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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Mustache'

Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

The Elite --

  • Brandon Cutler decided that The Elite should all grow mustaches. 
  • Footage was shown from Eddie Kingston and Penta El Zero Miedo's win over The Young Bucks on Dynamite.
  • After their match, The Bucks decided that the mustaches were bad luck. Gallows said that they all needed to masturbate more. Anderson said that they need to cheat more in every aspect of their lives. 

Dark Order --

  • The Young Bucks entered the Dark Order lair and banned them from appearing on BTE after they tried to stir the pot between Hangman Page and Kenny Omega on Dynamite last week. 
  • As The Bucks left, they bumped into Hangman. 

Miscellaneous bits --

  • Peter Avalon asked Leva Bates to meet him at a bar so he could profess his love to her. Bates arrived with Alex Reynolds. Reynolds continues to manipulate Bates, while Avalon was the whole reason for Bates and Reynolds getting together in storyline. 
  • Later, Avalon watched Bates and Reynolds on a date while he was standing outside in the rain. 
  • Ryzin had a confessional set up. Varsity Blonds visited the confessional.