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AEW Dark results: Best Friends vs. Angels & Dean, nine more matches

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The show began with a voiceover promo from Taz. He said he would not be explaining or discussing his relationship with Brian Cage on Dark tonight. I appreciate that they thought to explain this away. 


Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall (w/ Brandi Rhodes) defeated Alex Reynolds & John Silver

First and foremost, QT ditched the apple toss in his entrance. I am taking credit for that. 

This match was just a backdrop for a new angle with Allie and Marshall. 

Dustin began working on Reynolds' left arm. Marshall tagged in for a senton. 

Allie appeared in the stands, eating an apple. This distracted Marshall, who acted as though this was the most erotic thing he had ever seen. Silver used the distraction to his a running knee off the apron and cut off Marshall. 

Marshall made his own comeback and Dustin got a hot tag. Dustin hit an inverted atomic drop, a bulldog and a powerslam. 

The finish saw Dustin hit a destroyer on Reynolds. Marshall then tagged in and hit a Diamond Cutter on Reynolds for the pin. 


Michael Nakazawa defeated Brandon Cutler by countout

They tried, but this was not good. 

Nakazawa used three quick pinning combinations right off the bat looking for a quick finish. 

Cutler came back with a springboard elbow, a Russian leg sweep, then a springboard elbow drop. Kind of a new take on the classic Bret Hart sequence. Probably the only comparison between Cutler and Hart that I will ever make. 

Nakazawa reached into his trunks for oil but he couldn't find any. Nakazawa split his trunks. They traded chops and strikes. Cutler was busted open over his right eye. 

Cutler hit a senton off the top rope for a near fall. He then dumped Nakazawa over the top rope to the stage. Cutler hit a slam on the stage, then a springboard diving elbow from the ring to the stage. 

Cutler hit a slam on the floor. Nakazawa shoved Cutler into the barricade and beat the ten count back inside. 

They pushed this as the first countout in AEW history. 


Peter Avalon and Leva Bates came out to the ring to taunt Cutler. Cutler said Avalon is afraid that he's going to get a win before Avalon. 

Avalon said he's going to win his match right now and prove that Cutler is the worst wrestler in AEW. 

Cutler joined the commentary team for the next match. 


Jungle Boy (w/ Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt) defeated Peter Avalon (w/ Leva Bates)

They traded some holds. Avalon used a headscissors takeover and Jungle Boy did a handstand out of the hold. 

Jungle Boy sent Avalon outside. Bates provided a distraction and Avalon posted Jungle Boy. 

Back inside, Jungle Boy made a comeback. Avalon cut him off with a leg lariat and used a headscissors on the mat. Jungle Boy forced a break. 

Avalon missed a top rope moonsault. Jungle boy hit three strikes and a lariat. Avalon hit a pump kick. Jungle Boy came back with a spectacular springboard DDT for a near fall. 

Avalon used an inside cradle for a two count. Avalon hit Marti-Knees for another two count. 

Things got needlessly convoluted at the finish. Bates jumped on the apron. Luchasaurus put Bates on his shoulders. Stunt forcibly kissed Bates. Can we erase that spot from the babyface repertoire in 2020?

Jungle Boy used the distraction to tie Avalon up in his SGS, an inverted STF. Avalon tapped out. 


Christopher Daniels defeated Serpentico

This was a quick back and forth battle with some solid work. 

They began with a nice chain wrestling sequence. Serpentico hit a shoulder block. Daniels used a series of deep arm drags. 

Daniels hit an exploder suplex. Serpentico came back with a slingshot double stomp for a two count. Daniels hit an STO and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. 

Daniels hit a uranage and the BME for the pin. 


Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela defeated John Skyler & Brady Pierce

This was the AEW debut for Skyler and Pierce. This was a nice showcase for Kiss and Janela.

Kiss hit Pierce with a big knee in the corner. Janela hit an elbow drop on Pierce. Kiss tagged in and hit an axe kick in the corner for a one count. Janela and Kiss used a series of quick tags. 

Skyler blind tagged in and cut Janela off. Pierce tagged back in and missed a moonsault. Kiss got a hot tag and ran wild with a dropkick and a pop-up leg drop on Pierce. Janela hit a tope suicida through the legs of Kiss to Pierce. Kiss used kiss my sass on Skyler. 

Janela tagged in and hit a top rope elbow for the pin on Skyler. 


Jimmy Havoc & Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford) defeated Tony Donati & Faboo Andre

This was a fun squash. 

Havoc attacked Donati and Andre right as the opening bell rang. Andre ended up the legal man and Havoc worked him over with biting and strikes. 

Andre made a quick comeback with a second rope crossbody. Havoc sent Andre outside, where Ford hit Andre with strikes. Havoc hit Andre with a one-legged dropkick. Sabian covered for a near fall. 

Sabian hit a PK. Havoc used a fish hook on Andre's eye. Andre was split open. Andre ducked an Acid Rainmaker and managed to tag Donati for the first time. 

Donati hit a bridging German for a one count on Sabian. He followed with another suplex for a two count on Sabian. 

Sabian cut Donati off with a draping DDT. Havoc hit a running death valley driver. Sabian hit a double stomp off the top. 

The finish saw Sabian and Havoc hit a dropkick into a Michinoku Driver and Havoc pinned Donati. 


Wardlow (w/ MJF) defeated Grim

Wardlow hit a deadlift powerslam and a series of uppercut forearm strikes. Wardlow missed a charge into the corner. Grim hit a corner splash and a back elbow. 

Wardlow came back with a German suplex. He went for the F-10 but Grim slipped out the back. 

Weird finish to this one. Wardlow placed Grim on the second rope. He pulled Grim off into a knee strike. The referee called a knockout finish. 


Wardlow hit the F-10 on Grim after the match. 


Colt Cabana defeated Lee Johnson

Johnson went to 0-8 in his AEW career after this squash. 

They shook hands at the opening bell. 

Cabana used a series of unique pinning combinations for a bunch of near falls. They traded chops in the corner. Johnson hit a dropkick. 

Johnson missed a charge into the corner. Cabana hit the flying apple. 

The finish saw Cabana hit flip, flop and fly, then used the Billy Goat's Curse for the submission victory. 


Penelope Ford (w/ Kip Sabian) defeated KiLynn King

I feel like Ford needs more performances like this to build some confidence. She has that confidence when she's working as a valet but it's not always there in the ring. 

Ford made a show of taking off her engagement ring after the opening bell. 

They traded headlocks. King used a misdirection spot to hit a shoulder tackle. King followed with a vertical suplex for a two count. 

Sabian tripped King from the floor. Ford tied King up in the ropes. Ford hit a series of stomps in the corner. Ford and Sabian made out. Ford hit a vertical suplex for a near fall. 

King came back with a missile dropkick. Ford hit a back handspring elbow. 

Ford then used a handspring into a cutter for the pin. 


Best Friends (Trent & Chuck Taylor w/ Orange Cassidy) defeated Alan Angels & Shawn Dean

Everyone worked hard and they had a nice little back and forth match. 

Dean and Taylor started off. Taylor hit an arm drag and a dropkick. 

Angels and Trent entered. They traded slaps to the face. Angels and Dean cut Trent off in their half of the ring. Dean missed a corner charge and Trent hit a tornado DDT. Trent hit Angels with a back suplex. 

Taylor made a tag and hit a powerslam on Angels. Taylor hit a plancha to Dean. Trent took Dean out with a spear on the floor. 

Taylor hit Angels with a powerbomb. Trent tagged in for the hug spot. 

Trent and Taylor hit Strong Zero and Trent pinned Angels.