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Wardlow next opponent in AEW Dynamite Five Labours of Jericho

Wardlow is next up for Chris Jericho in the Five Labours of Jericho series on AEW Dynamite. 

The announcement was made on tonight's episode of Dynamite following the third match in the series. Jericho defeated Juventud Guerrera with a top rope Judas Effect to extend the Labours. Following the match, Wardlow appeared and attacked both Guerrera and Jericho. MJF, who had been on commentary for the match, announced that Wardlow will take on Jericho on next week's Dynamite. 

Additionally, MJF announced that he will be managing Wardlow and will be at ringside to make sure the match is called "fair and square" by the referee.

Jericho defeated Shawn Spears in the first Labour in a match where Spears could use a chair but Jericho could not. Jericho then defeated Nick Gage in a no rules match on last week's Dynamite, then won against Guerrera this week. 

Should Jericho defeat Wardlow, the fifth Labour will be a one-on-one match between Jericho and MJF.