
  • Mr. Brodie Lee had a meeting with Dark Order. Stu Grayson and John Silver were arguing. Lee asked Reynolds what was wrong with Silver. Reynolds said Silver was just a kid. Lee said he has an 8 year-old who isn't a "f*cking idiot" like Silver. Lee opened his jacket to reveal two stacks of paper to slap people with. Dark Order scattered in fear.