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VIDEO: Being The Elite - Too many cakes

bte 221

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Episode 221 of Being The Elite opened with AEW promo class. Eddie Kingston cut a promo on a chocolate chip cookie. 

Other highlights from the episode included: 

Brandon Cutler tried to talk to The Young Bucks but they were in no mood. Matt and Nick said that they have been spending too much time worrying about the jobbers on their show instead of taking care of themselves and that is going to change. 

Alex Reynolds and John Silver had a dance-off against TH2. TH2 were declared the winners. Orange Cassidy rejected another invitation to join Dark Order. 

Michael Nakazawa was left out of the Casino Battle Royale and decided to take it out on Matt Sydal by oiling the top turnbuckle. 

Reynolds and Silver tried to frame Stu Grayson for vandalizing a bathroom but failed. 

Colt Cabana was looking for a doctor to fix his face. He ran into Chris Daniels, Dustin Rhodes and Luther but none of them were real doctors. 

Daniels did a commercial for vodka to appeal to the 50-plus demo. 

Cutler approached Hangman Page and told him that Matt and Nick wanted nothing to do with him. Page told him to do his job and go tell The Bucks that he's sorry. 

Matt Hardy introduced his youngest child to The Bucks. Matt and Nick were concerned that Hardy seemed too normal. 

Sydal found out about Nakazawa and chased him through the backstage. 

Page asked Cutler to get Matt and Nick some cakes. The cake delivery person turned out to be a competitive eater and ate the cakes before Page could get them to The Bucks.