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AEW Dynamite live results: Fyter Fest night one

Night one of AEW Dynamite Fyter Fest takes place this evening in Cedar Park, Texas. 

The IWGP United States Championship will be on the line when Jon Moxley takes on Karl Anderson of The Good Brothers. Moxley has held the IWGP US title since January 4, 2020, when he defeated Lance Archer for the belt at NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom 14.

The feud between Darby Allin and Ethan Page will reach its climax as the two face off in a coffin match. This match was originally slated for last week's Road Rager show before being moved to this week.

As Team Taz continues to implode, Brian Cage will defend the FTW Championship against Ricky Starks. 

In a battle of veteran talent, Matt Hardy of the Hardy Family Office will face Christian Cage. 

Hangman Page will speak, as the build continues to an eventual Kenny Omega vs. Page match for the AEW World Championship. 

In the women's division, Penelope Ford will take on Yuka Sakazaki.

The Inner Circle's Sammy Guevara will face Wheeler Yuta.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship: Jon Moxley (c) (w/ Eddie Kingston) defeated Karl Anderson (w/ Doc Gallows)

The crowd was out of their minds for Moxley. This was a very good opener with some cool intensity.

Kingston attacked Gallows with a pipe before the match, and Moxley took advantage of the distraction to strike Anderson. With the match under way, both men exchanged a quick strike before Anderson called for a fight. They exchanged forearms in the center of the ring. Anderson looked to get the advantage, but Moxley fired up and clotheslined Anderson out of the ring.

Anderson was sent into the barricade before he blocked a suplex on the ramp and hit one on Moxley. They brawled in the ringside area before Moxley returned the action to the ring. Anderson hit a Gun Stun over the ropes upon re-entry and booted Moxley back to the floor. Back in the ring, Anderson hit his signature spinebuster for two. 

They fought on the top rope, where Moxley hit a superplex. A counter exchange saw Moxley hit a German, Anderson hit a big boot, and Moxley come back with a clothesline. They hit simultaneous clotheslines, leading to a double down. They did another New Japan-style counter exchange, with Anderson hitting an Air Raid crash for two.

Anderson landed a diving neckbreaker for another near fall. He fought out of a Paradigm Shift and shrugged off a discus forearm to hit a Gun Stun, but was too beaten down to make a cover. Moxley fired up and hit corner clotheslines, but Anderson caught him with a fireman's carry turned into a Gun Stun for a good near fall.

Moxley countered a top-rope Gun Stun with a ripcord lariat, then hit the Paradigm Shift to win and retain.


Lance Archer and Jake Roberts were having an argument backstage. Archer changed his focus to Jon Moxley, who just retained his IWGP US Title. He said it was time for his rematch, challenging Moxley to another Texas Deathmatch for next week. 


Andrade El Idolo was interviewed by Alex Abrahantes. Andrade has permission to win championships everywhere. Andrade interrupted Abrahantes and asked where the Death Triangle was. He wants Abrahantes to tell them that "El Idolo is looking for them."


Taz joined commentary for the match.

FTW Championship: Ricky Starks defeated Brian Cage (c) to win the championship

There were multiple loud "Ricky" chants for the Texas native. Cage hit a press slam right away, manhandling Starks from the start. He hit a powerslam for two. Starks avoided a corner attack and targeted Cage's left arm into a commercial break. Once back, Starks hit a crucifix bomb for two.

Starks rolled to the floor and grabbed the title, but Cage booted him and drove Starks' shoulder into the ring apron. Starks used evasive maneuvers and hit a clothesline. Back in the ring, Cage fought out of a rear naked choke and hit an inside-out suplex, but Starks got his foot on the rope. 

Cage countered a swinging DDT with a thrust kick for two. He went for the outside-in suplex, but Starks countered it and hit a sit-out powerbomb for a good near fall. Starks was about to use the FTW belt, but Powerhouse Hobbs stopped him from doing so. Cage took advantage of the distraction and hit an F5 for a great near fall.

HOOK distracted the referee, Hobbs hit Cage with the belt, and Starks hit the spear to win the FTW championship.

– Taz celebrated with Starks, Hobbs and HOOK.


Cody Rhodes & Malakai Black brawl

Cody Rhodes walked out to commentary as the announcers recapped Malakai Black's debut. He said Black could have just called, because we don't kick a 62-year-old man in the face to get our point across. He then grabbed a microphone and walked to the ring.

He doesn't win every fight, but he has a chance when he knows it's coming. Cody called out Black. Black showed up on the big screen, pointing out the fans cheered loudly when he attacked Cody and Arn. He told a story about a man killing a horse because it was crippled. 

Black said when he looked Cody and Arn in the eyes last week, it just wasn't there. Cody fired up and demanded Black come down and fight. The lights went out, and Black showed up in the ring face to face with Cody. They brawled all over, with officials and agents coming out to break it. Loud "Let them fight!" chants.


Tully Blanchard was asked about his cheap shot on Konnan last night. He ran into Santana and Ortiz, who threatened to attack him with a blackjack, but ended up just mocking him.


Hangman Page speaks

Hangman Page was introduced by Tony Schiavone. Schiavone said that Omega vs. Page was what the fans wanted to see. Page always wanted to be AEW World Champion, and he came close, but he failed. The Dark Order is right: he still needs that championship. He was about to challenge Omega, but Don Callis interrupted.

Callis and the rest of the Elite (sans Omega) walked out. He said Page was just doing a lot of talking. They said Page isn't that guy. Matt Jackson entered the ring, asking if Page remembered them, his best friends that he abandoned. Page is a sad, lonely drunk who nas nobody to blame but himself. Matt then said Page was going to be the next wrestling tragedy.

Page struck Matt, leading the Elite to attack. Omega appeared and was about to hit Page with the championship, but the Dark Order ran out and stopped him. Page said he's not leaving without a match. Omega agreed, but upped the ante: a five-on-five elimination match between the Dark Order and the Elite. Page said that when he wins, he wants a world title shot, and he wants the Dark Order to get a tag title shot.

Super loud "cowboy shit" chant. Omega entered the ring alone and said he'd entertain Page's idea, but if Page and the Dark Order lose, he can't challenge Omega. Omega asked if Page was afraid to fail in front of his fans. He's going to take an extra measure of pleasure when "cowboy shit" turns into "belt collector." If Page is cool with that, so is he. Page said the Dark Order doesn't back down from a fight: "You are on!"


Chris Jericho was interviewed about MJF's stipulations to earn another match. Jericho said that if MJF read all the Greek mythology, he'd know that when Hercules succeeded, he got everything he wanted. Jericho will walk through fire or run across broken glass to get to MJF. Jericho's the god of thunder and war in AEW.

Shawn Spears attacked Jericho with a chair and MJF said Spears was Jericho's first labor. The stipulation is that Spears can use a chair and Jericho can't. Spears hit Jericho with the chair again as MJF walked off.


Christian Cage defeated Matt Hardy

The story here was that Christian had never beaten Hardy one-on-one and is undefeated.

No Hardy Family Offices out there with Hardy. They locked up forever, like a full minute, falling all the way to the floor. Christian attacked upon re-entry to the ring and sent Hardy into the barricade before hitting a crazy dive from the top turnbuckle to the floor, almost like a double axe handle. Back in the ring, Christian hit his reverse DDT for two. 

Christian landed ten blows in the corner. Hardy caught Christian between the ropes and hit a draping DDT on the steel steps. He catapulted Christian's throat into the ropes and hit a diving elbow drop for two ahead of a commercial break.

Once back, Christian avoided a dive and floated over with a rope-hang right hand. He followed it up with a diving uppercut for two. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate, but Christian fought out and hit a spear for a good near fall. He then hit a neckbreaker over the ropes, followed by a frog splash for another near fall.

Hardy perched Christian on the top rope and peppered him with right hands followed by a superplex. Hardy was too slow to cover and only got two. Christian cradled Hardy for two and went for the Killswitch, but Hardy grabbed the referee and hit a low blow. Hardy followed it up with the Twist of Fate for a close near fall.

They rolled to the floor, where Hardy locked on the Leech, his new submission finisher. Hardy rolled back into the ring as the referee counted, with Christian making it back in the ring at nine. Christian countered the Twist of Fate into the Killswitch for the pin.

– After the match, Hardy Family Offices (Private Party & TH2) surrounded the ring, but Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus ran out to make the save.


Miro cut a promo, telling a story about himself. After months of insecurity, a voice called out to tell Miro to return to who he was. Miro destroyed everyone in his path, making him God's favorite champion. The TNT Championship was his reward. Miro's not just willing to defend his championship with his life, he's willing to defend it with yours. He's "the Redeemer." His title has been re-designed, with a white strap and green accents.


Britt Baker promo

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. was brought out by Schiavone. He said everyone was concerned about Baker's well-being. Baker said don't worry about it, she's dealt with a lot and came out the baddest bitch on the block. What's daunting is trying to keep Nyla Rose relevant. Rose has beaten Baker, but Baker's in a league of her own. 

Rose and Vickie Guerrero were shown backstage. Baker said Vickie has a last name that will keep her relevant in wrestling, but Rose doesn't. With the championship, Baker's the hottest promo in professional wrestling, but even without it, she's still "D.M.D."

Backstage, Rose said next week, she'd hand Baker the ass-whooping of her life.


Jon Moxley was backstage. One does not beat Lance Archer, one simply survives Lance Archer. Moxley isn't the hunted, he's the hunter. Archer wants Texas Death Part 2? Next week, Archer won't just be Texas-born and Texas-bred, he'll be Texas dead.


Sammy Guevara defeated Wheeler YUTA (w/ Orange Cassidy)

YUTA came out to the Best Friends' music. Blade and Bunny were shown looking on in the audience.

Guevara used some acrobatics to hit a dropkick early on. He feinted on a springboard dive and posed in the ring as YUTA rolled to the floor. They performed a chain wrestling sequence as Guevara missed two moonsaults before hitting a running shooting star press for two. Guevara climbed to the top rope, but YUTA got the knees up on the shooting star press.

YUTA fought back from a hammer throw with a step-up dropkick. Guevara hit a forearm smash, but YUTA came back with a German suplex. YUTA followed it up with a diving splash, but Guevara kicked out at one. They exchanged strikes until Guevara hit a corner spear, gamenguiri, and a double springboard cutter. The GTH followed from Guevara for the win in about five minutes.


QT Marshall and The Factory were interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Marshall was all angry about his loss and poured a protein shake on Schiavone's head like a big bully.


Yuka Sakazaki defeated Penelope Ford

Loud "Yuka" chants at the start for Sakazaki's first Dynamite match in 16 months. They performed a chain wrestling sequence before Sakazaki climbed to the top rope and cartwheeled over to evade an attack. A dropkick followed, sending Ford to the floor. Sakazaki landed a middle-rope cannonball dive before bringing Ford into the ring for a cover. Ford took out Sakazaki's knee and choked her over the ropes ahead of the commercial.

They were having a forearm strike exchange upon return from the break. Sakazaki powered Ford up for a nice vertical suplex. She hit a rolling kick and a sliding D for two, then a diving back elbow for two more. Ford fought out of a suplex and hit two pump kicks for two. Sakazaki came back with the Magical Merry Go Round followed by the Magical Girl Splash, giving Sakazaki the win.


Next week's lineup for Fyter Fest Night 2:

  • AEW Women's Championship: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (c) vs. Nyla Rose
  • IWGP United States Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Lance Archer
  • Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Spears (Spears can use a chair, Jericho can't)
  • Orange Cassidy vs. The Blade


A video package advertising AEW Rampage aired.


The coffin got an entrance.

Coffin Match: Darby Allin defeated Ethan Page

The rules are that the coffin must close around a competitor for the match to end.

Allin attacked before the bell. He took off his jacket to reveal a steel plate on his back, hitting a Coffin Drop for good measure. Allin then landed a crushing tope suicida.

Scorpio Sky popped out of the coffin and blindsided Allin, then Sting came out to even the odds. Sting repeatedly sent Sky into the barricade. The camera missed it, but Sting missed a Stinger Splash in the fan area. Sky celebrated on a railing, so Sting summarily dropped him over it and smacked him with a trash can.

Page was sent into the audience, leading to a commercial. During the break, Allin jumped off a railing, but Page caught him. The steel steps were introduced to the fight, and Page dropped Allin over them. Allin briefly escaped the onslaught and dove at Page, but Page tackled him down.

Before the break, Page had taken the bottom rope apart. He hooked Allin's neck with the corner hook. Allin came back by fishhooking Page's mouth with the hook. He then dropkicked Page into the coffin. They exchanged strikes in the coffin. Page hit strong right hand slaps, but Allin then bit Page's hand. Page backdropped Allin to the floor and broght the fight back to the ring.

Page was busted open at this point. He went for a fireman's carry throw from the top of the stairs, but Allin fought out and hit a stunner. Page cut off a Coffin Drop attempt and hit an avalanche Ego's Edge onto the steel steps. Allin countered an apron suplex by gouging at Page's eyes and biting at his face. Allin then picked up the skateboard and hit a skateboard-assisted stomp, sending Page into the coffin.

Allin then closed the coffin on Page to win the match.

– After the match, Allin hit a Coffin Drop through the top of the coffin onto Page inside, which was a great-looking spot.