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AEW Dark results: Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc vs. Jurassic Express

The Big Takeaway --

Shawn Spears picked up his first singles win and started a feud with Joey Janela.


The show started with Tony Schiavone introducing Spanish announcer Dasha Gonzales (the former Dasha Fuentes) as his newest co-host. Speaking of changes, this week Excalibur was joined at the booth by Maxwell Jacob Friedman.


Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard) defeated Michael Nakazawa

I know they were on Dynamite last week, but it's weird to not have The Librarians on the show. This was Nakazawa's first match for AEW since facing Alex Jebailey back at Fyter Fest. MJF asked the Facebook meme question about if olive oil is made out of olives and coconut oil is made out of coconuts, what is baby oil, which Nakazawa slathers himself in, made of?

Spears had the early advantage until Nakazawa pulled out the baby oil. Spears was not happy with getting it on him and tried to wipe it off onto referee Aubrey Edwards. Both Spears and Tully Blanchard slipped and bumped due to the baby oil.

Spears used the chop to much success. For the finish, Spears blocked Nakazawa's attempts at using his thong for an offensive maneuver and got the pin with a slingshot brainbuster.


Allie & Sadie Gibbs defeated Mercedes Martinez & Big Swole

Gibbs and Swole started the match doing the running shoulder blocks at each other, which Gibbs won by finally taking Swole down.

They began running the ropes and we never found out what happened, as the director felt it was more important to show a fan sitting at ringside. This happened a second time later on when Allie was going for a sliding elbow to Martinez, but instead we saw the fans.

Gibbs picked Allie up and dropped her on Martinez, but did it in the “wrong” direction, as she dropped Allie vertically, across the face and chest. Martinez and Swole hit the H Bomb on Gibbs.

Gibbs ignored the beating she got, shoved Swole across the ring, and casually tagged in Allie. After the producer didn't show Allie's offense, the heels decided that was enough and cut her off to get the heat. We got the expected four-way, which culminated with a giant dive spot with Gibbs doing a cartwheel into a dive over the top rope.

Everyone hit a big move on everyone, including the Allie Valley Driver, and Gibbs pinned Swole with a moonsault. This was rough in spots, but it accomplished its goals at the end of the day.


They formally announced Dr. Britt Baker vs. Bea Priestley for the Full Gear Buy-In show, which included a video package building it up. Baker called Priestley a piece of sh*t.

After that we got a recap of the Chris Jericho-Cody angle from last Wednesday.


Up next was our weekly From Undesirable To Undeniable segment where Cody interviewed Jimmy Havoc. Havoc said he feels undesirable a lot of the time now and all you have to do was look on his Twitter feed.

Havoc did look back to a moment when he was three years old which started him down the road he's on. He started feeling undeniable by wrestling the way he wants to now and said getting signed shows that he is good enough.

Honestly, this was the weakest of the four segments, but that's mostly because the three before this were really good.


Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc defeated Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt)

Stunt put on a Luchasaurus mask, but he took it off as the match began. The announcers said he was 5'3", which I am calling shenanigans on.

A couple people tried to start either an ECW or a CZW chant, but it didn't pick up steam. Havoc and Jungle Boy were displaying fine technical wrestling until Havoc decided to gnaw on Jungle Boy's wrist. Jungle Boy hit a beautiful high dropkick. Stunt did a suicide dive -- diving between Jungle Boy's legs to Havoc -- and Jungle Boy hit a beautiful Asai moonsault on Janela.

There were a lot of people shown not paying attention, which is weird since this was the last match of the night, so if you're not gonna watch or care, why not leave early? Havoc bit the neck of Stunt, which led to an announcer discussion about vampires.

Stunt made the hot tag to Jungle Boy, which the fans did pop for. Jungle Boy got tired of his team being bit, so he bit Havoc, which made the crowd happy. Jungle Boy gave Janela an atomic drop and an inverted atomic drop, both of which Janela sold like sure death.

A series of big moves saw Janela hit Jungle Boy with a big lariat as the last move. Jungle Boy ducked the Acid Rainmaker, but it led to Stunt nearly being pinned with a Michinoku driver.

Havoc pulled out a staple gun, but Janela blind tagged himself in and took the staple gun. Janela turned on his partner by stapling him in the head. Despite that, Havoc still helped his partner win, as Janela pinned Stunt with a top rope package piledriver.

After the match, Havoc took his staple gun, glared at Janela, and walked away.


We were whisked away backstage, where Janela was smoking a cigarette after the match. Tully Blanchard approached him and said he wasn't happy with how Janela treated him the last time they saw each other. Spears attacked Janela and appeared to force cigarettes down Janela's throat, but the camera was turned away and the show came to its conclusion.


Final Thoughts --

This was the first time the show really felt like Velocity. Unlike prior episodes that had some degree of stardom, this was the midcard and under showcase.