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VIDEO: Being The Elite - Gator Golf BTE Championship tournament

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Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

Gator Golf --

A Gator Golf tournament was announced to determine the first BTE Champion. 

Three first round matches were held on this week's episode. 

  • Matt Jackson vs. Nick Jackson - Sammy Guevara vs. Fuego Del Sol
  • Alex Reynolds vs. John Silver - Brandon Cutler vs. Peter Avalon
  • Chuck Taylor vs. Trent - Matt Hardy vs. Luchasaurus

The winners of the first round matchups will face each other. The winners of the second round matchups will advance to a three-way final. 

  • Matt defeated Nick in their first round battle.
  • Trent defeated Chuck.
  • Silver defeated Reynolds. 

The Elite --

Hangman Page and Brandon Cutler were seen throwing watermelons and pumpkins out of a pickup truck. Cutler tried to talk Hangman into patching up his relationship with Matt and Nick. Page wanted nothing to do with them. 

BTE opened this week with a flashback to just before All Out 2019. Hangman Page asked The Young Bucks to second him during his match with Chris Jericho. Matt and Nick blew him off. 

Cutler confronted Matt and Nick about not seconding Hangman last year. Cutler then asked them to second him in his next match. 

Nick told Matt to text Hangman to try to patch things up. Hangman didn't get the message because his phone was stuck in a pumpkin. 

A mysterious hand picked up Page's phone and responded to Matt, telling him to leave him alone forever and never to speak to him again. Was it Page? Was it someone else? That was this week's cliffhanger. 

Dark Order --

Alex Abrahantes joined Dark Order after accidentally drinking their Kool-Aid. 

Evil Uno was backstage looking for Mr. Brodie Lee. He entered Dark Order's lair and found Stu Grayson had been beaten up by Anna Jay. Uno asked Jay to leave Grayson alone for two weeks. Jay agreed. As soon as Uno left, Jay went back to beating up Grayson. 

Dark Order met to try to think of ways to cheer up Mr. Brodie Lee after he lost the TNT title. Preston Vance suggested cocaine and guns. Alan Angels suggested Five Guys. Silver suggested they all line up, pull Lee's pants down and kiss his posterior. Lee entered and was furious with everyone except for Silver for not interfering in the match where he lost the title. 

Miscellaneous bits --

Colt Cabana is still stuck looking like Michael Nakazawa. He entered the EVP's dressing room. Kenny Omega was there. An extended sex joke followed. 

Matt and Nick arrived at Dynamite and discussed who they should superkick. They settled on Alex Marvez. Justin Roberts interrupted them and another sex joke followed. 

This week's Speaking Spanglish segment was interrupted when Dark Order kidnapped Ortiz. Santana went searching for Ortiz. 

Leva Bates did a bit with Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. 

Matt Hardy instructed Matt and Nick on the proper way to watch a television monitor backstage.