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AEW Dynamite live results: Chris Jericho vs. Scorpio Sky title match

AEW Dynamite airs live tonight from the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

Sears Centre also hosted the All In pay-per-view in September 2018, which laid the foundation for what would become AEW, and the AEW All Out show a year later. The company's hope is to establish a Thanksgiving week tradition at the venue starting tonight.

Chris Jericho will defend the AEW World Championship against Scorpio Sky in the main event. Sky handed Jericho his first AEW loss in a tag match two weeks ago to set up the title match, which was agreed to on last week's Dynamite. 

In addition to his title defense, "Chris Jericho's Thanksgiving Thank You Celebrashon for Le Champion" has been announced for tonight. Jericho promised that the Celebrashon will feature an aquarium, games, clowns, and the biggest celebration in pro wrestling history. 

Tonight's show will also see Kenny Omega vs. PAC in a rematch from All Out.

The AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring will be presented to the winner of tonight's Hangman Page vs. MJF match. Diamond Dallas Page will appear to present the ring to the winner. Hangman and MJF won the Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal last week to secure their spots in the final. MJF pushed on social media this week that the ring is worth $45,000, making it the most valuable prize in sports.

Also advertised for the show is Cody's return to action in his first match since Full Gear. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show opened with...


Soul Train Jones welcomed us to the greatest night in television history, then introduced Jericho. 

The ramp was lined with a marching band. The ring was surrounded by people in inflatable clown and animal costumes. 

Jericho told Chicago to sit down and shut up. The crowd chanted "thank you," but Jericho said their thanks don't matter. He's here to be thanked by the AEW executive team and the TNT network brass. 

Jericho announced a limited run of the official "Little Bit of the Bubbly" and gave the website. He said that fans should check under their chairs, some of them have a coupon worth 50 cents off a new Le Champion t-shirt. 

He toasted Soul Train Jones, then called out the Inner Circle. 

Sammy Guevara gave Jericho a cardboard standee of the two of them hugging. Santana and Ortiz gave Jericho a Puerto Rico flag headband, "a little bit of the 40," flip-flops, then named him an honorary Boricua. Jake Hager gifted Jericho a goat named "Chris Jerich-goat."

Between Pharaoh being scared by pyro and this poor goat that was too scared to walk to the ring, this company is going to have a serious problem with PETA. 

Proud and Powerful opened a giant box in the ring, and out stepped Jericho's dad, Ted Irvine. 

Ted insulted the Chicago hockey team, then put over the New York Rangers, and gave the Inner Circle custom-made Rangers jerseys. 

Jericho called Justin Roberts into the ring to read a proclamation from TNT putting Jericho over. They established that Roberts was a Chicago local, then beat him up. The announcers called attention to the fact that he was getting beat up in his hometown, which is unheard of in wrestling. 

SCU hit the ring dressed as members of the marching band to make the save for Roberts. Daniels put Jones in the Million Dollar Dream. 

This ruled. Great pro wrestling comedy. 

With Roberts out, Dasha Gonzalez took his place as ring announcer. Marco Solis Martinez filled in for Tony Schiavone on the first match. Marco is from the "All Elite Fleet, courtesy of State Farm". 



Best Friends were accompanied by Orange Cassidy, who wore a turkey costume. 

Lucha Bros. jumped Best Friends as they entered. Best Friends fought off the sneak attack. Cassidy hit a dive off the post. JR made a WKRP reference to flying turkeys. Excalibur made a joke about going after the over-50 demo. Lots of inside baseball jokes tonight. 

The bell rang. Trent ran wild with knee strikes. Pentagon cut him off before a commercial. Lucha Bros. worked Trent over through the entire break. 

Back from commercial, Fenix hit a dropkick to Trent's ass. Trent made a hot tag to Taylor. Taylor hit a standing sliced bread and a tope con giro. Trent got a tag and got cut off again with a destroyer from Pentagon. 

Taylor took out Pentagon with a dive on the floor. Trent hit Fenix with a Crunchie out of nowhere for the upset. They got very little time, but what little they did was good. 



This had its moments, but was pretty sloppy overall. Statlander has a ton of potential, Shida is going to be a star, Priestley is a good athlete, Sakura is a solid veteran, but all together they didn't gel. 

The announcing was a detriment to the match as well. JR made a couple of very questionable stements here, referring to Sakura as "Oriental", then saying that "Shida doesn't speak English, most of these young Asian ladies don't." Yeesh. 

Statlander hit a shooting star off the apron to Priestley, then an Okada-like shotgun dropkick. Shida got a tag and got cut off. The second straight match with a lengthy commercial break. 

Sakura used her mic stand while applying an abdominal stretch to Shida, doing her Freddie Mercury shtick. They beat on Shida forever. 

Statlander got a hot tag and used an Oklahoma roll for a near fall on Sakura. Priestely hit a double stomp to Statlander. Sakura hit a back breaker for a two count. 

Shida hit Priestely with a falcon arrow. Statlander hit a scissors kick and a Michinoku Driver on Sakura for near falls. 

Priestley took the ref. Sakura used the mic on Statlander, then used a crucifix for the pin. 


Jon Moxley cut a promo. He said he's napalm death and wonders if anyone else has the balls to step up to him. 



Squash city. Cody hit a springboard cutter and threw his weight belt into the crowd. Cody used a figure four for the submission. 

Cody asked for a mic. He called out MJF. The debuting Butcher and The Blade entered through a hole in the ring and left Cody laying. Allie entered through the ring as well, so those three look to be a unit. 

The crowd had no idea who Butcher and Blade were, and this got very little reaction. 



PAC avoided a Kotaro Krusher, but Omega hit an immediate snap dragon suplex. Omega hit a buckle bomb for a two count. PAC rolled outside, and Omega hit his Terminator dive. Omega landed flat on his ass on the floor, which had to suck. 

Back inside, Omega hit another snap dragon. Omega teased a dragon off the apron, but PAC blocked. PAC then hit a moonsault off the top to the floor. PAC worked over Omega's abs and used a chinlock during a commercial. 

Back from break, Omega fired up. He connected on a series of double sledge shots, then hit a fisherman buster. Omega teased You Can't Escape, but PAC blocked. They traded kicks. PAC blocked a V-trigger an hit a lariat into a double down. 

PAC hit a top rope falcon arrow for a two count. PAC missed on a Black Arrow attempt. Omega hit a V-trigger. He teased a One-Winged Angel, but PAC blocked. Omega then used a rolling crucifix for the pin. An excellent TV match here. 


Trent vs. Rey Fenix was announced for next week. 


We got a highlight package from the Dynamite Dozen battle royal last week. 



Each cut an inset promo on the other before the match. 

Page ignored a handshake offer at the opening bell, then attacked. He got some brief shine. Wardlow tripped Page from the floor, allowing MJF to take control. MJF worked on Page's left arm before a commercial break. 

After the commercials, Page hit a tope suicida and a moonsault off the post. Back inside, Page hit a discus lariat for a near fall. Page hit a Buckshot Lariat. They were out of position and MJF had to roll to the ropes for the next spot. Page covered, but Wardlow put MJF's foot on the ropes. 

MJF took the ref. Wardlow hit a right hand to Page. MJF then hit Page with Cross Rhodes for the pin. 

DDP appeared to present MJF the ring. He said MJF's actions have disappointed him, but since he's the bigger man, he'll shake MJF's hand. Instead of accepting, MJF put his chewing gum in Page's hand. 

Page and MJF had a staredown. Wardlow stepped between them, and DDP told him to step off, because he's look real stupid having a 63 year-old man kick his ass all over Chicago. Security and referees came out to pull everyone apart. 

This was an effective segment. DDP got a great reaction as well. 


Jenn Decker interviewed Dustin Rhodes in the ring. Dustin said that Jake Hager broke his arm, so he's out for Hager's blood. 

Guevara and Proud and Powerful hit the ring. The Young Bucks ran down to make the save. Rhodes and the Bucks cleared the ring. 


We got another Dark Order hype video similar to last week's. I like these videos, an they should help with what has been a lackluster run for Dark Order in AEW to this point.



Jericho did some stalling. Sky hit a dropkick, then clotheslined Jericho to the floor. Sky hit a one-legged dropkick on the floor, then used a sunset flip on the inside for a two count. Jericho came back with his second rope springboard dropkick, sending Sky to the floor before a commercial. 

During the commercials, Jericho threw Sky into the steps, then slingshotted him into the bottom of the barricade. After the commercials, Jericho hit a suplex. Sky countered with a neckbreaker. 

Sky hit a dropkick, then a slingshot cutter for a two count. Sky tried a missile dropkick, but Jericho caught him and slapped on the Liontamer. Sky reached the bottom rope forcing a break. 

While Jericho jawed with Aubrey Edwards, Sky recovered. Sky hit a cutter, then locked in a dragon sleeper. Jake Hager ran to the ring and Sky gave up the hold. Jericho used the distraction to use a schoolboy for a two count. 

Daniels and Kazarian ran out to take out Hager. Edwards chased them all to the back. Jericho teased a belt shot. Sky ducked it, then hit a TKO for a near fall. 

Sky hit a tope rope rana, then a step-up enziguri for a two count. Sky jumped off the second rope into a Codebreaker for a near fall by Jericho. 

Sky blocked a Judas Effect and used a backslide for a two count. Jericho blocked a kick and used the Liontamer, and this time Sky tapped out. 

The crowd loved this and it picked up quite a bit at the end, but this was not what you would think of as a great world title match. 

After the bell, Jericho again used the Liontamer on Sky. Moxley's music hit. Moxley appeared in the crowd. Jericho grabbed his belt and the two had a long distance staredown to end the show. 

This was another good episode of Dynamite. I didn't like it as much as last week's show, but I thought it was a better show than two weeks ago.