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AEW Dark results: Jurassic Express vs. Dark Order vs. Janela & Kiss

The Big Takeaways: 

The only major developments on this week's show were Shanna's return and the continuation of the Shawn Spears vs. Scorpio Sky feud.

Show Recap:

As in past weeks, Excalibur and Taz were joined by Anthony Ogogo and Ricky Starks at points throughout the show. Ogogo is gaining confidence in the broadcast booth, playing off his partners well, while Starks was entertaining as always.

Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard) defeated KTB

Scorpio Sky's music played a few moments into the match. Sky, who lost to Spears on Dynamite a couple weeks ago, came out carrying Spears' metal slug gimmick that he uses to win matches. He sat on the ramp and watched.

KTB rolled up Spears after the distraction and ran wild with power moves, but was cut off with a draping knee lift. Spears beat down KTB and challenged Sky to come interfere in the match, but Sky remained stoic. He applied a scorpion deathlock, which Sky uses often, leading to the submission. After the match, Sky faced off with Spears but instead opted to lay out KTB with a TKO.

Ricky Starks defeated Damian Fenrir

Starks teams with Powerhouse Hobbs to take on Cody Rhodes and TNT Champion Darby Allin on this week's Dynamite. He completely dominated, taunting Fenrir the whole way. Fenrir made a brief comeback with a dropkick, but Starks planted him with Roshambo to end the squash.

Brandon Cutler defeated Danny Limelight

This was a nice little match. Limelight controlled much of the contest. He avoided a corner attack and Cutler posted his shoulder. Cutler's arm was the target of Limelight's attack until he fought out of an armbar with a powerbomb. Limelight applied a sleeper, but Cutler powered out and backed him into the corner.

Cutler hit an enziguri and went for the TPK, but his arm was too weak. He landed a springboard forearm and looked to follow it up with a tope suicida, but Limelight turned it into a waki gatame on the floor. Back in the ring, Limelight went for a springboard but Cutler caught him. The TPK finished it, giving Cutler his fifth straight win.

Peter Avalon defeated Jon Cruz

Avalon achieved his first AEW win last week. Cruz went for a strike, but Avalon fled to the corner, imploring him not to hit his face. Avalon clotheslined Cruz to the floor and posed in the corner. After a long beatdown, Cruz made a comeback with elbow strikes. He hit slaps in the corner, but Avalon caught him and hit the Marti-Knees for the pinfall.

Shanna defeated Tesha Price

This was Shanna's first match in almost nine months as she had been stuck overseas due to the pandemic. Neither competitor could gain an advantage until Shanna missed a running dropkick into the ropes. Price pulled Shanna's hair over the ropes as part of the heat.

Shanna countered a straitjacket submission into a cradle and laid into Price with strikes and a stunner. The second time was the charm as Shanna landed the running dropkick before hitting a tiger suplex bridge for the pin.

– Alex Marvez tried to interview Scorpio Sky about a potential rematch with Shawn Spears, but Sky walked off.

KiLynn King defeated Katalina Perez

King downed her opponent with a shoulder tackle and a scoop slam. Perez took control with a running uppercut for two. She set up King in the corner, but King fought back with a missile dropkick. King hit a high kick and a German suplex. Perez tried to fire up with a jawbreaker, but King nailed the Kingdom for the quick win.

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent?) (w/ Orange Cassidy) defeated Sean Maluta & Adam Priest

Taylor and Maluta started off. Neither could gain an advantage after some chain wrestling, so they tagged in their partners. Trent taunted Priest after a strong mat return and followed it up with a gutbuster. Taylor tagged in and the Best Friends hit a double team move.

Priest took control with a German suplex on Trent before tagging in Maluta, who nailed a Samoan drop. Trent fired back with a swinging DDT and tagged in Taylor, who ran wild on both opponents. Maluta grabbed Taylor's boot from outside, but Trent ran interference with a a spear. Best Friends both landed knee strikes before hitting Soul Food into a half-and-half suplex. After their signature hug, they both hit spike piledrivers on Priest to win.

Leva Bates defeated Alex Gracia

This was rough. Gracia laid in strikes in the corner before Bates somewhat hit a slingshot spear and a backstabber. Gracia transitioned into a leg scissors submission, but Bates countered into a cradle for two. Bates applied another cradle for the victory.

The Gunn Club (Billy Gunn, Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn) defeated Angel Fashion, VSK & Shawn Donavan

The Gunn Club came out with towels draped over their heads, taunting Taz on commentary. Billy backdropped VSK before the match. This was Donavan's AEW debut and he started off with Colten. Austin and VSK tagged in and wrestled around before Billy and Fashion entered the match. Colten tagged back in, but a kick from VSK allowed Fashion to land a clothesline and cut Colten off.

The three Dark talents took turns beating down Colten before a clothesline bought him enough time to tag in Austin, who ran wild. A flipping neckbreaker from Austin got two and the Quick Draw got three.

Matt Sydal defeated Aaron Solow

This was fun stuff as Solow is among the best of the Dark regulars. They exchanged holds and strikes early until Sydal landed a standing corkscrew moonsault. Solow kicked out Sydal's leg and forced him into the ropes. He taunted Sydal by flipping his hair into Sydal's face, but Sydal fired out with kicks. Solow cut him off with overhead suplexes.

Sydal made a comeback with a tijeras and a heel kick. He followed it up with a Northern Lights bomb for two. Solow countered running offense into a stomp and a spinning kick for two. Sydal applied a crucifix cradle, but Solow kicked out, so Sydal locked on the cobra clutch. Solow fought out, but Sydal planted him with a roundhouse kick and his new sidewalk slam driver for the win.

Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) defeated Fuego Del Dol & Baron Black

Del Sol used his quickness to hit a series of hurricanranas on Grayson. Black tagged in but was immediately cut off and beaten down by the Dark Order. Black landed a back suplex on Uno and tagged Del Sol back in who was flattened with a Grayson powerslam.

Evasive maneuvers allowed Del Sol to tag in Black, who hit strikes. He sent Grayson to the outside before landing an exploder suplex on Uno. Del Sol tagged in and looked for a top rope move, but Grayson cut him off. Uno stopped Del Sol's tornado DDT, Grayson hit the Nightfall on Black on the outside, and Uno hit a lifting flatliner for the victory.

Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison defeated Cezar Bononi & RYZIN

Pillman and RYZIN had a stiff exchange early on which the former won with a shoulder block. Bononi pulled the ropes down, sending Pillman to the outside, and RYZIN hit a pescado to take advantage. Pillman foiled a double team attempt and reached Garrison for the hot tag. After clearing Bononi from the ring, Garrison and Pillman nailed a Doomsday blockbuster for the win.

Ivelisse defeated Lindsay Snow

Ivelisse fought out of a fireman's carry and hit a thrust kick, sending Snow to the floor. She followed it up with a cannonball and kept up the attack in the ring. Snow came back with kicks, leading to a cool strike exchange which Snow won. She landed a running knee strike for two. Ivelisse fought back and hit a buzzsaw kick followed by a front face kick for the quick victory.

The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) defeated George South Jr. & Bobby Wayward

South is the son of former Crockett, WWF and WCW wrestler George South. He and Wayward made their AEW debuts here. As always, Caster taunted his opponents by rapping during The Acclaimed's entrance. This was pretty much a squash. Bowens and Wayward had a strike exchange early on before some miscommunication on a float over DDT which looked painful for Wayward. South made a brief comeback after tagging in, but The Acclaimed cut him off the Claim To Fame for three.

Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico) defeated Alex Chamberlain & Seth Gargis

Chaos Project attacked before the bell, but Chamberlain and Gargis isolated the smaller Serpentico. Chamberlain was distracted by Luther, allowing Serpentico to chop down his opponent. Luther tagged in and Chaos Project deployed their signature offense, which involves Luther using Serpentico as a weapon. Serpentico tried to switch up the roles, but he wasn't strong enough.

A spinebuster bought Chamberlain enough time to reach Gargis for the tag. He leveled Serpentico with power moves. Luther grabbed Gargis' boot, allowing Serpentico to hit a series of kicks. The Creeping Death followed for the pin.

Red Velvet defeated Lady Frost

Velvet got the advantage off an early leg lariat. A running low dropkick got two. Velvet kept up the attack with strikes, but Frost avoided a corner attack and landed an axe kick and a knee drop. Velvet moved out of the way of a standing moonsault and hit one of her own. A series of kicks allowed Frost to take control.

An overhead throw gave Velvet her comeback. She followed it up with a running knee strike to the back of the head, followed by a second to the side of the head for the win.

Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy) (w/ Marko Stunt) defeated Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss and Dark Order (Alan "5" Angels & Preston "10" Vance)

This was what you'd call a spotfest. The rules were two in, one out. Dark Order attacked before the match started, but Jurassic Express hit a double team on Angels. Janela and Kiss hit stereo dropkicks to take out Luchasaurus and landed a Hart Attack to dispatch Angels. 

There was a weird moment where Janela was sent outside onto the cameraman which didn't look intentional. Back in the ring, Vance flattened Janela with a spinebuster before the Dark Order isolated him for a long time.

Janela took out both Dark Order members with a crossbody, reaching Kiss for the hot tag. Jungle Boy blind tagged his way into the match and rolled up Vance, who fought out and hit a wheelbarrow German for two. Vance and Angels now isolated Jungle Boy, who used a rebound lariat to finally reach Luchasaurus.

Luchasaurus ran wild on everyone and hit a reverse Death Valley Driver on Kiss for two. Dark Order caught a Janela dive, but Jungle Boy laid them out with a tope. Janela hit a Death Valley Driver on Angels onto Jungle Boy on the apron before Kiss took out everyone with a moonsault.

Back in the ring, Luchasaurus rocked Kiss with a headbutt. Janela tried to chop him down, but Jungle Boy took him out with a destroyer. There was a visible video cut for that spot. Angels hit Kiss with the Wing Snapper, Vance hit a spear, and Angels landed a splash. They set up for a move on Jungle Boy, but Luchasaurus dispatched Vance and the Jurassic Express hit their assisted powerbomb on Angels for the three count.

Final Thoughts:

The three-way tag main event was the only Dynamite-worthy match or segment on this 2:18 long show, making this an eminently skippable edition of Dark.