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AEW Dynamite anniversary show live results: Four title matches

AEW celebrates the first anniversary of Dynamite tonight with four title matches. 

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley will defend his title against Lance Archer. Archer won a Casino Battle Royale at All Out to earn the title shot. Moxley is 19-0 in AEW singles matches in 2020, while Archer is 13-1. 

AEW Women's World Champion Hikaru Shida will put her title up against Big Swole. Swole is on a seven-match winning streak heading into the contest. 

FTR will defend the AEW World Tag Team Championships against Best Friends. 

A week after regaining the TNT Championship, Cody will put that title on the line against Orange Cassidy. Cassidy answered an open challenge from Cody on last week's Dynamite. Cassidy has challenged for the TNT title once before, in a losing effort against Mr. Brodie Lee. 

Miro & Kip Sabian in action and "a huge announcement" from MJF have also been advertised for tonight's show. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


The show opened with the introductions for the Tag title match.

Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone were the broadcast team. 


AEW World Tag Team Championship match: FTR defeated Best Friends to retain the titles

Trent and Chuck got some shine early. Dax cut Trent off after refusing to break cleanly in the corner and FTR took over. 

Trent got his knees up on a Cash elbow drop and managed a hot tag to Chuck. Chuck hit a tope con giro. He followed with a falcon arrow on Dax for a near fall. 

Tully interfered from the floor, sweeping Chuck's leg on a suplex attempt. Chuck made his own comeback and tagged out. 

Chuck and Trent hit their sole food/half-and-half combo for a two count. Trent hit a one-legged dropkick to Cash for another two. Cash cut Trent off with a lariat. 

The match broke down and all four jumped in. Chuck and Trent hit Strong Zero on Dax for a great near fall as Cash made the save. 

Trent and Cash brawled outside. Cash dodged a spear and Trent ran into Kip Sabian's arcade game. Sabian was mad and sent Penelope Ford to the back to fetch Miro. This did not lead to the finish. 

Trent hit a swing DDT and tagged out. Chuck ducked a belt shot from Dax. 

Dax then took the referee. Cash hit Chuck with a title belt and Dax rolled him up to retain the titles. 

This was below the level of most AEW tag matches. There were some sloppy spots and FTR continue to struggle to mesh with the AEW tag roster. 


Post-match, Penelope and Miro ran in. Miro destroyed Chuck and Trent with throws and cleared the ring. 


After a commercial break, the show was rejoined live with Miro's ring intro for the next match. 

Miro & Kip Sabian (w/Penelope Ford) defeated Lee Johnson & Sean Maluta

Miro and Sabian won a quick squash. Miro used the camel clutch to submit Maluta. 


Sabian and Miro cut quick promos after the match. Sabian said that the arcade game was his most prized possession. Miro called Best Friends "Good Friends" and said if you break his sh*t, it's game over. 


The broadcast team immediately threw it to the back where Lance Archer was beating up Jon Moxley. 


The annoucers then previewed the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament which begins next week. 

The first round matches: 

Rey Fenix vs. Penta El Zero M, Joey Janela vs. Kenny Omega

Colt Cabana vs. Hangman Page, Wardlow vs. Jungle Boy


MJF entered for a promo. He called out Chris Jericho. 

They did a lengthy back and forth promo. MJF gifted Sammy Guevara an oversized jacket. Jericho said he hated Animal Planet. 

MJF said he might want to join The Inner Circle and challenged Jericho to...

a steak dinner on nextweek's Dynamite. 

This went way too long and the slow burn for the match between these two has fizzled out. 


A Britt Baker Role/Roll Model video package aired. Britt and Schiavone were at a spa. Britt and Reba freaked out because they thought Tony was naked. 

Tony got his chest waxed while Britt cut a promo about the next step in her comeback happening next week. 

This was funny. 


They randomly announced in the middle of the next match that Darby Allin would be getting a TNT Championship match at Full Gear. 


TNT Championship match: Cody & Orange Cassidy went to a time limit draw, Cody retained

Cody indeed made Orange lock up as he promised. Cody went to taunt Orange with a pockets spot but Orange escaped. Cassidy hit a superkick and a tope suicida. 

Cody hit a top rope springboard cutter, a disaster kick and a superplex. He went to work on Cassidy's left leg, including wrenching it around the post. 

Cassidy came back with a swing DDT off the top rope and Beach Break on the apron. They did a countout tease but both made it back in.

Cassidy hit a second Beach Break. They traded cradles. Cody used a crucifix. The pinning combinations were coming fast and furious as the time limit neared. 

Cassidy used a mousetrap cradle. Hehad Cody pinned but before the ref could count to three, the time limit expired. 


Alex Marvez was backstage with Lance Archer and Jake Roberts. Marvez said the World title match was in jeopardy after Archer attacked Moxley earlier. 

Moxley ran in and had a pull-apart with Archer. 


Tony Schiavone interviewed Matt Hardy in the crowd. Matt said he's healthy and cleared to return to the ring. 

A Sammy Guevara video interrupted. Guevara took responibility for the attack on Hardy's knee that was the storyline reason for his not being cleared. Sammy said this will never be over between them. 

Matt said Sammy is his first order of business. 

This feud is cursed and they should never go back to it but this segment was effective. 


Tony Schiavone was in the ring with Tully, FTR, referees and a lottery tumbler. 

A 4-way for the number one contendership to the AEW Tag titles was announced for next week. The refs drew names. 

Private Party, Butcher & Blade, Alex Reynolds & John Silver and Young Bucks were drawn. 

Young Bucks shook hands with FTR and they teased a confrontation. Instead, Matt and Nick laid out Private Party, Butcher and Blade with superkicks. 


They announced that the main event is now a no-DQ match. 


AEW Women's World Championship match: Hikaru Shida defeated Big Swole to retain the title

This was Swole's best outing since the match that got her signed.

It's unfortunate for these ladies that again the only women's match on the show was put in the 9:30 spot and had a commercial in the middle of it. 

They shook hands before locking up. They traded quick cradles for two counts. Shida hit a series of strikes to establish the advantage. 

Shida hit her drive-by knee lift on the apron. Swole came back and shoved Shida into the camera operator before a break. 

During the commercials, Shida sent Swole over the barricade, then suplexed her back over to the floor. Back inside, Swole tried a crucifix bomb. Shida blocked. 

Swole went for a sunset bomb off the top rope but slipped. They recovered well after the botched spot. 

Swole hit a cutter to the ramp and a cutter in the ring for a two count. 

Shida hit a straightjacket German for a two count. Shida hit a knee strike and a falcon arrow for a near fall. 

Swole hit Dirty Dancing but Shida kicked out. Swole went for a second Dirty Dancing but Shida blocked. 

Shida hit a running knee to the back of thehead, then hit a shining wizard to pin Swole and retain. 

They showed Nyla Rose in the front row after the match, so Shida and Rose still looks to be a direction at some point. 


MJF and Jericho's "Dinner Debonair" was announced for next week. 

Cody vs. Orange Cassidy in a TNT title rematch was announced for two weeks from tonight. 


Eddie Kingston, Penta and Fenix came to the announce desk. 

The announcers then threw to a Shawn Spears video. 

Spears said he isn't stalking Scorpio Sky. 

That's exactly what someone who is stalking Scorpio Sky would say. 

Spears reminded us that Sky saved Matt Sydal when Spears was beating him down on Late Night Dynamite and so Spears has an ax to grind wth Sky. 


Kingston told the announcers that he's there to watch the main event, which is up next. 


AEW World Championship no-DQ match: Jon Moxley defeated Lance Archer (w/Jake Roberts) to retain the title

They didn't have the time to build a real epic but this was an entertaining brawl. 

Archer charged through the entrance, tossing an extra through glass on his way to the stage. 

Moxley hit a kick to the gut and a Paradigm Shift right away for an immediate two count. 

Archer took control of the fight before a commercial break. Archer hit a chokeslam through two chairs. 

Moxley made a comeback after the break and used a kneebar and an ankle lock. Moxley hit a Paradigm Shift off the apron through two tables. 

Moxley hit another Paradigm Shift in the ring. Archer kicked out. Moxley transitioned to a bulldog choke but Archer forced a break. 

Archer hit a DDT and a Blackout but Moxley rolled through on the Blackout and used a crucifix to pin Archer. 


Archer attacked after the match. Kingston ordered Penta and Fenix to the ring to make the save. 

Kingston cut a babyface promo. He said he and Moxley have been friends forever. He said they had a good fight for the World title a couple of weeks back, even though Kingston never tapped. 

Kingston said Moxley has carried the company for a year and deserves respect. He ordered Penta and Fenix to raise Mox's hands. 

Kingston then hit Mox with a spinning backfist. Kingston used a rear naked choke. Penta and Fenix ran interference on the apron to keep officials from breaking this up. 

Kingston choked Moxley out. He said he never tapped and he's going to get Jon. 

A great angle to end the show.